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Raw Alpha Males

Raw Alpha Males
Raw Alpha Males
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109 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Andre Donovan

Andy Onassis

Max Arion

Ruslan Angelo

Ruslan Angelo submits to Andre Donovan’s alpha black cock in this newly edited scene on Raw Alpha Males! Andre Donovan is an alpha-top sex god, there’s no doubt about it. He’s handsome with flawless skin, his worked out body stands tall and hard, and his huge cock measures at nearly 10 inches, and becomes erect the minute a horny bottom slut touches it. Ruslan Angelo is exactly one of those horny bottom sluts, and he’s been hungry for big black dick for awhile now. When he saw Andre running on the beach in only a pair of small shorts, Ruslan knew he had to had Andre’s cock inside of him. Ruslan followed Andre back to his hotel room on Fire Island and made an advance. The four camera angles Andre sets up to record his conquest were uploaded here; check out all the trouble these two got into.
40  minutes
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Max Arion fucks and owns Andy Onassis’ holes in this newly edited scene on Raw Alpha Males! Max Arion has a reputation around Spain for fucking “straight” guys who are into cheating on their girlfriends. He gets off on having his huge uncut cock sucked and then fucking guys up the ass the same way they fuck their girlfriends in the pussy. After all, who is the real Alpha Male in such a scenario? Max invites one such guy, Andy Onassis, over to work up a good and heavy sweat out on one of his lawn chairs. The sun is high and scorching, and Max makes Andy earn his uncut cock; the closeted bottom guy loves turning turn into a submissive faggot for his alpha top!
27  minutes
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Manuel Skye tears up Nil Roma’s boy pussy in this newly edited scene on Raw Alpha Males! Daddy and macho hunk Manuel Skye along with Daddy Manuel Skye, Viktor Rom, and Max Arion are a group of Raw Alpha Males who pull in guys with their charm, good looks, incredibly muscled bodies, and stunningly huge rock-hard cocks, and then use them like pieces of meat. Nil Roma first was fucked and recorded by Daddy Manuel, and after he told daddy-hunk Manuel Skye how good he was in bed, James wanted him passed along for him to take a test drive. Viktor Rom lets Manuel Skye use his private bedroom as a fuck pad if he can record him fucking the hell out of the sexy young bitch. Manuel agrees, and here is the footage for you to watch!
27  minutes
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Arad Winwin pisses on and humiliates Ian Greene in this new and fully edited scene on Raw Alpha Males! Persian men are among the most handsome in the world, and they’re also the most aggressive in bed. Arad Winwin the Persian Alpha Top doesn’t just seeks out bottoms to fuck like the women in his life. He likes to humiliate them by pissing all over them and stretching out their asses with huge, abnormally large dildos. When Ian Greene saw Arad Winwin on Grindr, he thought he hit the jackpot of hot guys he could crawl into bed with. He had no idea the extreme encounter that was waiting for him with Arad Winwin the Persian Alpha Top!
14  minutes
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In the natural hierarchy of men, some guys are born to submit, while others as destined to command as RAW ALPHA MALES! The hunky power top Arad Winwin reigns supreme as Ian Greene worships his rock-hard Persian dick. Manuel Skye bangs and roughs up Nil Roma’s boy pussy. Andy Onassis earns one hell of a sweat riding Max Arion’s uncut alpha cock under the sizzling Spanish sun. And Ruslan Angelo drops to his knees and worships Andre Donovan’s huge and unrelenting hard-on!

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