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Young Bastards #32 Raw Punishment

Young Bastards #32 Raw Punishment
Young Bastards
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Oral Sex
  • Paddling
  • Sling
  • Spanking
75 min

Max Jaeger

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Antony Carter
Cesar Rose
Gregor Gilead
Johnny Polak

Martin Hovor
Sly Conan
Will Nouvak
Zack Hood

Young Johnny Polak picked the wrong apartment to break into. If he`d known massive muscle man Zack Hood owned the place he would have had second thoughts. Although, come to think of it, perhaps he wouldn`t? The big man flies into a rage, understandably so, but when a dude like this has a boy like Johnny to punish it`s that tight twink hole that`s gonna get it. With his clothes down and his face reddened with slaps the boy is made to suck on that big solid muscle cock, paying for his crime with his wet mouth. The boy is clearly in trouble, but with Zack fucking his face and feeding him precum he can`t help but get hard. The boy`s cock is rigid, even when Zack bends him over and drives his bareback fuckstick deep into his pucker, ramming him from behind, pinning him on his back by the neck and making Johnny ride his prick. Pumping cream from his young cock Johnny gets off, and Zack isn`t far behind, pulling out to unload his cream over the boy before kicking him out. I think it`s likely Johnny will be breaking in again in less than a week.
22  minutes
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The setting is perfect for a couple of boys like Will Nouvak and Cesar Rose, everything is there for them to use but they quickly settle on a collar and paddle. There`s no pretense, just a hot little twink ass ready to be spanked and a willing boy happy to take it like a champ. With his cheeks exposed the leather comes crashing down on Cesar`s rump, his chain tugged as cries escape him. No gag is needed, a wet and stiff uncut cock can perform that task as his dominant friend fucks his mouth. With the twink spanking making his smooth cheeks glow uncomfortably he`s soon begging for something soothing, something the raw young cock sliding up into his snug hole can provide. Ridden expertly from behind Cesar soon finds himself laying back in the leather swing, his pucker stuffed once again by dominant boy Will, his cock bulging in his stroking hand while his pal pumps in and out of his smooth little rump, cum spewing from his uncut dick to splash out over his abs. As the smell of fresh semen fills our athletic top boy`s nostrils his own dick finally reaches its limit of raw pleasure, pulling out in time to erupt over his obedient boy`s cock and balls.
16  minutes
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Gregor Gilead has been caught snoozing on the couch in nothing but his sexy little underwear, of course devious hard-dicked boys Martin Hovor and Antony Carter are going to make use of their buddy! With a big juicy cock in his face and a hand wanking his own stiff inches he slowly wakes up to be properly used by his friends, perhaps knowing that he can`t fight them off but compliant in the extreme, grabbing both the delicious tools offered to him while he sucks on the bulbous tips and worships their dongs as demanded. His feast of boner is only just beginning, when handsome Martin sees an opportunity to shove his naked cock up the lads ass he takes it. Fucked and fed by both demanding boys the skinny lad is almost used to the limit, but they`re not gonna be done until they`ve crammed both those big bareback cocks into his tight hole and frotted their meat together inside him. He`s never experienced twink dp fucking before, but when his pals pull out to explode their thick cream all over his face it`s clear this damaged twink will never be looking for more double-fucking from his buddies in the future.
19  minutes
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Fit boy Sly Conan is out on the prowl when lean and twinky Cesar Rose catches his eye. It takes a while before the boy realizes he`s being stalked, but he still seems to have no clue what the handsome lad is really after. Perhaps he knows he`s looking for sex, but he doesn`t seem to realize he`s about to become Sly`s fuck slave! When the young man gets him alone he pounces, grabbing young Cesar and tying his hands, revealing his meaty cock and stuffing it in the boy`s face. It`s not that Cesar knows he should comply, it`s that he doesn`t want to fight back. The taste of precum leaking into his mouth has his own cock bulging and oozing clear juice, he craves more. Bent over with his ass on show he takes an aggressive fingering, but the digits inside are only prepping him for the raw ramming meat Sly is about to deliver. Fucked hard from behind the boy cries out, his torment mixed with pleasure as he takes it, his dick bouncing and glistening. When the handsome dom has had enough of his hole he pulls out to deliver the final act of ownership, firing off ropes of cum over his captive`s face, an action which soon has Cesar wanking out his own heavy cream.
18  minutes
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Their hard young dicks don`t lie. When these boys are thrown around, slapped and spanked, made to suck cock and take a pounding fuck up the butt they can`t hide their desire. They might not have expected it, but when their ass is owned by friends or enemies their dicks explode with gooey glee!

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