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Pornstars in Training

Pornstars in Training
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166 min

Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam

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Adam Excell

Ace Rockwood
Avi Dar
Chris Porter
James Johnson

Logan Slash
Michael Lucas
Morr Foxx
Sebastian Ritz

In his very first auditions scene, Ace Rockwood describes his love of dancing and his job as a security guard, which gets Avi Dar all hot and bothered. Turned on by the prospect of sucking off a security man, Avi primitively strips off his clothes and shoves Ace’s engorged rod down his hungry throat. He smacks his lips on the mammoth black cock like candy, before Ace flips Avi over and feasts on his ass while yanking on the Israeli muscle boy’s twitching dick. Next, Ace lowers Avi’s sculpted booty right over his face for some precision tonguing before inserting his monster cock for some rough and ready fucking. Avi is so horned up he cums on the spot. Ace flips him over for some doggy fucking to completion, rounding out the impressive debut with a finale right across Avi’s face.
37  minutes
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Michael Lucas couldn’t resist bringing Sebastian Ritz from Paris to Tel Aviv so he could fuck the shit out of him. Michael immediately feeds Sebastian his cock and the boy’s pouty pucker gags it down with pleasure. Michael finger fucks Sebastian’s French hole until he begs him to fill it with his infamous uncut pole. Michael mounts the young stud like a stallion and dunks his dong in with brute force, all while Sebastian moans like a bitch. Sebastian then perches himself atop Mt. Lucas for an ass excavation, before Michael throws him on his back and pounds him until they both cum with excess.
31  minutes
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The exhibitionist Logan is excited for his very first porn scene, with vanilla bottom James. It’s a sweet first encounter; considering Logan’s kinky inclinations he’ll have all the time in the world to dirty up later. Logan rims James relishing every microbe of taste, and eagerly jerks his cock over the stud’s face. He plunges his dick deep into James’s mouth until his blond pubes graze his nose and chin, before bending the adorable bottom over so he can burrow his bone into his soft, smooth rear. The baby-faced bottom is happy to oblige, and they go at it like rabbits until they both erupt.
35  minutes
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Real-life boyfriends, Morr Foxx and Adam Excell audition for Michael Lucas in this deleted scene from Auditions 31: Israeli Auditions. The scene starts with Morr-Foxx and Adam making out with each other. Shortly after, Adam and Morr-Foxx start sucking on each other`s rock hard cocks. Adam truly enjoys when Morr-Foxx feeds him his massive cock. After a hot suck fest, Adam straddles Morr-Foxx and sits on his tool, riding it with ease. The fucking continues until Adam shoots his spunk over Morr-Foxx`s hairy chest.
37  minutes
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Power-bottom Chris Porter likes to cook, and he loves to fuck. Michael Lucas sure loves a good cook, but today Chris’s ass will prove to be a dish enough for him. Chris pulls Michael’s powerful erection out from under his rugged jeans and flannel and goes to town slurping it like mad. Michael, in turn, rims his young discovery and feasts on his appetizing hole. Admiration soon turns to action as Michael fucks Chris silly, right in his office. Next he props the boy up, ass first, to examine his hole as it expands and contracts. He pounds the tattooed twink until he shoots a geyser cum across his taut and toned chest.
26  minutes
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It takes intense passion and an aggressive sexuality to make a true pornstar. Watch a global cast of sex hungry men as they train for true hardcore Lucas stardom.

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