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Poolside Barebackers

Poolside Barebackers
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
196 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Armond Rizzo

Jackson Fillmore

Jake Andrews

Jimmie Slater

Leo Alexander

Max Cameron

Nick Cross

Pedro Andreas

Rafael Lords

55  minutes
51  minutes
46  minutes
44  minutes
Sweaty sex in the summertime has never been better now that the Poolside Barebackers are at play. Leo Alexander and Jake Andrews double-team Armond Rizzo. Rafael Lords takes Pedro Andreas` raw cock for a ride. Real-life boyfriends Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore give us a demonstration on how San Francisco men fuck. And Jimmie Slater barebacks Nick Cross. Enjoy some fun in the sun with the Poolside Barebackers.

There`s something to be said about the gay men of San Francisco: they`re sure of who they are, which is why Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore are such an appealing couple. Max is damn cute, and has a body you can sink your teeth into. When paired with his hot otter boyfriend, Jackson Fillmore (who should never shave his beard), it is gay porn magic. You`ll see why Max fell for Jackson. He knows exactly how to hit Max`s sweet spot, as you can hear from the groans. And that`s just one instance. Max puts on a bit of a balancing act so Jackson can unleash some of his oral skills on Max`s cock, balls, and hole after fucking him (ass-to-mouth). It’s a great shot showcasing Max`s perfect member. And wait for the incredible cum shot: Jackson`s adorable face is highlighted as he begs for his man`s load, all followed by cum-kisses. A job well done, men.

Something worth noticing is the six-pack Jimmie Slater has earned for himself. If you follow his Twitter you will have witnessed his progression, and seeing it flex proves his hard work at the gym has paid off. Nick Cross would agree: he`s a personal friend of Jimmie`s (you know, one of those personal friends you play with raw when there`s nothing else to do) and judging from the looks of things, he certainly is enjoying Jimmie`s incredible body, most of all the hard cock. Nick and Jimmie are completely versatile, and Jimmie is first on the list to get dicked bare. The moment of initial anal penetration is always the most enjoyable to see, and Jimmie`s facial expression is an example of why. As for Nick, well, he likes to ride it like a cowboy.

Never has a man worn white skin so well in the summer sun like Jake Andrews. Yes, he`s quite fair, but it`s to his benefit and not his detriment. The same applies to the always-adorable Leo Alexander. So, with that in mind, here`s an idea: Let`s have these two beauties take charge of a Latin bottom, if for no other reason that the pornographic chiaroscuro quality of their opposing flesh tones. And Armond Rizzo is the perfect candidate for a setup like that. There`s no time wasted in the making of a great scene: Armond set out on his task by first orally pleasuring the two guys, and with excellent camera work we see just how big in the pants Jake and Leo truly are. And then, without fail, there`s the awesome bareback fucking that Jake and Leo always provide their bottoms - and judging by what unfolds, Armond can be included in that roster.

Before it was the other way around: Rafael Lords trained with Sean Duran on the proper way to top a man bareback. Rafael then tested out his skills with Armond; they topped the muscle daddies Pedro Andreas and Matt Stevens. But now no one is present to protect Rafael from Pedro, and getting fucked isn`t on his agenda - but something tells us Rafael is more than OK with some rough-and-tumble domination. Need proof? Take a look at how Rafael is enthusiastically riding Pedro`s raw uncut cock - clearly enjoying himself.


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