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Play Date

Play Date
Fetish Force
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Bondage
  • CBT
  • Flogging
  • Foot Play
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sounding
  • Tickling
  • Torture
86 min

Jasun Mark

    all models over 18    
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Colton Reece

Derek Kage

Drew Valentino

Quin Quire

Leather dom Colton Reece has very strict standards for all his subs, especially Quin Quire. Wearing nothing but a black harness, a jockstrap and boots, Quin obediently opens his mouth for Colton’s gloved fingers as they make their way down his throat to prepare him for Colton’s thick, long cock. The verbal top then instructs Quin to put his tongue to work by worshiping every inch of his boots. With Quin bound and his ass fully exposed, Colton begins flogging the sub harder and harder until he’s finally deserving of penetration. He drops to all fours as instructed and thanks Colton for rimming his hole before Colton is shoving his big bareback dick into Quin’s grateful slit and breeding his insides.
24  minutes
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Colton Reece is hard at work training cocksucker Quin Quire to swallow his dick just how he likes it. The sub’s entire body pulses as Colton shoves his fingers to the back of his throat just to show Quin exactly where he wants his pole to go. Ready to dominate Quin’s back hole, the dom spanks and buries his face between Quin’s perfectly smooth cheeks. Once Colton decides it’s time to fuck his bottom, he makes Quin express his need for cock before shoving in his bareback rod. Quin gets on his back and spreads his legs as Colton uses his ass for his pure satisfaction. When Colton permits Quin to finish, the bottom nuts onto his own hand with Colton then blessing him with one of his much-desired loads.
18  minutes
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Derek Kage is all tied up with his dick constrained when Colton Reece and Drew Valentino come across his vulnerable body. Derek takes erotic delight in the situation as the men tease his caged junk and tickle his exposed feet. With his bound balls turning bright red, a metal pinwheel travels across his taint until the dom duo is ready to attach wooden clothespins to his nips and sack. Eager to continue using Derek’s body, Colton and Drew zap their sub finally free his dick, and begin stuffing him at both ends with their bareback rods. Once Drew has unloaded in Derek and thoroughly bred his ass, the tattooed top leans down to admire the seed that’s leaking out of Derek’s accommodating hole.
25  minutes
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In a private sex dungeon, Drew Valentino is wearing only a harness as he stands over a naked Derek Kage and guides a sounding rod into his wet piss slit. Pleased but not fully satisfied with the metal rod invading the insides of his meat, Derek tells Drew that he can go even deeper with the equipment. When Colton Reece enters the picture though, Derek immediately shifts his attention to satisfying his stiff rod as he turns around to take Colton’s cock and pushes his face deep into Drew’s hairy chest. Now riding Drew, Derek prepares to get double penetrated by the dom duo as both fuckers shove their rods into his wrecked hole. Finally, with Derek on his back and both big-dicked doms busting on his face, the sub bottom is free to shoot his own load all over himself.
19  minutes
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Only the most obedient and cock-hungry men should be invited to a ‘Play Date’ with handsome stud Colton Reece, and director Jasun Mark knows exactly whom to include. After all, it takes a specific crew of fetish fuckers to appreciate Colton’s specialized dick appointments. Sporting head-to-toe leather, Mr. Reece first greets Quin Quire by shoving his gloved fingers down his throat before flogging the sub until he’s finally deserving of penetration. Then – and only then -- will Colton use his bareback meat to fuck Quin Quire’s ass until he’s completely drained and the bottom’s insides are coated with his cum. When Derek Kage is tied down with his cock in a cage, Colton joins forces with Drew Valentino to tease, zap, and attach clothespins to the sub’s vulnerable body until his bound balls are turning bright red. After a metal sounding rod is pushed through Derek’s dick slit and both Drew Valentino and Colton Reece have successfully fucked up Derek’s grateful hole, the dom duo prepares to shoot a fully-loaded facial to mark the end of their down-and-dirty ‘Play Date’.

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