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Rocks & Hard Places

Rocks & Hard Places
Kristen Bjorn
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Chainfucking
  • Cum Facials
  • Cum-eating
  • Doublefucking
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
276 min

Kristen Bjorn

    all models over 18    
© 2006 Kristen Bjorn. All Rights Reserved


Alex Ferrari

David Salazar

David Vega

Fernando Marques

Honza Kozel

Lucas Rocha

Marco Hansom

Oldrich Smile

Rocko Magnus

Rocky de Oliveira

Rodrigo Ferrais

Roland Brinski

Thomas Hrebec

Tommy Alvarez

Adam Rosa
Alexandro Gonzalez
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Montenegro
Eloy Martinez
Gregoire Chevalier

Jean Franko
Lucas Lucky
Mathias Vannelli
Maurico Goldstein
Peter Stallion
Sergio del Castillo

Tibor Cernan
Tomas Sebastiani
Victor Souza
Viktor Vesely

Franko and Rocko run out of gas on a mountain road and get into an argument. “All you’re good for is sucking dick,” says Rocko. An enraged Franko takes off in search of gasoline and hitches a ride with muscled motorcyclist Victor Souza. Stopping in a farmyard, Franko proves he can do a lot more than suck cock. But first, Souza blows Franko against the motorcycle. Gregoire Chevalier and Viktor Vesely walk into the yard just as Franko is spewing his load. Then Souza leans over the motorcycle, sucking the newcomers big uncut cocks while Franko tongues his ass.

Still wearing his leather jacket, Souza lies back on the motorcycle and is subjected to one of Franko’s battering-ram fucks. With the other two beating their cocks, Franko drowns Souza’s smooth balls with a juicy load of cum. Souza shoots all over himself while Vesely creams the motorcycle’s leather seat.

The four guys move inside for lots more sucking and fucking with Franko taking Chevalier’s big cock doggy-style. The four guys use table and chairs for props in a hot oral scene before Vesely fucks Chevalier’s ass on a bed. Franko gets some more oral action while Souza eats Vesely’s ass which is pumping Chevalier full of cock.

38  minutes
Content & Stars...
A two-way turns into a four-way when Alexandro Gonzalez and Tommy meet up with Alex Ferrari and Lucas Lucky. While Alexandro and Tommy are kissing and groping in a doorway, Alex and Lucas get on their knees. The two cock suckers swap back and forth until cum shots arc through the air. Blowees become blowers, and then, the guys head to a bench for a four way fuck.

Alex Ferrai sprawls across a table and gets fucked by Tommy’s formidable cock, the other two shower Alex with caresses and kisses. By the time the scene is over Ferrari is soaked in three juicy loads of cum. And then, Lucas Lucky takes his turn at getting his tight hole plundered.

37  minutes
Content & Stars...
Two young guys are wandering the countryside looking for work when they stumble onto a lumberjack camp. They ask beefy Oldrich Smile if he needs any help. “A lumberjack needs to be strong,” he says ripping open their overalls and checking out their smooth and muscular bodies. “A lumberjack needs to have a big dick,” he says, ordering them to show him their big, uncut dicks. “A lumberjack needs to know how to suck dick,” Oldrich says. (Yeah, we knew that was coming.) Oldrich watches and coaches, even giving the odd helping hand as these two guys take turns sucking one another. They struggle with their first time sucking cock, but with Oldrich’s encouragement and help, they eventually get the hang of it.

Oldrich continues their “auditions” by helping Tomas ride Roland’s cock. Then Oldrich shows Roland how good a fat cock feels sliding into his butt. In the finale, Roland and Oldrich 69 while Tomas dicks Oldrich’s beefy ass.

30  minutes
Content & Stars...
Rocky Oliveira enters a country tavern, where four muscular guys are standing around drinking with the bartender and talking. Oliveira stops the room cold with his beautiful brown eyes and hot, kissable lips – he’s stunning. Oliveira walks to the bar, orders a drink, downs it, and then, one of the guys grabs him, “What the fuck do you want?” The guys encircle Oliveira and he is groped and grabbed from all sides. With two cock suckers sliding their lips along either side of his cock, it isn’t long before Oliveira shoots one of those much-loved Kristen Bjorn cum shots – a thick load of jizz oozes and pulses out of Oliveira’s cock onto to the floor.

With the introductions out of the way, everyone gets naked and two cock suckers get down on their knees and service the others. Hard cocks push their ways into juiced-up, tight butts. After the first big fuck session of this scene, three bottoms kneel on the bar and get their asses eaten, each top man getting a taste of each fuck hole. With asses lubed up and ready to go, David Vega is the meat in a Ferrais and Oliveira fuck sandwich. Vega rocks back and forth pushing his cock into Oliveira ass and his own ass onto Rodrigo’s rock-hard bone. You wouldn’t think a director could cram so many cum shots into one scene, but Kristen Bjorn leaves us soaking wet.

