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Rafael Alencar Collection

Rafael Alencar Collection
Hot House
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136 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alexy Tyler

Alex Collack
Beaux Banner
Kent North
Marc Williams
Marco Paris

Max Schutler
Nick Marino
Rafael Alencar
Ross Hurston

Kent North, the biggest pig-bottom in the business, gets his fill when he takes on horse-hung stallions Marc Williams and Rafael Alencar. Alencar stands in front of North, ramming his 11+ inch rock-hard cock deep down his throat while Williams and his 11 incher power-fuck North`s greedy hole. Both horse-hung tops want to shove their meat deep into North`s hole so they throw North on the ground and roll him over onto his shoulders. At first they take turns, shoving their clubs in deep, one at a time. Eventually both 11×7 inch cocks slide into North`s ass. Williams and Alencar show North no mercy as they punish his hole until they both shoot hot loads all over North`s gaping manhole.
20  minutes
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Hunky Rafael Alencar finds the quiet Beaux Banner hungrily awaiting a blue collar hookup. Alencar`s hard uncut cock quickly finds its way through a convenient hole in his jeans pocket and into the eager mouth of Banner. Rafael`s wet tongue and hard cock find their way to Banner`s juicy pink ass. `Oh fuck, that`s a huge cock!` yells Banner after Rafael forces his giant cock deep into Banner`s hole. Rafael nails Beaux from every angle until Beaux takes the whole uncut whopper while squatting over Rafael. `Oh my God! Fuck! That`s a lot of cum!` Banner says after they both shoot all over his tan chest.
23  minutes
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Chiseled Lifetime Exclusive Alex Collack and horse-hung Rafael Alencar stand stroking their rock hard cocks, watching Alexy Tyler struggle against restraints in the center of a Dungeon Bed. The two top men release Tyler and immediately put him to work on Collack`s tool. Tyler sucks cock like his life depends on it while Alencar probes his ass crack with his fat meat. Alencar mercilessly shoves his giant cock in and out of Tyler`s hole while Collack silences Tyler`s cries by shoving his uncut rod down his throat. Next the harness-wearing Masters throw Tyler down and switch places allowing Alencar to feed Tyler his cock while Collack plows Tyler`s ass. The sight of Collack`s chiseled ass proves too much for Alencar so he moves behind him and shoves his 11" cock in his hole. While he`s being punished from behind Collack rips open Tyler`s leather codpiece and begins sucking his cock. Tyler takes matters into his own hand and blows his load all over Collack`s face. Collack gets his revenge by showering Tyler in cum, shortly followed by Alencar who pumps his monster and releases on Tyler`s chest and face.
22  minutes
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A good workout at the gym makes Rafael Alencar and Max Schutler so horny they can hardly wait to get home. The hot men start by pulling their gym shorts off and rubbing their jock-covered crotches together. Schutler pulls back Alencar`s jock to reveal his 11+ inch ramrod and baseball-sized balls. Schutler does his best to take it all the way to the base. Alencar pushes Schutler back onto the coffee table and eats his ass, getting it nice and wet for his big fat cock. Amazingly, Schutler`s tight hole expands to accommodate Alencar, who slowly shoves his cock in to the base, pulls out entirely, and shoves it in again. They two men move over the the couch where the fucking becomes an athletic event. Schutler assumes an upside-down position, allowing Alencar to thrust his mammoth piece deep inside his hole. Finally Alencar pulls out and shoots loads of hot white cum all over Schutler`s ass and back. Schutler sits up and blows his load all over his dirty jock.
23  minutes
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Marco Paris and Nick Marino leave the gym and thanks to Manhunt Mobile they are only a new message away from hooking up with Rafael Alencar. All three men are rock hard and ready when they walk through the door. Alencar`s Anaconda is nearly ripping through his underwear and it takes both Paris and Marino to contain it. They fall to their knees and take turns slurping on it and slapping it in each other`s face. Paris puts his ability to bottom to the test when he straddles Alencar and sits on his fat cock. Marino joins them, shoving Paris` cock up his ass, connecting the three of them in an awesome three-way fuck. Alencar shows no mercy when he pulls out of Paris and thrusts his cock all the way back in again in a series of repeated assaults on his ass.
20  minutes
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Rafael Alencar strokes his 11" x 7" monster, hoping to find someone to help him out with a 3-day load. As luck would have it, Ross Hurston comes along and gets busy sucking his cock. Alencar lays back, allowing Hurston to climb on top of him and fill his mouth with his massive cock and balls, creating a king-size 69! All the face-fucking action has the two men rock-hard and ready for more. Hurston flips over and sits right down on Alencar`s huge cock, bouncing up and down until it entirely disappears up his ass. Alencar decides to drive, and throws Hurston over a bench so he can fuck him even deeper, thrusting all 11" of his cock in and out like a jack-hammer. Finally Hurston throws his legs up over his head and balances on a stack of tires while Alencar fucks him, then pulls out to jack and blow his load. Hurston jacks off and shoots his load into his own mouth.
28  minutes
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Hot House Superstar Rafael Alencar shares his favorite scenes with you in this must-have collector`s edition! Features 6 scorching-hot scenes with Hot House Exclusives Alex Collack, Kent North, Marco Paris and Ross Hurston plus Marc Williams, Beaux Banner, Alexy Tyler, Max Schutler, and Nick Marino.

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