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Pounded In Public View

Pounded In Public View
Lucas Entertainment
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150 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Isaac X

Joaquin Santana

Marco Antonio

Pol Prince

Rafael Carreras

Ricky Hard

Sir Peter

Valentin Amour

Vlad Stark

Andre Donovan

Pol Prince arrived on set in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, ready to fuck his way through the cast of Lucas Men. He was invited on set by Allen King, a Lucas Entertainment exclusive model who continuously ranks high among the Lucas Men, and Pol’s addition was a good fit from the first day. Pol Prince is attracted to several different types of guys, but when he laid eyes on the handsome blond newcomer, Vlad Stark, he had to have him. Pol Prince leans top, so when Vlad Stark revealed his tight little hole, it was an invitation that could not be refused. Pol sucked deeply on Vlad’s erect uncut cock before penetrating the tight and warm ass of Vlad Stark.
35  minutes
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Isaac X is a handsome and hunky all-American jock, and Joaquin Santana is a delicious little bottom who loves getting his ass owned by big dicks. If its big dick Joaquin is after, then he needn’t look any further than Andre Donovan. Isaac X and Joaquin Santana were hanging out on set together, when they started flirting with Andre to see his big black cock that’s always ready for action. Well, if you want to see it, then you better be ready to service it. Joaquin Santana has a rough, ass-splitting threesome with Andre Donovan and Isaac X destroying his hole… all while the other Lucas Men was watching!
35  minutes
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Marco Antonio is a handsome new addition to the Lucas Men and a Lucas Entertainment exclusive model. He’s tall—well over six feet—and has a huge uncut cock between his legs. Marco teams up with Rafael Carreras to grab ahold of two young booties—and they belong to Pol Prince and Joaquin Santana. Once Marco and Rafael show off their throbbing uncut erections, Joaquin and Pol soon find their aforementioned young booties being used and stretched. Eventually Pol Prince joins the other tops, and Joaquin is the sole bottom… and he even gets his ass double penetrated!
39  minutes
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Valentin Amour and Sir Peter already have a strong chemistry of dominance and submission from some time they spent together in Europe last year. Valentin has already taken Sir Peter’s enormous cock up his ass, and he’s never stopped thinking about it. Now that Valentin Amour is vacationing with his buddy, Ricky Hard, in Mexico, he invites Sir Peter to join them since he too was in the area. Whenever Sir Peter is around, the scene quickly turns sexual, and both Ricky Hard and Valentin Amour set to work on pleasuring his huge, throbbing uncut cock. But Valentin Amour didn’t expect Ricky Hard to join forces with Sir Peter, take him to a secluded area, and leave his ass gaping open from a brutal fuck!
41  minutes
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It doesn’t matter who among the Lucas Men is shy and who is not, because it’s very likely they’re eventually going to get POUNDED IN PUBLIC VIEW! Pol Prince fucks Vlad Stark bareback. Isaac X and Andre Donovan tear up Joaquin Santana. Marco Antonio leads a raw foursome with Rafael Carreras, Joaquin Santana, and Pol Prince. And Ricky Hard double-teams Valentin Amour with Sir Peter.

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