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Rudy Gram Services Dick

Rudy Gram Services Dick
Lucas Entertainment
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120 min

Michael Lucas

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Abraham Shehell
Kosta Viking
Kyle Fox
Marco Antonio
Ricky Hard
Rudy Gram

A sexy, butch beefcake like Rudy Gram is proof that looks are sometimes deceiving. Sure, Rudy is a muscular hunk who looks like he could kick anyone’s ass and then own it in the bedroom, but he’s also got a sensual and submissive side he likes to show off with the right gsuy. First it was Igor Lucios, and now it’s the tall and handsome Ricky Hard. The kissing between Rudy Gram and Ricky Hard is sensual and deep; talk about two guys who are completely smitten with each other. When they undress, Ricky admires Rudy’s thick and ripped muscles as Rudy man-handles Ricky’s tall and trim physique. Ricky is all about sucking a nice cock, and he opens his mouth up wide to suck on Rudy before they take turns flip-fucking each other. Ricky Hard sure can take Rudy Gram’s hard thrusts and pumps, but he can give them back to Rudy too!
30  minutes
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Ricky Hard is a young gay man, and that means he has a healthy and energetic sex life. He just got done sucking and fucking with Rudy Gram, but he’s still got plenty of passion left over. So, when the handsome and sultry Abraham Shehell asked him if he wanted to hang out and cuddle, it was a definite yes. But with two guys who look this good and with too much to offer naked and in the sack, a hell of a lot more than cuddling is going to happen. Abraham Shehell takes control of the situation quickly, and Ricky Hard loves every minute of it. Ricky has a special place in his libido for Latin men, and when he sees Abraham fully naked and rock hard waiting to fuck him, he turns totally submissive and takes all the dick Abraham has to offer!
33  minutes
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Kosta Viking is about to learn what bottoming for a truly huge and hard uncut cock is like. Kosta was quickly signed as a Lucas Entertainment exclusive model, and it’s no wonder why. Just look at his incredible face, killer body, and awesome cock and you’ll be drooling for more. And while he can fuck an ass with the best of them, sometimes he truly wants to surrender and get his butt destroyed. Marco Antonio is more than happy to fulfill his wish. Marco has already proven to everyone that he’s a rough top, and Kosta Viking does not want him to do anything different. So Marco goes deep inside Kosta’s ass—and deep means really, really deep. And Kosta loves every second of it!
24  minutes
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A beautiful sunset in Puerto Vallarta is the perfect backdrop for three men as handsome as Rudy Gram, Kyle Fox, and Marco Antonio. While they’re on the balcony of their villa watching the setting sun over the water, the three men start to embrace one another and make out. Rudy soon lures his gentlemen callers inside where he pulls down their shorts. Their ready-for-action erect cocks signal Rudy to get to work sucking on them both. Rudy has a whole lot of sexual stamina, and he makes sure both Marco and Kyle are taken care of orally. When Rudy moved over to the bed with Marco and Kyle, they both took turns hammering away at Rudy’s muscular and round rump. Rudy gets his chance in Kyle’s ass, too. That’s new for Kyle Fox, since he’s not used to bottoming, but he was so turned on by Rudy Gram that he wanted to give it a go. But it’s Rudy Gram who is servicing dick here, and he does not stop until everyone is drained of cum!
32  minutes
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If you’re lucky enough to get him in the bedroom, you’ll realize one fact quickly: RUDY GRAM SERVICES DICK like a pro! First, Rudy Gram flip fucks with the hot and trim Ricky Hard. Later on, Rudy returns for a double-penetrating threesome with Marco Antonio and Kyle Fox. Ricky goes for a second round, too, and gets his ass slammed by Abraham Shehell. And Kosta Viking learns what it means to be submissive when Marco Antonio tops him.

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