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Robert Van Damme Collection

Robert Van Damme Collection
Hot House
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136 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alex Collack

Alex Fuerte

Francesco D`Macho

Jason Kingsley

Jason Ridge

Robert Van Damme

Shane Rollins

Thom Barron

Tony Mecelli

Marko Hansom

Alex Collack emerges from the pool after his morning swim to reveal his perfect, chiseled torso and fat bulge. Superstuds Robert Van Damme and Thom Barron are lounging poolside, admiring Collack and stroking each other’s erections. Collack gladly accepts their invitaiton and a three-way suck ensues. The versatile horse hung horndogs take turns servicing each other, sucking cock, getting sucked, eating ass and fucking their hot muscle butts. Barron is the first to stick his legendary whopper up Collack’s hungry hole. While Barron is still inside Collack, Van Damme enters Barron’s ass and it’s a train. Collack gets his fill of Barron’s ass, shoving his fat Russian cock deep inside while Van Damme feasts on Barron’s third leg. The men fuck like mad in the heat, the energy building until they each bust their nut.
22  minutes
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Robert Van Damme, Jason Ridge, and Jason Kingsley lie poolside, dreaming of big cocks and hot sweaty buttcracks. They begin to toy with the raging hardons in their tight trunks before deciding what the hell – let’s fuck! Van Damme, a former professional Czech hockey player, has the most magnificent body and cock, which performer of the year nominee Ridge devours. Kingsley makes himself busy feeding his lengthy prick down the throat of Van Damme. The three studs move onto all fours and begin a rimming daisy chain, licking the hot sweaty crack in front of them. Jason, always the greedy pig bottom, soon has his ass being tag teamed by the big-dicked duo. Jason eventually fucks the cum out of Ridge, seconds before Jason and Robert add their loads to the sweaty mix pooling on his stomach.
24  minutes
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Alex Fuerte plays a GreedyHole who doesn’t get enough hands on experience as a trained CMT – he has to also offer free massages to the finest men on Manhunt.net. Fuerte is clearly excited when his first freebie of the day turns out to be Robert Van Damme, who is even more of a hunk in person than he looks online. A simple rub down turns into a steamy, athletic event when Fuerte bends over and licks Van Damme’s ass. These two chiseled studs put the massage table to the test, swapping blowjobs until Van Damme throws Fuerte on his back and fucks his lights out. Fuerte licks Van Damme’s nutsack, causing him to blow his load. Refreshed and relaxed, Van Damme leaves for work. Proving to be a truly GreedyHole, Fuerte goes back to Manhunt.net to find even more men…
20  minutes
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Arrested by two cops for a crime he didn’t commit, Toby (Shane Rollins) loses his cool in the interrogation room trying to convince them of his innocence. The cops (Hot House Exclusives Tony Mecelli and Robert Van Damme) decide to teach Toby some respect; Van Damme pinches Toby’s nostrils shut, forcing him to open his mouth and take Mecelli’s 10-inch whopper. Hoping that his cooperation will win him his freedom, Toby begins to service both of the buffed-out pigs. The two take turns gag-fucking his mouth before putting him on top of the table for a cavity search. Robert puts on a latex glove and begins to poke around Shane’s hole in search of contraband. Convinced that it’s good to go, Robert sidles up behind Shane and sticks his fat prick right up his ass and begins to pump. The two continue to use Toby as their service pig and fuck him from both ends until the jizz flies (Robert got so turned on in this scene that he let loose a torrent of cum we’ve never seen from him before.)
22  minutes
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Francesco D’Macho and Robert Van Damme flex and pose for one another in their leather harnesses and jockstraps. Both men are visibly turned on as Van Damme grabs D’Macho from behind and pushes him to his knees so that he can worship his fat, uncut cock. D’Macho proves to be a very attentive servant, following Van Damme’s moans and groans like a road map. Van Damme remains in control as he turns D’Macho over and tongue-fucks his tight hole. Like an X-rated action figure, Van Damme mounts D’Macho and begins pounding his ass. D’Macho taunts Van Damme until he gets what he wants – a good smack across the face – and both men really get into it! Van Damme decides to put the Macho man’s ass to the test with a giant dildo. He simultaneously works D’Macho’s hole while deepthroating his big, fat cock. Finally both men stand and stroke off together until they both explode!
22  minutes
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Robert Van Damme appreciates an employee like Marko Hansom; one who isn’t afraid to get down on his knees and provide the kind of service a working man needs. Hansom swallows Van Damme’s uncut cock while he works his own big thick tool up. Van Damme returns the favor, licking and sucking Hansom’s 8+ inch tool. Noticing Hansom’s tight hole, Van Damme flips him over and fucks him long and hard, thrusting his huge thighs agains’t Hansom’s glutes. Van Damme jacks Hansom off until he blows then gets his own nut, showering Hansom in cum.
26  minutes
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Hot House Exclusive Robert Van Damme shares his favorite scenes with you in this must-have collector`s edition! Featuring 6 scorching-hot scenes!

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