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108 min

Bruce Cam

    all models over 18    
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Andreas (b)

Brock Webster

Carlos Marquez

Dirk Lang

Josh O`Hara

Oscar Leon

Patrick Knight

Sean Paris

The first sequence sets the tone of R.E.M. - here’s hot and sweaty, muscle-straining mansex that’s luxuriously indulged. Weary of waiting tables in an intimate supper club, Carlos Marquez imagines that he’s the deluxe dish of solid muscle served to the tuxedoed gent who takes only the best the house has to offer. Carlos feasts on the copious, uncut cock that Dirk’s got tightly tied off with a leather thong, and Dirk ravenously devours Carlos’ glistening asshole. Dirk rubbers up and furiously fucks the quivering Carlos, then squats on his face as the tautbodied men wrench up a pair of exhausting loads.
20  minutes
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Godlike Patrick Knight’s dream releases him from an emotionally unrewarding relationship into a forbidden fling that’s passionately ardent. And not a little surprising: Do you think Patrick expected that after throwing a deep drilling into sleekly muscled Sean Paris, the sexual panther would flip him over and smack a slick and swollen rammer into his smooth hole with harsh, urgent punches? Their torrid rimming and insistent cocksucking brought them both to explosive orgasms before this startling flip-flop, so this relentlessly grinding fuck works up their second round of hurtling jizz from even further within. Drained, they kiss fervently and collapse together, dripping in each other’s sweat and cum. More than Patrick could dream, this rough manhandling is deeply fulfilling.
32  minutes
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Young blond Josh O’Hara proved his mettle by handily taking on some rough treatment behind the bars of Slammer. But his performance in the third scene of R.E.M. is so freshly bracing, his lust so uncomplicated and eager, that you may feel you’re seeing him for the first time. As a real estate agent, O’Hara daydreams he’s giving husky client Brock Webster a tour of some throbbing personal property that definitely wasn’t included on the property listing. With some nasty give and take, they each do unto the other, but ultimately, it’s Brock’s bulging cock that storms Josh’s virginal-looking ass in an assault that even bigger men would find hard to take. Josh rolls with each pummeling thrust, gasping loudly and finally screaming as if the building’s fire alarm had gone off as he pounds his own stiff boner and the men spray their loads across sweat-slicked bodies.
29  minutes
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In the last scene of R.E.M., seductively handsome Oscar Leon falls asleep while reading a gothic fantasy, and dreams of being a restrained and blindfolded captive in the tower of a deserted castle, where he’s subjected to some fiendishly sensual bodywork. Oscar’s tormentor is the massive Andreas, who traces the cool steel tip of a fencer’s foil over Oscar’s tingling flesh and down the length of his hardening meat before introducing Oscar to his own humongous, club-shaped cock. Oscar savors the smell and the taste of Andreas’ loose and fleshy foreskin, as pre-cum oozes from both their cocks. Oscar deep throats all of Andreas’ meaty tool, urging forth a hot load of cum that Andreas spews across Oscar’s chest. Andreas mercilessly packs Oscar’s ass with his oversize mansplitter, ‘til both sweaty men erupt in heavy, double-weight loads.
27  minutes
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And even the TITAN man, that big and rough fellow with hair on his chest, muscles wherever they can be packed on, and a cock that`s a sturdy packer of its own — even this rowdy stud has his secret fantasies. He may look like he`s peacefully asleep, but inside he`s churning. Rapid Eye Movements are the giveaway, the telltale flickering beneath the eyelid that reveals the presence of dreams. The four long playing and steamy segments of R.E.M. take you into the subconscious of eight stunning TITAN men — where the floodgates of desire are open, and everyday practicalities yield to cock-stiffening impossibilities.

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