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Raw & Ready

Raw & Ready
Lucas Entertainment
  • Anal Sex
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
171 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Armond Rizzo

Bryce Evans

Logan Stone

Matt Stevens

Pedro Andreas

Rafael Lords

Rikk York

Sean Duran

Sergeant Miles

43  minutes
51  minutes
42  minutes
35  minutes
The young lads Rafael Lords and Armond Rizzo are Raw & Ready when their older, dominant, and aggressive mentor Sean Duran presents himself to teach them what it means to be a man. And once he`s done having his way with them, he invites his buddies Pedro Andreas and Matt Stevens over. Why, you ask? So Sean can put Armond and Rafael to the test and see if they`ve learned what he taught. Meanwhile, Sergeant Miles returns to take the bare cock of Bryce Evans. And Rikk York shares his load with Logan Stone. Are you as Raw & Ready as the men of Lucas Entertainment are?

Rafael Lord and Armond Rizzo are going at it again - bless the libido of youth - in Sean Duran`s summertime home. They`re his guests, and they cannot keep their hands off each other. They strip and throw each other around sucking dick, kissing, and licking hole. Rafael even gets Armond on his back and throws some pumps in him. All the while Sean catches on and watches through the back sliding glass door. The action is hot, and Sean starts chubbing up in his speedo. Sean invites himself in on the action where he takes turns getting his dick sucked and fucking the guys in their asses bareback.

Sean showed his boy toys Armond and Rafael through demonstration how to properly have bareback sex. Now it`s their turn to show off all of the new skills they have acquired. Sean invites two buddies over - Pedro Andreas and Matt Stevens. These hulking muscle daddies are usually on top, but not this time around. Sean`s boys are ready to fuck. These guys might be small, but they can deliver a pounding without a problem.

Sergeant Miles returns to perform for the Lucas Entertainment camera, and he once again demonstrates how much he likes sucking cock. Sergeant has a major oral fixation, and Bryce Evans is the lucky recipient of all of that pent-up energy this time: All Bryce has to do is kick back and let Sergeant do the rest. But pay attention to when Sergeant lets Bryce get a turn at sucking his dick: Sergeant shows off his hot military body, and the cum-gutter display is mouth-watering. And remember how Sergeant is completely versatile? Well, he proves that again here: this guy can take a dick just as good as he can give one.

Pay attention now, all you fans of ass-to-mouth. There`s an incredible fellatio shot in this scene. It`s after Logan Stone gets done pounding Rikk York in Sean`s summertime getaway. Logan creams in Rikk`s ass and pulls out, which prompts Rikk to drop to his knees and gently nurse on Logan`s cock, making sure not a single drop of his raw load is wasted. That`s just a taste of what these two lean hunks bring to this sexual encounter.


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