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Bulldog XXX
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84 min

Sean Hardy

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Alex Roman

Dave London

Felipe Capuco

Gabriel Phoenix

Koby Lewis

Korar Darver

Sam Wallis

Wolf Rayet

Working up quite a sweat on the pitch during training, coach Gabriel is putting in a few extra hours for the new kid Alex, but the weather seems to be against them as they head in before the heavens open. Back to the house, Gabriel peels off his sweat soaked top and crashes on the sofa next to the adoring Alex. The scent reaches the dark haired twink, and the muscled hairy coach plays the gamer perfectly. Leaning in to the already turned on new lad on his team – the real initiation is about to begin. Soon his pale young face is stuffed full of dick, and as he gets more and more undressed, the smooth milky white but inked skin is the perfect match for the tanned hairy torso of Gabriel Phoenix. This isn’t just any quick fuck where the coach is after the twinks ass, oh no. After a hard pounding, Alex flips back onto Gabriel and slams his own thick dick inside him, both guys sharing their dicks and asses like anyone should! The sweat on the field is nothing compared to what they work up on the sofa, and that mixed with heavy loads from each other is the perfect combination for a winning team.
22  minutes
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Back to Koby’s place after a kickabout, he brings friend Felipe back with him and grabs a cheeky beer as his dad is out the house for the afternoon. The tall tanned Felipe keenly takes him up on this offer and as soon as they reach the bedroom and flick through a few magazines, the real action begins in earnest. Bearded twink Koby reaches in and kisses the baby-faced Felipe and within seconds reaches down to devour the huge dick that’s bulging from beneath his sports shorts and who can blame him? Blond Koby is the perfect bottom boy for the hung Felipe too, hairy inked chest, muscled but somehow still twinky, and that ass is a thing of perfection which Felipe uses all his top skills on, whether its doggy, cowboy or anything else, the end goal is always the same, and it’s a flood of spunk all over his mates bedroom!
21  minutes
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Head coach Dave likes to push his boys hard, and it’s now the turn of his best player Korar to have some extra time on the pitch with him. Learning a few new moves, Dave is keen to get him better and better, but with a sprain in the groin, his work may have been a bit too hard too soon. Taking him back to the locker room. Easing his tension there, his hand is guided higher and higher, until Korar’s intentions are blindingly clear, and the dicks are soon disappearing down each other’s throats! Fucking Korar, the smooth toned young man, right there in the locker room, it’s lucky this is extra-curricular and it’s empty! Dave thick dick drives itself home inside the young man over the benches, and the twink soon splatters that with a heavy load!!
20  minutes
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Washing off the mud after a match has never been sexier. Toned Sam takes to the shower as buddy Wolf chills in the garden. Needing a piss however, he heads in and Sam can’t help but have a cheeky look over and gets rock hard in a flash! Catching his mate with a huge hard-on – the horny da4rk haired stud drops to his knees and services the still wet Sam. Stripping himself off too, muscled beauty Wolf joins Sam in the bath and devours his dick some more before moving to his delicious asshole, slamming it hard right there, unleashing his last reserves of energy, his dark eyes and beard pressing against Sam as his dick is buried deep! Moving onto the bathroom floor as well, Wolf wants as much ass action as he can get and coats his player friend’s back in jets of spunk, dripping down past his hole as Sam then turns and gives his own load over Wolf’s trim muscular chest in the perfect pairing of horny handsome men.
21  minutes
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Taking one for the team has a whole new meaning for these horny young men. Whether they are blond twinks with a taste for giant dicks, or muscled men after a hot sweaty session, the match is there and they are all on the winning side! Giving their best on the field, and still in player mode when it reaches the locker room, the bedroom or even the bathroom – the sweaty action on pitch is nothing compared the sweat they work up one-on-one!! Head coach works his boys hard, and they give it back just as good, proving themselves to him and each other, the kitted boys and men will show you’re their ball handling skills to perfection, and will even leave you dribbling or shooting your own load!

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