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Raw Muscle Breeders

Raw Muscle Breeders
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
96 min

Falk Lux

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Arny Donan

Chris Reed

James Huck

Adam Torres
Adrian Sanders
David Hertz
Florian Richter

Marty Cane
Nico Lacosty
Tom Crosby
Tony Hall

Sub slut Tony Hall knows exactly what he is looking for – a macho, big-dicked bro who can take care of all his needs. A quick phone-around is all it takes before a ripped muscle god has arrived on his doorstep, promising to take care of the on-call cock swinging between his legs. There’s nothing like getting a big, juicy piece of cock pushed into your head and knowing that you are going to have to pleasure it until it finally pumps litre of hot, slimy sperm over your body.
17  minutes
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No cock is as hard as life on the land! Marty and David, two muscular workers from the farm are chopping wood when an attractive mid-20s lad stops by for some fresh eggs. The sale turns to trade – for a juicy three-way fuck he can have his eggs for free – and as a bonus gets a portion of farmer boy cock cream squirted in his mouth!
18  minutes
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Adrian Sanders, a toned, sweet-faced, boy-next-door typed dude tells us we’d better keep our eyes on the screen for the hot scene that is coming up, but once we see how hot and handsome his fuck buddy Tom Crosby will be we don’t need telling twice! After opening up his asshole with a hungry, rimming tongue Adrian’s into driving his dong expertly home, whipping the bottom into a groaning frenzy before he blasts a massive, sticky load all over his chest. As a parting gift, the younger dude feeds him a huge dump of cum.
19  minutes
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This inked, hunk fucker wakes up horny as hell, and when he can’t get his mate on the top twin bunk to give him some relief he heads out to cruise himself a new date. Picking up his anonymous online play buddy, he heads home to get his cock sucked how he needs. With all of the grunting with pleasure, though, his upstairs friend wakes up and decides he wants in on the action, and soon he’s taking both rigid dicks up his ass in a wild DP fuck frenzy. When one of the lads squirts his cum over the other fucker’s tool, he just uses it as lube to drive his humping deeper into the bare asshole.
22  minutes
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Hot muscled stud Arny Donan has an afternoon to himself and decides it’s time to bring in some younger fuckbeef to squirt his cum onto. One quick phone call is all it takes to have his sub bitch Adam Torres slurping on his nuts again, and the bottom dude does his very best to keep his inked hunk happy. After trading a hungry mutual blowjob, our rugged top probes his buddy’s ass with a cheeky finger. Soon Arny has his bottom buddy groaning for his cock, and is happy to pound the needy tool bare and deep into Adam`s hole before he gets his nutt.
20  minutes
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After a hard session at the gym all these guys can think about is satisfying their engorged cocks and hungry holes. Watch as the most handsome jocks and sporty boys team up with each other to dump fresh loads deep. Go hard or go home!

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