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Punishing Some Hole

Punishing Some Hole
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
144 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Allen King

Gabriel Phoenix

Jim Fit

Marco Antonio

Pol Prince

Ricky Hard

Silver Steele

Sir Peter

Isaac X
Sergeant Miles
Valentin Amour

Sergeant Miles invited his fuck buddies Isaac X, Gabriel Phoenix, and Ricky Hard over for some kinky fun. Sergeant has a well-known oral fixation—he loves sucking cock, so with their consent, the military man bound the hands of Gabriel, Ricky, and Isaac so he could exert some control over them and the situation in the bedroom. And with the three studs sitting on the bed, lined up nude and with rock-hard erections, Sergeant Miles starts sucking them off. Eventually they all get too hot to remain bound, are freed, and Gabriel Phoenix joins Sergeant Miles as a top, and Ricky Hard and Isaac X submit their holes for some rough and raw punishment!
36  minutes
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Jim Fit’s stage name might be cheeky, but it’s also spot-on in its accuracy. Jim Fit has an insane body—there’s not a single cell of fat on this guy, and every muscle is artfully sculpted. He’s a masculine guy, but in the bedroom he loves transforming into a big bottom bitch. Jim Fit also has a soft spot for Latin guys, and that soft spot is the tight little sphincter between his ass cheeks. Pol Prince and Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Marco Antonio team up and spit-roast Jim Fit with their huge rock-hard cocks. And to his credit, Jim Fit takes the anal punishment from this power-top duo like a champ—especially when the two tops slip both of their cocks up his ass at the same time and double-penetrate him!
31  minutes
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Marco Antonio has an insatiable sexual appetite—he’s always looking to get his huge uncut Venezuelan cock worked on by the wet mouth and tight hole of an eager and submissive pussy bottom. Double that with an alpha male like Sir Peter, so when Marco and Peter team up, they get into plenty of bareback trouble. Silver Steele, Allen King, and Valentin Amour submit their asses for the pleasure of Sir Peter and Marco Antonio, and these two tops don’t show any mercy when they fuck!
41  minutes
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Sir Peter’s desire to fuck is really never quelled, and he’s always on the lookout for hot and raw action. He gets along great with the blond all-American muscle jock Isaac X, and they hang out a lot on the set in Mexico. They get into some trouble when they walk in on Gabriel Phoenix, who is naked as he’s changing. Gabriel’s already tasted the hole of Isaac X before, and his erection proves that he wants a second round with Isaac. Both Sir Peter and Isaac X make Gabriel Phoenix their pussy boy, hammering away at his throat and hole with their hard bare cocks. Isaac, too, feels the itch eventually, and bottoms for Gabriel again, as well as Sir Peter!
35  minutes
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There’s no way around it when you’ve been a bad boy: the Lucas Men are hard and ready, and PUNISHING SOME HOLE is what’s going to happen! Sergeant Miles dominates Isaac X, Ricky Hard, and Gabriel Phoenix. Marco Antonio and Pol Prince spit-roast Jim Fit. Sir Peter and a returning Marco raw-dog Allen King, Silver Steele, and Valentin Amour. And a second round of raw sex is called for between Sir Peter, Isaac X, and Gabriel Phoenix.

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