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Plowing & Seeding

Plowing & Seeding
Lucas Entertainment
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142 min



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Dolf Dietrich

Drew Sebastian

Jimmie Slater

Leo Alexander

Logan Moore

Lucas Knight

Trey Williams

Rod Beckmann
Xavier Hux

When I talked to Rod Beckmann about his sexual background, he let me know that he is a top (good to know). But when he`s on film he`s more than willing to give up his ass if the guys are hot enough and the chemistry is right. I assure you: Dolf Dietrich and Drew Sebastian are always hot enough. Both Drew and Dolf had a hankering for some dark meat, and a threesome with Rod was right up their alley… literally. No one`s alley was spared during the creation of this scene. Rod enjoyed himself getting between his two muscle-bear buddies, and he didn`t hold back at all when servicing their dicks. I could go into detail about who sucks who when and who gets their holes slammed, but that action comes to life in the video itself. What are you waiting for` Watch Rod Beckman take on Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich!
33  minutes
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Xavier Hux has the agility of a spider -- this guy can move around a mattress, but that shouldn`t come as a surprise when checking out the body he has. More than that he`s skilled at moving around his body for his lover -- that`s where Jimmie Slater comes into play. These two have similar body types, and Xavier uses his nimbleness to his full advantage (and the pleasure of Jimmie Slater) by maneuvering his body into all kinds of accessible poses for Jimmie -- guaranteeing that Jimmie gets as deep into Xavier`s ass as possible during bareback sex!
40  minutes
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Trey Williams might come off as a dude-bro, but when a cock is put in front of his face he sure does get hungry. I`d be drooling too is Lucas Knight dropped his pants, so I can`t blame Trey for doing the same. I hope you`re able to unhinge your jaw, Trey, because you`re going to have to do something in order to fit that monster in your mouth. But the greatest feat is Lucas fittings his anaconda in Trey`s tight little behind. But not only does it fit -- Trey Williams takes a ride he won`t soon forget!
44  minutes
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Logan Moore knows what he wants, and it`s Leo Alexander`s cock. Not even 30 seconds into the beginning of the scene and he moves his hand over to Leo`s meat while they`re making out. It`s obvious he`s sizing it up by touch, trying to figure out how exactly he`s going to handle it. After all, the length and girth of Leo Alexander`s penis has become a Lucas Entertainment legend in a very short amount of time. But how exactly does Logan make out taking Leo`s dick` Well, after touch he measures it with his mouth… and realizes it tastes as good as it looks -- you can see some of this action at the 2:45 timestamp. Logan eventually summons the courage for a bareback ass pounding, and at 16:40 you`ll hear his moans, which tell you all you need to know!
26  minutes
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Trey Williams returns to service the nine-inch dick of Lucas Knight. After you’re finished with these lean blonde cuties, make room for some muscle-bear meat courtesy of Rod Beckman, Dolf Dietrich, and Drew Sebastian in an interracial threesome. Later on Jimmie Slater flip-fucks with Xavier Hux. And Logan Moore takes a ride on Leo Alexander’s massive raw cock.

Bareback Gay Porn
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