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Ride or Die: Raw Deal

Ride or Die: Raw Deal
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
156 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Andre Donovan
Beau Butler
Chris Damned
Cole Connor
Dillon Diaz

Drew Valentino
Grayson Lange
Max Konnor
Pheonix Fellington
Travis Connor

When deranged prisoner Chris Damned – a pawn in the diabolical warden’s sex trafficking scheme – is delivered to shady District Attorney Travis Connor’s luxury Las Vegas penthouse, where retribution for an old feud is about to go down. But not before Travis does. He wraps his supple lips around Chris’s hairy balls and huge uncut cock before serving up his own hard dick to the convict he put away years before. Chris sucks Travis’s pole before grinding his musky asshole into Travis’s face. After going for Travis’s dick and balls again, Chris spreads the DA’s smooth cheeks and drills the lawyer’s tight pink hole with his fingers and tongue. Now open and ready, Travis gets on all-fours for a bareback doggie-style pounding. Without missing a beat, Chris continues to fury-fuck the man who locked him up, jamming his big cock in and out of Travis’s ass. Once Travis’s cum explodes across his own stomach, Chris pulls out of the attorney’s stretched hole and adds his massive load to the dripping puddle. The high tension and twisted power play ultimately cause Chris to snap. What payback will Chris unleash on the corrupt DA?
26  minutes
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The moment Warden Cole Connor of Riders Correctional Facility gets word of Chris Damned`s outburst with the DA, he arranges a private meeting with the aggressive inmate and his top guards. In a cold interrogation room, he demonstrates on Officer Dillon Diaz the correct way to please the wealthy men who pay to fuck his inmates. While Chris watches, Cole brings Dillon’s face into his full bush before shoving his hairy dick down Dillon’s deep throat. Continuing his demonstration, Cole pushes Dillon over a table, spreading his asshole wide open. Dillon is then served a relentless finger fuck and aggressive rimming. Not yet satisfied that Chris has learned the proper etiquette, Cole shoves his big hard cock inside Dillon’s spit-wet hole before positioning him on his hands and knees for an intense bareback fuck. Cole flips Dillon onto his back and continues to slam his ass until they both cum on Dillon’s stomach. In the midst of the action, Governor Max Konnor calls the warden requesting an urgent meeting. How will Dillon handle getting dicked-down by the warden, and what is so urgent that the Governor needs to meet with Cole ASAP?
32  minutes
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When inmate Drew Valentino becomes entangled in a cafeteria brawl with another prisoner, he’s temporarily thrown back into the cell he shares with lover Beau Butler. Drew knows he`ll likely be sent to solitary and wants to make the most of the time with Beau. While vowing to protect his boyfriend from malicious convicts and the warden’s sex trafficking scheme, Drew eases Beau’s anxiety by feeding him his huge, pulsing cock. Drew moves Beau to their shared prison cot, where he buries his nose deep in Beau’s ripe and hairy pits. On his back, Beau gets his face fucked before eating Drew’s furry asshole. Desperate to reciprocate, Drew blows Beau’s rock-hard dick and then fingers and rims his fuzzy ass. When Beau gets on all-fours, Drew continues to wet his boyfriend’s pucker with a stiff tongue and then thrusts his throbbing meat deep inside his man. Beau flips over again so Drew can keep drilling him bareback until he cums. Always the gentleman, Drew cleans Beau’s creamy load with his lips before shoving his tool back into Beau’s mouth, allowing his boyfriend to taste his own hole on Drew’s raw cock. Drew squirts across Beau’s face, licking up his own jizz with a passionate kiss. What will become of the steamy prison romance, and how will Beau survive without Drew by his side?
34  minutes
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Governor Max Konnor isn’t surprised to find young college student Grayson Lange on the doorstep of his mansion. After all, the two have been having a torrid May-December affair since Mrs. Konnor began traveling more frequently. Somehow, Grayson has inside details about the sex trafficking ring at Rider’s Correctional Facility, a subject that Governor Konnor is very eager to discuss. Grayson, though, is more eager to get his mouth around Max. Grayson wastes no time dropping to his knees, taking Max’s entire girthy shaft between his drooling lips. It’s not long before Grayson strips down to his black thong, positioning himself over an expensive chair. Max can’t ignore the view – the milky white flesh of a tender young ass – and