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Rio In Heat

Rio In Heat
NS Originals
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125 min


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John Felipe




Marlon Costa

Randhy Junior


Yuri Santana

Leonaordo has taken his fair share of big dicks but never something quite as long and girthy as the cock hanging between Marlon Costa’s legs. Not one to shy away from a challenge, though, Leonaordo opens his throat for Marlon’s oversized piece before spreading his legs and welcoming in every inch of the porn star’s cock. The muscular twunk continues his bareback experimentation by taking Marlon for a ride and dropping to all fours to get pounded from behind. Experiencing that perfect cocktail of pain and pleasure from Marlon’s dick, Leonaordo moans, slams his eyes shut, and buries his face in his arms until Marlon is ready to pull out and deliver a creamy facial.
25  minutes
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Gael already has his own throbbing cock in-hand when a bare naked Exxtevao walks up to him. On a mission to get his hole and pole serviced, Exxtevao begins the mid-day hookup by sucking down Gael’s big dick and getting into position to be fucked from behind. Once Gael has impaled Exxtevao with every inch of his raw rod, the roles reverse with Gael busting out his hole and taking a bareback ride on tatted muscle stud Exxtevao. Next, with Gael back on top and Exxtevao’s ass pointed to the ceiling, Gael delivers the flip-fuck’s final thrusts as Exxtevao unloads a creamy mess all over his own abs.
25  minutes
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In this all-new hookup from NakedSword X Rhyheim, Kaleo is sucking off the XL cock poking through John Felipe’s briefs before John pulls down Kaleo’s underwear to begin thoroughly servicing his hole. Now with John on his back, Kaleo guides the top’s dick into his juicy peach and goes for a bareback ride on the impressive piece. As John continues to fuck him across the bed and all over the floor, Kaleo moans at every thrust all while his hole adapts to the big dick stretching it out. Now back to getting fucked hard on the mattress, Kaleo covers his hairy abs in nut with John then finishing himself off and giving the bottom a taste of his fresh jizz.
27  minutes
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With his hairy hole out and his mouth ready to suck some hard cock, Jontas is eager to get filled any which way by muscle stud Yuri Santana. After tasting Yuri’s big dick, Jontas takes pleasure in getting rimmed and going for a ride on the tan-lined top. The duo then engages in an all-out fucking marathon as Yuri mounts, pounds, and pumps Jontas’ hole non-stop until his muscles are glistening in a reflective layer of sweat. Then, with Jontas on his knees and being barebacked from behind, Yuri pulls out his girthy meat to coat Jontas’ bubble butt in his fresh load.
27  minutes
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Randhy Junior and Sandrias are finally together and ready to explore every inch of each other’s bodies with their open mouths. After some intimate cock, feet, and muscle worshiping between the two, Sandrias arches his back and gets ready to be barebacked by Randhy’s big dick. Sandrias’ then puts his deliciously fit bubble butt on full display as he rides and bounces on Randhy’s rod. With the sun peeking in and illuminating the duo’s ripped bodies, Randhy fucks Sandrias in a few more positions until he’s pulling out to bust all over his partner’s face and body.
22  minutes
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The heat is already blazing in Brazil, but the temperatures continue to rise in the bedrooms of these hung NakedSword X Rhyheim heartthrobs. In ‘Rio In Heat’, executive producers Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz gather ten of the hottest fuck-ready men in Rio de Janeiro for a new collection of unforgettable bareback experiences. To start, young twink Leonaordo is taking his biggest cock yet as Marlon Costa fucks and fills him with his XXL rod. Speaking of big dicks, muscle men Gael and Exxtevao are both putting their oversized members to good use as they flip-fuck the day away. Hungry for cum, Kaleo then takes every inch of John Felipe until he’s blessed with the sweet taste of seed. Jontas is next to be rammed with a raw cock as Yuri Santana pounds him from behind until he’s spilling jizz all over the bottom’s bubble butt. The cum keeps flowing as Randhy Junior and Sandrias explore each other’s bodies and fuck with an intense and heated passion.

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