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Raw Muscle Barebackers 4

Raw Muscle Barebackers 4
Cocksure Men
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100 min

Jake Cruise

    all models over 18    
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Drew Sebastian

Thomas Ride

Aarin Asker
Andy West
Drago Lambert
Erik Spector
Luke Ward
Nico Lacosty

23  minutes
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25  minutes
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26  minutes
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25  minutes
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Beefy stud Thomas Ride and muscle jock Andy West take a boat ride on a lake. There are people around on this sunny day. They kiss intensely while feeling each other`s muscular bodies. Andy takes Thomas`s cock out of his shorts to get at his hard cock. Then he starts sucking on Thomas` huge uncut cock. Andy stands, letting Thomas get a turn at his 7 inch cock. Thomas lays on the boat and Andy sits on his raw cock bareback. You can tell Andy is enjoying every second by the way he slams his ass deep onto the base of Thomas` thick cock. Thomas takes his turn and plows Andy up from the bottom, filling Andy`s hole with his raw cock. They change it up by fucking bareback doggy-style. Andy moans as Thomas slides his cock bareback inside Andy`s stretched hole. They mix things up and Thomas fucks Andy missionary style, filling his hole perfectly with his raw cock. Andy strokes his meat as Thomas fucks him bareback. Andy busts his nut onto his abs. Thomas pumps his cock hard and fast squirts his load between Andy`s ass cheeks. They kiss and high five each other because no one caught them in the act! Muscle hunk Luke Ward helps muscle stud Nico Lacosty with his sit ups. He then rubs oil all over Nico`s chiseled body. They kiss. Nico turns around, laying on his belly. Luke kisses Nico`s ass through his shorts. Luke fingers Nico`s hole before he pulls Nico`s shorts down and rims his ass. Luke then wraps his lips around Nico`s pole. Nico takes a turn on Luke`s cock by sucking his uncut prick, jerking his own cock as he sucks. Luke lays down, Nico follows by eating Nico`s sizzling ass, getting it moist and ready for his raw cock. Nico grabs the oil and rubs it on Luke`s hole before he fucks him bareback in the missionary position. They change it up laying next to each other and Nico shoves his raw cock bareback deep inside Luke`s hole. Nico Lacosty pulls his cock out and shoots his load on Luke`s ass cheeks. Luke Ward then blast his cum all over his abs. They kiss after the hot, bareback workout. Ripped Drago Lambert and husky stud Erik Spector kiss and grope passionately. Erik takes Drago`s shirt off and they continue to kiss and feel each other`s bods. Erik makes his way down to Drago`s nips getting him more excited. Erik stands on the bed, while Drago pulls his shorts to suck his thick cock. Erik face fucks Drago`s mouth. Next it`s Drago`s turn to get blown and Erik does a fantastic job. Erik turns around showing his hole. Drago fingers the tight ass getting it ready for his raw cock. Erik gets on top of Drago and sits on his hard pole bareback. Erik rides the stiff rod like a champ. Drago plows up from the bottom, filling Erik`s hole with his raw cock. Erik climbs off, does a 180 turn and rides his cock bareback again. Erik lays on his back with his legs in the air. Drago firmly pounds his hungry hole bareback, while Erik jerks his dick. Erik lays on the bed and Drago slides up just behind him. As they spoon, Drago shoves his hard rod bareback deep inside Erik. Erik strokes his cock and shoots his load as Drago pounds him raw and bareback. Drago Lambert cums between Erik`s Spector thighs. They kiss exhausted from all the fun. Hung daddy Drew Sebastian and tattooed stud Aarin Asker meet again. See this isn`t their first rodeo. They had a sex a year ago, that lead to a bathhouse a day after. Both wearing jockstraps, they start by kissing each other. Aarin licks Drew`s pit. They both exchange nipple sucking, before Aarin gets on his knees. He sucks Drew`s 9 1/2 inch monster cock, deep throating his hard pole as far as he can. Drew lifts him up from the floor and shoves him on the bed. Aarin spreads his legs and Drew dives right in and eats his tight hole. Aarin moans as Drew eats his ass. Drew pierces his wet hole bareback, working his cock inside of Aarin, stretching his hole with every thrust. Aarin sucks on Drew`s cock while Drew licks Aarin`s hole. Aarin then goes for a wild ride as Drew plows him raw from the bottom. Aarin jumps off and sucks Drew before sitting back on his raw cock, this time facing him. Drew sucks Aarin`s toes before he fucks him bareback in the missionary position, thrusting his cock even deeper. Aarin gushes his load all over the place and Drew eats up all the cum. Drew continues to fuck him bareback, while Aarin begs for his load. Drew Sebastian jerks his massive load on Aarin`s balls then fucks him raw one last time, seeding him, before they kiss.

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