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Return to Fire Island

Return to Fire Island
Lucas Entertainment
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281 min



    all models over 18    
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Ben Andrews

Jackson Wild

Jacob Samson

Jason Crew

Luca Ciccone

Michael Lucas

Mike Dreyden

Nick Capra

Rafael Alencar

Rod Barry

Rusty Stevens

Ryan Raz

Travis Irons

Wilfried Knight

Danny Delta

Blue collar hunk and rentboy Rod Barry and slim Jackson Wild walk into their room at the Belvedere, and Jackson is quickly put in his place – on his knees sucking Rod off! Jackson chokes all of Rod`s fleshpole down, then starts munching on Rod`s furry hole. The two finish stripping, and Rod proceeds to swallow Jackson`s cock. The muscled twink is flipped and bent over, taking all of Rod`s fat dick in his hole, then slides the meat between his feet! After sitting on Rod`s pole, Jackson jizzes all over himself, followed by Rod creaming Jackson`s face!
28  minutes
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Hung and hairy men Wilfried Knight and Mike Dreyden cruise each other on the deck of the hotel, then quickly lock lips and grope each others hefty packages. The clothes come off, followed by Wilfried nose diving into his partner`s pits and an exchange of sloppy blowjobs. Wilfried sticks his tongue in Mike`s hairy pucker, and quickly stuffs his hard cock into the hirsute hole. The two blow thick wads all over their furry bodies!
27  minutes
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Slender stud Jason Crew is cruised by muscle hunk Jacob Samson in the hallway, and Jacob deep throats Jason`s massive meat. The two engage in 69ing, and the Jacob bends Jason over and fucks his tight hole. Jason screams with delight and creams himself, then watches Jacob as he shoots a hefty wad over his taught body!
19  minutes
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After chatting by the dock, Wilfried Knight follows twinks Andy Kay and Ryan Raz into a secluded part of the hotel. The trio strips and begins a hot and heavy makeout session. Andy and Ryan tongue Wilfried`s thick piece simultaneously, then the three men form an oral daisy chain. Andy spreads his cheeks and rides Wilfried`s meat, followed by Ryan taking his turn on the Frenchman`s cock. All three spurt gigantic loads on each other`s skin and lap it up!
24  minutes
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Muscular beach bums Nick Capra, Ridge Michaels, and Ryan Raz take a break from the sun to enjoy each other`s tasty bodies. Ryan kneels down to engulf both fat rods into his mouth while Nick licks Ridge`s underarms. The action transfers to the bed, where Ryan`s tight pucker is under oral assault by his partners. His legs spread open to let Nick and Ridge plow him, followed by a creamy finish!
19  minutes
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Jackson Wild is lounging on the patio when local cook Rafael Alencar arrives to give the stuck up boy a delivery he won`t forget! Jackson deep throats Rafael`s fat sausage, then folds over and allows Rafael to fuck him with his own meaty piece. Rafael spreads his bubble butt to allow Jackson to rim him, then flips around and sticks his cock in Jackson`s willing hole. Jackson rides Rafael`s dick, then opens his mouth and lets the Brazilian hunk spurt right into his mouth!
27  minutes
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Nick Capra finds Rusty Stevens waiting in the Meat Rack, and the two kiss before proceeding back to the Belvedere. They undress, and Rusty tongues Nick`s pits before swallow Nick`s entire cock. The pair 69 followed by Nick diving into Rusty`s hole. Nick then slams his dick into his partner`s butt and inhales his toes at the same time. After sitting on Nick`s pole, Rusty explodes all of his body and licks Nick`s cum!
20  minutes
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Mega hung Ben Andrews stares down twinky bottom boy Danny Parker in the ballroom, and Danny quickly disrobes to show off his willing pucker. Ben wastes no time in licking the exposed bunghole, then lets Danny swallow his entire pecker. Danny spreads his cheeks and Ben begins an anal assault that Danny will remember for some time to come. The scene finishes with both men unloading their cum on Danny`s chiseled stomach!
21  minutes
Content & Stars...
Jason Crew, Luca Ciccone, and Travis Irons spend some time on the beach before arriving on the deck of the Belvedere. Luca stands and allow to Travis deep throat his cock while Jason licks Travis`s tasty rump. Pits, dicks, and holes are tasted, sucked, and swallowed before Travis lays back and Jason and Luca take turns stuffing his butt. The two hung tops blow their wads right onto Travis`s face as his shoots onto his own tight chest!
23  minutes
Content & Stars...
A picture perfect sunset is the setting for our last scene with Michael Lucas, Wilfried Knight, and Jackson Wild. Michael starts by standing and having Wilfried deep throat his uncut dick. Jackson dives into Wilfried`s crotch and then inhales Michael`s. Michael and Wilfried 69, then the two take turns and fuck Jackson`s brains out in a variety of positions. Wilfried then places his legs over his head and gives Michael access to plow his hairy pucker. The threesome let the cum fly on each other`s muscular frames and then settle down to watch the sun dip over the bay.
27  minutes
Content & Stars...
Michael Lucas and Rusty Stevens start their scene with intense lip locking. They quickly strip and 69 on a hallway table. Rusty then tongues Michael`s toes and then bends over and begins to fuck himself on Michael`s thick uncut cock. Rusty furiously bounces on the dick, and then spurts a hot load on himself and Michael!
29  minutes
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Michael Lucas & Ryan Raz - a bonus scene from PISS!
17  minutes
Content & Stars...
Twelve steamy sex scenes provide a sampling of the unbridled sexuality pulsing through the island. Follow snobby Jackson Wild as he gets pounded by the hunky Rod Barry and Rafael Alencar. Lucas Exclusive Wilfried Knight plows his way through Mike Dreyden, Ryan Raz, and Andy Kay. Muscular Jacob Samson humps horse hung Jason Crew and Ryan Raz is cornholed by studs Nick Capra and Ridge Michaels.

Nick Capra and Rusty Stevens cruise each others toned bodies in the Meat Rack, the notorious Fire Island hookup spot. Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Ben Andrews plunges his fat meat into slender Danny Parker`s slot. Jason Crew, Ridge Michaels, and Luca Ciccone get into each other`s swimwear in an explosive scene on the beach, while Exclusives Michael Lucas and Wilfried Knight open up Jackson Wild as the sun sets on their mind-blowing sexual escapades.


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