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Point & Shoot

Point & Shoot
  • Anal Sex
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124 min



    all models over 18    
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Alexander Garrett
Cameron Foster
Dean Monroe
Dylan Roberts

Jimmy Durano
Landon Conrad
Marc Dylan
Trevor Knight

27  minutes
38  minutes
32  minutes
26  minutes
When Landon Conrad, Dean Monroe and three of their sex-hungry buddies spend a long weekend in San Francisco with cameras in hand, expect a sexy, picture-perfect chronicle of all their adventures. Dean and Landon go through cameras to see the photos and videos their friends have been taking and reveal their hot escapades. In the super-sexed finale, Dean and Landon are so turned on by what they`ve seen that they decide to make their own video... they Point & Shoot a spectacular scene to rival all their buddies`.

While all his friends are out sight-seeing Jimmy Durano decides to explore the city and see what he can find on his own. With his gaydar running on high, he spots Dylan Roberts lookin` so hot and yummy as he dines al fresco chompin` on a hot dog. The local native is just as smitten with the hunky tourist and agrees to show Jimmy a good time. They home and Dylan begins to feast on Jimmy`s meaty foot-long. Soon wanting his share of some local cuisine, Dylan eats out Dylan`s asshole, juicing it up with enough spit and making it nice and slick to handle his raging hard-on. The two new friends fuck nice and easy, then gradually build up to a frenetic pounding until they both explode, shooting wads of cum.

While the visitors are out of town for the day, Landon and Dean find Marc`s camera and decide to check out the images he`s shot so far. Some candids and an impromptu video reveal that Marc Dylan and Jimmy Durano had quite an adventure right there in the confines of their own bathroom. The sight of Marc`s beautifully muscled body dripping wet and just oozing sex proved such a turn-on that Jimmy couldn`t help but point the camera and shoot his buddy in the shower. Tickled with the scrutiny, Marc reciprocates Jimmy`s feeling and immediately goes down on his flushed rigid cock. The two take turns guzzling down each other`s meat poles, capturing the action on camera until they finish by showering each other with blasts of their spooge.

Trevor Knight is also caught on camera out and about filming the wondrous and quirky city sites when he finds Cameron Foster shooting some hoops. Trevor is so smitten with the handsome hunk and his exquisitely muscled body that he invites him back to the apartment for a special photo shoot. Cameron is either naive or just playing it dumb as he agrees to all of Trevor`s demands and before long he`s buck naked with his delicious bubble butt in the air giving the horny photographer ass for lunch. Trevor wastes no time making the most of his good fortune as he greedily rims then fucks the golden boy`s hole. Riding Trevor`s cock, Cameron bounces up and down, moaning loudly and yanking his own love muscle until he finally busts his nut. Then he lays back and lets Trevor cream all over him with his milky load.

Delving further into the camera`s recent archives, Landon and Dean find Jimmy Durano and Marc Dylan hooking up with a new friend, Alexander Garrett. While Jimmy shoots the action, a totally-submissive Marc and a dynamic Alexander go at it with a fevered energy that neither can contain. The intense cocksucking, frenzied ass-rimming and relentless butt-fucking has all three men reaching new heights of pleasure. Jimmy can`t help but beat his meat as he watches Marc getting jack hammered up the ass by a vigorous and aggressive power top like Alexander. It doesn`t take long for Marc to finally shoot his load all over his washboard abs and as he lays back, exhausted and spent, first Jimmy and then Alexander the Great cream all over him with copious shots of their jism.

After the voyeuristic tour of their friends` spirited sexploits, Landon Conrad and Dean Monroe are eager to make their own video to prove they`re just as capable and horny as their visitors. And they`ve got to release all the sexual tension that`s been building up. Landon goes down on Dean as the camera rolls, capturing all the hot action as he slavishly works his lips up and down the swarthy stud`s tasty meat shaft. Then Dean takes his turn servicing his lover with equal aplomb. The two move onto the couch and get more comfortable so Landon can munch on Dean`s ass. He licks the puckered hole with his tongue jabbing the tip inside and sending Dean soaring into new heights of ecstasy. Finally with his manhole all prepped and primed, Dean climbs aboard Landon`s dick and rides him. The two fuck and screw, working each other fast and furious until they can`t help but climax and cum.

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