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The Road to Redneck Hollow

The Road to Redneck Hollow
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131 min

Joe Gage

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Brendan Davies

Dean Flynn

Logan Robbins

Mason Wyler

Riley Scott

Rodney Steele

Ryann Wood

Sebastian Rivers

Tober Brandt

Tory Mason

Beefy, muscular Tober Brandt has dragged himself back to the station after a hard day of firefighting in the woods. His fellow firefighter, dark-haired and sexy Sebastian Rivers, offers to give him a rubdown as Tober pulls of his gear, stretches his hard muscular body and heads to the shower to get cleaned up. While he’s rinsing off the day’s sweat, Tober springs a big, stiff woody, turns off the water, leans against the wall and sends a stream of piss shooting up and drenching his clipped, ripped pecs. ... More
32  minutes
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Lean, smooth and uncut Mason Wyler springs a big ol’ hard on watching his fellow cadet, hot blond Tory Mason, doing chin ups. The two young horndogs decide to compare cock size, so Tory unbuckles his pants and pulls his dick out of his jock strap. They start pulling on their cocks until they’re both rock hard and then proceed to stroke each other. Hot studly muscle daddy Brendan Davis watches from behind a door as his two cadets lube up and stroke their dicks. When he suddenly barks “What are you guys doing?!” ... More
36  minutes
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Logan pays a visit to his old buddy Ryann Wood, who promptly strips down to his loose-fitting blue boxers and flexes his rock hard dick at Logan. When their old teacher Rodney Steele walks in, dressed in a spiffy suit, Ryann and Rodney show Logan “the box”. It’s purpose quickly becomes clear as Logan sticks his big stiff dick through a hole in the box and Rodney gorges himself on it, choking as he sucks Logan’s meaty bone down his throat. ... More
29  minutes
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Riley gets spread-eagled on top of a table as Dean mercilessly buttbangs his meaty ass, then Dean moves on to give Rodney room to lube up, slip a rubber on and shove his hard cock deep down Riley’s willing fuck hole. Across the room, Ryann’s in a sling getting slam fucked by Trojan while he groans and chokes on Dean’s cock. Ryann grunts like a pig while Trojan splits his ass in two and busts a cannon shot of cum onto his chest. Rodney pulls out of Riley’s vice-grip of an ass and dumps his load on Riley’s tattooed abs as Riley sprays a fountain of jizz all over his tight, smooth chest. ... More
33  minutes
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In The Road to Redneck Hollow, big-dicked Logan Robbins heads back to Shady Hollow, Tennessee and finds his old friends up to the same ol’ stuff: cock sucking, butt munching and fucking the cum out of each other to pass the time away. This gang of horny studs go at each other nonstop in three-ways, glory holes, and hot sling action.

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