spanks Grayson’s cheeks until they’re red. Soon, Max’s fingers and tongue find their way deep into the college boy’s cum tunnel, a beautifully tight fit for the governor’s huge, raw, fat cock. Grayson’s hairless twink-hole is extremely accommodating as Max rams his heavy pole into the piggy undergrad from behind. The governor then takes business into his bedroom, where he lays Grayson flat on his stomach. With each bareback thrust, Max rearranges Grayson’s insides until he flips the smooth student onto his back. As Grayson demands to be fucked some more, the lawmaker pounds on the boy’s sweet spot until Grayson shoots his hot spunk over his head. Still rock hard, Max unloads into Grayson’s mouth and then samples his seed with a lip-lock. In the afterglow, Max reveals that he has someone in addition to Grayson who`s giving him inside information about Riders Correctional. But who?
30  minutes
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Billionaire casino owner Pierce Paris wants to provide high-rolling rap star Andre Donovan and his agent, Phoenix Fellington, with the gift of some premium ass. The warden, who owes Pierce large sums of money in gambling debt, offers up handsome inmate Beau Butler. Tossed into the smoke-filled living room of the world-famous recording artist, Beau is stripped down and proceeds to suck Pheonix and Andre’s humongous cocks while they make out with each other. On the couch, Beau continues to blow Andre while Phoenix sucks on the convict’s man-hole – until they spin him around and switch places. Beau gives in, and the two hulking men spit-roast their hirsute whore. Beau rides Andre’s raw fuck-stick before he and Pheonix take turns pumping Beau’s hole while he’s on his back. Phoenix pops his load onto Beau’s stomach and then pushes his still-hard cock back inside. After, Andre takes the opportunity to lick out Beau’s hole so he can sample the intoxicating cocktail of Beau’s wet ass mixed with Phoenix’s steaming nut milk. Andre thrusts his own massive rod into Beau again. Beau is overtaken with physical pleasure getting plowed by two hot cocks, and he soon shoots pools of cum around his belly button, allowing Andre to easily wipe it up with his fingers and then shove it into Beau’s overworked mouth. In the intensity of it all, Andre continues to bang the prisoner bareback – even after Beau has climaxed – until he erupts and creampies Beau’s wide-open asshole. As Andre slams his huge cock back inside the used-up bottom, Beau is pushed to his limit, bringing the afternoon to an explosively jaw-dropping climax. How long can the Warden’s sex ring go on and who are all the players in his intricate web of deceit and corruption?
34  minutes
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Riders Correctional Facility, a federal prison camp just outside of Las Vegas, not only houses some of the city’s most notorious criminals but is also the twisted playground of diabolically sadistic warden Cole Connor. Out for money to pay off gambling debts and dirty politicians, Cole lords over a dangerous inmate sex trafficking racket that just about everyone – including the chief district attorney – would do anything and everything to keep a secret. With reputations to protect, the rich and powerful must go head-to-head with an unhinged warden while the convicts learn quickly just how stiff sentences can be when you’re on “the inside.” ‘RIDE OR DIE: RAW DEAL’ sets the stage with the first five episodes of the gritty action-drama directed by award-winning filmmaker Tony Dimarco, written by talented scribe Ben Rush and featuring an all-star cast of ten rough and rugged studs. Chris Damned gets delivered to Travis Connor, the D.A. who put him away, and Chris proceeds to pound his corrupt hole bareback. Twisted warden Cole Connor decides to show Chris Damned the right way to service a man by plowing Officer Dillon Diaz with is huge dick. After a brawl in the prison cafeteria, Drew Valentino is sent back to his cell where he shares an intimate fuck with his prison boyfriend, Beau Butler. Governor Max Konnor has a dirty little secret, and his name is Grayson Lange. Konnor’s wife’s away, so Grayson comes over to play and get his hungry boy-hole drilled. Beau Butler is sent out as a special gift for #1 selling rap artist Andre Donovan and his hot agent Pheonix Fellington. Andrew and Pheonix make out while Beau services their meat, and then they fuck Beau every which way until all three are spent. How long can the Warden’s sex ring go on and who are all the players in his intricate web of deceit and corruption? Each episode in ‘RIDE OR DIE: RAW DEAL’ heightens the stakes and takes the sex to another level, fueling an edge of-your-seat bareback blowout that gives new meaning to ‘RIDE OR DIE.`

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