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Young Bastards #34 Punished By Prick

Young Bastards #34 Punished By Prick
Young Bastards
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Dildo
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Paddling
88 min

Max Jaeger

    all models over 18    
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Andreas Uriel
Ashton Bradley
Cesar Rose
Corey Connor
Fabrice Rossi
Luke Ward

Mario Jones
Matthew Sommer
Nathan Gear
Neil Scott
Will Nouvak
Zack Hood

Big man Luke is surveying the old warehouse for his bosses when he catches young Matthew defacing another wall. He`s not the kind of man a boy should be making angry, or perhaps he is? Matthew tries to run, but there`s no escaping the powerful hunk or his hard uncut fuckstick. This man knows how to teach a boy like Matthew a lesson, tearing his t-shirt off and shoving the boy to his knees, his already throbbing cock quickly stuffed into the boy`s mouth. Matthew knows he needs to obey, licking the man`s heavy balls and sucking on his dick, drinking the precum pumping from it. Pushed up against the wall with his shorts tugged down his hot little ass is on show, and it`s not empty for long. Luke jabs his naked cock inside, fucking the boy hard before making Matthew ride his dick on the dirty floor. With his butt aching Matthew wanks off and erupts a massive mess of cum all over the ground, soon to be matched by the humiliating cum load Luke spews all over him.
18  minutes
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Most boys in town know to stay away from Fabrice and never walk past his squat at night, unless they want to get fucked. Maybe that`s what Cesar was hoping for when he stumbled past the old building? He`s been grabbed and shoved inside, his ass soon out for Fabrice to make total use of. The kinky fucker loves it when boys struggle, but once little Cesar has had a taste of that big uncut fuckmeat he`s more open to the idea of getting his asshole ravaged. Not that he has a choice, the collar keeps him in check and he can`t escape when Fabrice started eating out his hole, then shoves a massive dildo into his tight little wet pucker. It`s just a warm up, Fabrice likes his boys tight but he wants to be able to ram his raw cock in there deep and hard. He pounds the boy with the thick toy before taking aim with his meat, unable to resist it any longer. He could cry out but no one would hear him, at least not anyone who would want to interrupt and get their ass fucked too. Cesar endures the pounding, his own cock unable to stop splashing cum as he wanks off and gets a big mess of manly fuckjuice all over and inside his hole.
14  minutes
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Muscle man Zack is sick of the local boys hanging around the building site, he`s had enough of their attitude. It could have been any of them, but Mario is the one to finally get the brunt of his anger. Caught smoking on the back stairs the boy is about to be taught a lesson, with hard muscle man cock jabbed into his wet mouth and virgin asshole. Knowing he`s no match for the big man Mario complies, sucking on the long cock in his mouth and drinking the precum leaking from it. He can`t stop his own cock from getting hard while he`s sucking it, but even when he`s stripped naked and Zack jabs his long raw cock between his smooth ass cheeks he`s frantically fisting his own dick. It might hurt to ride that shaft but the unexpected pleasure is more powerful, making his own boner splash semen out over the dirty ground. Big man Zack isn`t done yet, he`s not gonna be happy until he`s properly punished the boy with a cum load right in his mouth.
14  minutes
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Neil might not have known he`d be the entertainment when he found a sex den with his buddies Andreas and Will, but he`s under no illusions when the boys turn their attention to him. With a collar around his neck and his thick cock out of his pants the two are ready to play, and they both know how to use a friend like him to the limit. With some spanking of his plump ass and two hard cocks to suck Neil is surprisingly willing, but he might not be ready to let them both fuck him. With a dick in his face and a tongue up his chute the boy is led to the ultimate in submission, taking a fucking from behind. The boys love a tight pucker, slamming their naked cocks into him one after the other, but he`s still not quite tight enough to please their dicks. The guys double team him, cramming their cocks inside his hole at the same time, rubbing their shafts together inside his warm hole until it`s too much to take. Neil submits to the ultimate humiliation as his friends wank off in his face, drenching him in hot cum. With semen in his mouth and dripping down his body he strokes out his own load, pumping a hot mess all over.
16  minutes
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Little, blond Corey is far too curious for his age. When they catch him straying, Ashton and Nathan decide they are going to have to give him a punishing fuck to teach the young twink some discipline. Corey’s small, tight ass has to satisfy two huge cocks, and the pleasure with which both the tops dish out a lesson to the fresh meat is visible. Corey learns what it means to be a sperm bucket…
26  minutes
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These boys find themselves in the wrong place at the right time, with guys who just need a mouth to fuck and a hole to stuff with raw inches of fuckmeat. They might want to escape at first, but their own desperately stiff dicks soon betray them.

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