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Sektor 9 - Part 2

Sektor 9 - Part 2
Hot House
  • Anal Sex
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  • Bondage
  • Dildo
  • Latex/Rubber
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sling
77 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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Ben Brown
Brenn Wyson
Chris Daniels
Jimmy Durano
Tommy DeLuca

Brenn Wyson awakens in Sektor 9 to find himself completely immobilized, wrapped in a heavy-duty cellophane cocoon, with a ball-gag in his mouth. Aggressive top-man Jimmy Durano takes advantage of his captor by shoving his fat uncut cock down Wyson`s throat before cutting open the bottom half of the cocoon and beating the submissive man`s ass. Unmoved by Wyson`s cries, Durano leaves quite a hand print on his big white ass then steps up and fucks him hard. Durano fucks a load out of Wyson then shoves his face in it and orders him to lick it up. To further humiliate the now exhausted Wyson, Durano wraps his face in the shrink-wrap and shoots his own load all over him.
20  minutes
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Chris Daniels has the hottest mouth in Sektor 9; he loves to service hot guys before he fucks them. When Chris sees Marc Dylan hanging in a sling with his round bubble-butt, big dick, and fat nuts in the air, he can`t resist. He gets on his knees and shows off his skills, alternately bobbing up and down on Marc`s cock and eating his ass. Using his own thick spit as lube he slides a finger in Marc`s tight hole, getting him ready to take his 9-inches. Chris slams his huge cock in Marc`s ass and fucks the hell out of him. Ready to cum, Chris drags Marc out of the sling and straddles his face, shoving his thick meat down the hungry bottom`s throat. Chris shoots thick ropes of jizz all over Marc`s washboard abs then goes down and sucks a load out of him. Thoroughly fucked in both holes, Marc explodes streams of hot cum.
19  minutes
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Ben Brown knows he`s in for it when Spencer Reed comes out of the meat locker wielding an inflatable dildo. Brown struggles with his shackles to no avail - Reed shoves the butt-toy in Brown`s tight hole and inflates it mercilessly. All of the hardcore buttplay makes Reed`s cock rock hard. He feeds Brown his thick bone who slobbers on it. Reed rewards Brown`s excellent cock sucking skills by fucking his big round ass. The herculean stud pounds the young stud`s hole with such strength Brown bites down on his chains to keep from screaming out loud. Finally satiated Reed shoots his load then leaves Brown alone to rub one out of his own fat uncut cock.
19  minutes
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Thinking he has the entire Sektor 9 dungeon to himself, Marc Dylan kicks back on a leather padded sawhorse and fucks himself with a giant dildo. His moans attract the attention of one of the gulag`s most prolific predators, a dominant top known only for his head-to-toe rubber suit and 11` battering-ram cock. The mystery-man silently circles Dylan then pounces on him, stifling his cries of surprise with one hand while probing his ass with the other. He immediately whips out his enormous cock, shoves it deep in Dylan`s ass, and begins to power-fuck him. The muscular bottom rolls over and opens his hole to take every inch of the nearly foot-long rod. Dylan`s tight hole proves to much for the unknown assailant who pulls out and blows his load, then offers his masked face to Dylan who jacks off and showers the rubber-man with cum.
19  minutes
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Witness the revolution happening at Sektor 9, an abandoned Soviet-era gulag where a new breed of leathermen toe the party line in latex, gas masks, nylon ropes, and animal cages. Featuring hard-hitting punishing tops who teach the art of submission to muscle-bound comrades hungry for dick, Sektor 9 Part 2 stars coverman Marc Dylan and an all-star cast of porn`s biggest names including Spencer Reed, Jimmy Durano, Chris Daniels, Ben Brown, Brenn Wyson and Tommy Deluca. Directed by Christian Owen and soundscaped by underground sensation DJ Little Rock, this leather blockbuster makes one thing clear - there`s no escaping Sektor 9.

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