41  minutes
Content & Stars...
As Franko heads back to his car, he stumbles across a three-way veranda suckfest. At this pace Franko is never going to make it back to his boyfriend waiting at the car. He takes a piss and watches them all shoot their loads, and then, carries on his way. Tibor, Marco and Tomas move inside and take turns fucking one another. First they fuck on a bed and Tibor gives Tomas a big, wet facial. Then Marco impales himself on Tomas’s long cock while Tomas sucks Tibor’s thick, uncut meat. For the magnificent finale, they end up back on the bed with Tomas getting his ass double-fucked by his buddies. Sitting on one cock, Tomas leans forward while his second buddy slides in behind. The two guys push their cocks inside Tomas’s ass. You’re going to love the hot close-up action of Tomas’s ass wrapped around these two beautiful, big cocks.
26  minutes
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Muscle hunks and lovers Carlos Montenegro and Gregoire Chevalier arrive home and bust a nut in the hallway. As they take turns blowing one another, Peter and Fernando sneak into the lover’s barn for some alone time. Fernando really knows how to please an uncut cock – pinching and pulling Stallion’s long foreskin. Fernando slides his tongue inside the sheath licking the tip of Stallion’s sensitive cock head. It’s not long before Stallion is shooting a beautiful load of cum.

Back in the house, Carlos is fucking Gregoire on their bed in front of a mirror. He drives his cock hard into his lover’s ass and sprays jizz all over Gregoire’s back and butt cheeks. Meanwhile, back in the bar, Fernando is sitting on Stallion’s big cock. And while these two finish off 69ing, Gregoire and Carlos see them from their bedroom window. Waved in, the young guys service the lovers side by side. They’re really turned-on watching another guy suck their man’s dick. Gregoire fucks Fernando’s ass while Carlos creams his face, and then, Stallion goes for a ride on Gregoire’s cock.

40  minutes
Content & Stars...
Franko stops by a farmhouse and watches Mauricio blowing his buddy Honza on the kitchen table. Honza is a sight to behold – beefy and muscular, smooth, hard and plump pecs. When the guys realize they’re being watched, they invite Franko and his fat, 9-inch cock in to play. Down on their knees, the two buddies take turns sucking his huge cock and eating his ass. Jean loves the welcome and explodes all over the pair of lovers.

But Mauricio isn’t going to let this stranger leave just yet. He offers his ass and Franko fills him up with his 9-inch monster. Honza sits on the table beside them and jacks off, spewing a pool all over the wooden table top. Later, Mauricio plows his bigger and beefier lover Honza until Franko takes over and makes Honza shoot another big load. The three end up in the bedroom with Honza riding Franko’s cock again.

26  minutes
Content & Stars...
Poor Rocko has been left waiting by the car while his lover Jean Franko has been off looking for gas – and getting his big dick serviced. Now it’s Rocko’s turn. Dark-skinned and muscular David Salazar happens upon Rocko. After some tender touching and kissing, Rocko is on his knees sucking David’s long cock. Then Rocko reclines on the convertible while David thrusts slowly in Rocko’s cock-hungry butt. Three strangers wander by and stop for a look. They stroke their meat while watching David fucks Rocko to an explosive cum shot.

The five guys go inside a farmhouse where they pile onto a couch and get to know one another’s cocks and asses. After sucking and rimming, the gang is supercharged and breaks up into a threesome and a twosome. Salazar sits back on a staircase landing while bald stud Adam Rosa rides his cock. Meanwhile, Rocko is getting his cock ridden, too, as he reclines in a big, comfortable chair. For the final fuck scene Lucas Rocha lies across a table while David Salazar shows us that he truly is the most capable top man of the movie. He plows Rocha with the others watching, caressing, and jacking off.

Rocko makes it back to the car before Franko finally returns with the gasoline.

38  minutes
Content & Stars...
Grab your lube and a couple of towels. Kristen Bjorn once again proves he’s the cum shot master. Don’t even try to count the cum shots in this movie, it’ll distract you from the supercharged threesomes, foursomes, and an explosive six-man gang bang.


To say his new film, Rocks & Hard Places, breaks no new ground is like saying "Starry Night" is just another Van Gogh. The setup is this: Jean Franko and Rocko Magnus are boyfriends who set out in the car for a vacation. Because Jean forgot to fill the gas tank, they get stranded in a remote rural location. Jean goes off in search of gas. His sexual adventures while seeking petrol and, to a lesser degree, Rocko`s sexual adventures while waiting for Jean to return provide the framework for the film`s eight sex scenes. ... More


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