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Ross Hurston Collection

Ross Hurston Collection
Hot House
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138 min

Robert C. Drake, Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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CJ Knight
Ethan Grant
Francesco D`Macho
Johnny Gunn
Nick Moretti

Rafael Alencar
Ross Hurston
Ty Lebeouf
Tyler Saint

Masterpiece - A triptych of chiseled flesh comes alive when Ethan Grant kneels before horse-hung studs Ross Hurston and Nick Moretti. The smooth, young bottom worships both men from head to toe, paying close attention to their muscular legs and bulging crotches. Soon Hurston and Moretti strip out of their jocks, allowing Grant to expertly service their huge cocks. After eating Grant`s ass Moretti mounts him first and plows him so deep he cums without touching himself. Hurston and Moretti prove their versatility when they flip-flop fuck until all three shoot huge loads.
24  minutes
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Trunks 5 - Hot House Man and confirmed Top Tyler Saint gives it up and gets fucked for the first time on camera in this history-making scene with Hot House Exclusive Ross Hurston! Hurston catches Saint doing his morning laps in a gorgeous Palm Springs pool. Saint swims over and jumps out of the pool leaving Hurston no choice but to pull his cock out so they can compare. The two hung studs jack each other off before Hurston goes down on Saint`s giant tool. All of the expert oral attention has both men ready for more. Hurston rolls Saint over to eat his ass before standing up to feed Saint his own giant cock. After getting his dick hard and wet Hurston decides to make history by flipping Saint over on his back and shoving his cock up his ass. Hurston pumps Saints ass in two different positions before he throws himself down on Saint`s hard cock. Saint completes the hot-as-hell flip-flop fuck by pummeling Hurston`s ass until both men blow giant gooey loads!
23  minutes
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King Size - Rafael Alencar strokes his 11"x7" monster, hoping to find someone to help him out with a 3-day load. As luck would have it, Ross Hurston comes along and gets busy sucking his cock. Alencar lays back, allowing Hurston to climb on top of him and fill his mouth with his massive cock and balls, creating a king-size 69! All the face-fucking action has the two men rock-hard and ready for more. Hurston flips over and sits right down on Alencar`s huge cock, bouncing up and down until it entirely disappears up his ass. Alencar decides to drive, and throws Hurston over a bench so he can fuck him even deeper, thrusting all 11" of his cock in and out like a jack-hammer. Finally Hurston throws his legs up over his head and balances on a stack of tires while Alencar fucks him, then pulls out to jack and blow his load. Hurston jacks off and shoots his load into his own mouth.
28  minutes
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Paging Dr. Finger - Doctor Ross Hurston and orderly Johnny Gunn sedate Francesco D`Macho in the hospital E.R. with a healthy dose of anesthesia; but they don`t administer enough gas to keep Francesco down! He awakes from his gassed state to the slurping sounds coming from his own cock and the doctor`s mouth. Powerful legs, meaty asses and raging hard-ons bounce and grind into each other until they all shoot their shot.
24  minutes
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Stark Naked - Stark Naked makes history when Hot House Exclusive and power-bottom C.J. Knight proves he`s an expert top! The scene opens and sets the tone for the entire movie with C.J. Knight and Ross Hurston standing Stark Naked, making out on a raised platform. The two chiseled hunks move from sucking face to sucking cock, taking turns working each other over. Knight flips Hurston over and begins eating his ass, then, for the first time ever on video, Knight mounts Hurston and fucks his big round ass! The action turns into a flip-flop fuck when Hurston rolls over and Knight mounts his huge rock hard cock. Knight gives us a classic reverse cowboy before jumping off and shoving his cock back into Hurston?s hole. Knight pounds Hurston like a sex-crazed maniac ? he throws one hell of a mean fuck! Finally Knight pulls out and joins Hurston as they both jack off and shoot their loads all over Hurston?s rock-hard abs.
19  minutes
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Head Hunters Inc - After a quick phone call to his wife explaining he won`t be home until late, Executive Ross Hurston gets to work - on on office mate Ty LeBeouf`s hard cock. After some serious deep throat action, LeBeouf stands up to return the favor, working on Hurston`s huge cock and giant nuts. Hurston throws LeBeouf on the desk and eats his fat, round, bubble-butt, then teases his hole with his cock. Hurston takes charge and power-fucks LeBeouf, then pulls out and bends over to get his own hole plowed. LeBeouf pounds Hurston`s ass while Hurston jacks off until he cums. LeBeouf pulls out and shoots his load on Hurston`s stomach.
20  minutes
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Ross Hurston shares his favorite scenes with you in Ross Hurston Collection. Featuring six scorching-hot scenes with Ty LeBeouf, C.J. Knight, Johnny Gunn, Francesco D`Macho, Rafael Alencar, Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti, and Ethan Grant.

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