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Red Handed

Red Handed
Club Inferno
  • Ass Play
  • Dildo
  • Fisting
  • Oral Sex
86 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Alessandro Del Toro

Drew Sebastian

Josh West

Rick van Sant

Trent Bloom
Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati catches Rick Van Sant smoking a cigarette and decides he`s got something else for him to smoke. He whips out his huge, rock-hard cock and feeds it to the hungry cocksucker. Rick expertly drains a load out of Trenton with his hot mouth then gets on all fours to receive his reward: Trenton`s man-sized hands up his ass. Trenton teases the bottom with a finger or two but as soon as he inserts his fist Rick opens his legendary manhole and steals Trenton`s entire forearm to the elbow. The eye-popping arm ride continues until Rick finally releases Trenton and sends him on his way.
20  minutes
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Drew Sebastian takes a break in the bunkhouse to work out his hole with a thick boot-shaped dildo. Alessandro Del Toro catches the horse-hung stud bouncing up and down on the enormous toy and gets in on the action. He pushes Drew down on the latex boot as far as his ass will go until the greedy pig-bottom begs for Alessandro`s fist. Alessandro flips Drew over, greases up his gloved hands and begins to work Drew`s hole. As soon as his fist goes deep inside Drew`s ass both studs yank on their hard dicks. Alessandro can`t resist sucking Drew`s huge pierced cock while he fists him with one hand and jacks off with the other. Alessandro shoots a hot steam of white jizz then goes back to work a massive load out of Drew.
21  minutes
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Fisting legends Rick Van Sant and Trent Bloom push each other to the limit in a local sex club where we catch Rick red handed with his fist up Trent`s ass. He mercilessly punch-fucks Trent`s infamous rosebud with both fists, nearly splitting the horny pig-bottom in half. The sight of Trent`s protruding insides makes Rick`s hole twitch; it`s his turn to get his ass worked over. He lies on his back and orders Trent to give him all he`s got. The experienced fister works both hands into Rick`s ass and massages his guts. Trent stretches Rick`s hole open wide and slams his fist inside up to his elbow. Proving he`s got the hungriest hole in the business, Trent adheres a giant dildo to the floor and bounces up and down on it while he continues to pummel Rick`s hole.
24  minutes
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Horse-hung fisting top Josh West finds Boyhous on his knees with a pair of rubber gloves and a huge butt-plug firmly planted in his ass. Josh steps up, puts on the gloves, and stretches the rough-and-ready pig bottom`s hole with the enormous toy. After some serious assplay Josh tosses aside the bullet-shaped plug and greases up his fat fists. Josh slips one fist in Boyhous` hole with ease so he ups his game and shoves both fists in at the same time. Josh gets hungry for some cock so he pulls out Boyhous` dick and sucks him off while he fists him, then pulls out his own monster cock and jacks a load all over the floor.
21  minutes
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Today`s hottest fetish stars get caught Red Handed fist-fucking, riding giant dildos, sucking dick or whatever else it takes to drain a load from their giant cocks. Red Handed features the return of fisting legends Rick Van Sant and Trent Bloom plus Trenton Ducati, Josh West, Drew Sebastian, Alessandro del Toro, and Boyhous. These studs prove that if you go hard and deep enough you`ll get caught Red Handed.

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