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Ready to Fuck

Ready to Fuck
Falcon Edge
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
85 min

Nick Foxx

    all models over 18    
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Adrian Hart

Connor Maguire

Jimmy Durano

Joseph Rough

Landon Conrad

Nick Sterling

Rey Luis

Ryan Rose

Ryan Rose and Nick Sterling are mashed together as if launched from opposite sides of the room. They wear identical tighty whities. You can see the tops of their cracks, and their hard ons stretch the elastic fabric enough to be transparent. Ryan, all smooth and slick, has a dark 5 o`clock shadow that makes him even sexier. Nick`s broad, furry pecs are complemented by a dark treasure trail that leads to his prize. It`s clear from the beginning that each wants what the other wants. And they both want everything! Cocks are gobbled with gusto. Hungry asses want tongues and dicks to fill them. The fucking starts when Ryan mounts Nick from behind and punches his high, meaty buns into ecstasy. Then Ryan gets on the floor, on his knees. With his back arched into a smooth curve, Ryan`s stubbled chin furrows into the shag carpeting as Nick slams into him. Nick then rides Ryan`s cock, slamming his prostate and starts cumming uncontrollably. Ryan then cums in Nick`s mouth and Nick laps up every drop sucking Ryan clean. This excites Nick so much that he blasts another load all over his abs.
27  minutes
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Landon Conrad is having a quiet jerk off session on the sofa when Adrian Hart walks in to offer a surprise oral assist. He works on Landon`s very fat cock with oral abandon. Landon bucks, offering groans of vocal encouragement in exchange for this slow, deep suck. Adrian slips a tongue in Landon`s mouth to offer Landon him a taste of himself, then he slides forward to straddle Landon`s hips. He clamps Landon`s dripping cock between his cheeks and puts his hip flexor muscles to work. They roll over and Landon responds with sucking and rimming before plugging Adrian`s hole. Adrian twists his muscular limbs into a pretzel for Landon`s slow entrance. A sit-fuck - both cowboy and reverse - lets Adrian take control of how deep and how hard he`s willing to submit his hole to getting fucked. Landon cums as Adrian eagerly laps it all up. Adrian can hold back and blows a big load on Landon`s still throbbing cock. Adrian sucks Landon clean and goes up for a final wet kiss with Landon.
21  minutes
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Connor and Joseph are fully entangled on the couch, lip to lip, nipple to nipple, hand to crotch. Connor has a bit of hair on his face and torso; Joseph is young and smooth " and eager to pull Connor`s cock from the pouch of his briefs so he can sniff it, spit on it and swallow it. Connor kicks off the briefs for easier access, grabs the base of his cock and slaps it against Joseph`s face. Joseph shucks the undies and plants a foot on either side of Connor`s trunk. If he leans forward, he can fuck Connor`s face or get his ass eaten. If he squats, he`s got Connor`s pulsating dick in him. Win-win. He does it all. They do a lap dance that tosses Joseph repeatedly airborne, landing on Connor`s uncut cock every time. Connor fucks Joseph furiously, slamming his ass doggy-style. Joseph doesn`t hold back and lets off a huge load across the camera lens while getting completely pounded out. Connor pull out and feeds Joseph a face full of cum.
19  minutes
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Jimmy Durano and Rey Luis proudly show off their erections. Jimmy has a well-trimmed full beard, huge muscles, a fat cock and tons of foreskin. Rey`s torso is pumped as if he were a world-class gymnast. Jimmy takes a step closer and Rey lunges to capture Jimmy`s cock in his mouth. It`s an expert display of deep-throating that Jimmy is happy to savor and indulge. Rey has a sweet ass that Jimmy is eager to taste. You know Rey`s solid haunches can withstand the robust fuck that`s coming. Jimmy squeezes his own balls before slamming his cock with a single thrust into Rey`s ass. Their feet are planted firmly parallel on the floor and Rey bucks like a rodeo bull as Jimmy fucks him. Rey drops to the floor in a shoulder stand, his back braced against the sofa to withstand the thundering force of Jimmy`s pounding. Jimmy explodes in an avalanche of spooge that coats Rey`s body from his head to balls, and Rey adds a second massive blizzard of cum.
17  minutes
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Announcing the debut movie from Falcon`s newest video line, Falcon Edge: `Ready to Fuck.` Star erotica director Nick Foxx heads up the line that explores what happens "When Good Boys Get Bad. Falcon Edge and its first offering, `Ready to Fuck` features hot, handsome men in fastpaced, high-energy sex. Taking Falcon to the edge, these eight studs are definitely `Ready to Fuck.` Tighty whities stretched to the max by boners ready to spray loads in eager faces, hefty cocks waiting for their opportunity to plant themselves deep in inviting holes and asses primed for fucking, plus every scenes serves hot facials and cum eating. Put Ryan Rose with a five-o`clock shadow in a room with beefy, hairy muscle stud Nick Sterling, and you need to put a HOT warning label on it. Passion soars as cocks swell in a searing flip-fuck, and Nick delivers, not one, but two cum shots. The briefs of Connor Maguire and Joseph Rough stretch to bursting by cocks needing to explode. From doggie to lap dance, every thrust hits home. Connor maneuvers Joseph deftly, rotating him 180 and catching him on his cock again. Jerking off is terrific, but Landon Conrad sure is glad Adrian Hart was lurking nearby, anxious to help. Adrian`s has dark skin, a hairy chest, and an irresistible ass that is more than `Ready to Fuck.` Jimmy Durano`s hot lover, Rey Luis, loves it when Jimmy wants to play "who`s got the hardest cock?" Rey`s depth-defying blowjob primes Jimmy`s cock to land in Rey`s inviting ass. Falcon Edge promises to bring intensity and sexual electricity with every feature, and `Ready to Fuck` delivers good boys getting bad"there`s no mistake"they`re ready!

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