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Sensual Stroking

Sensual Stroking
Twisted Media
  • Blindfold
  • Bondage
  • Foot Play
  • Handjobs
  • Massage
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
85 min



    all models over 18    
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Ashton Bradley

Dan Broughton

Danny Montero

Nathan Hope

Sebastian Kane

Tyler Jenkins

Chris Jansen
Titus Snow

Ashton has a new plaything, and he`s gorgeous! Dan is already restrained and naked, his cock twitching at the prospect of what`s to come. The devious Ashton blindfolds him and immediately gets to work, oiling up the naked boys body and paying a lot of attention to his ticklish feet. The exploration of the tanned new arrival continues with a pin wheel, more caressing, and finally some severe wanking that has Dan spewing his cum over himself! He thinks he`s done, but the shock of hot wax on his drained dick makes him writhe with anguish!
20  minutes
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With a gorgeous young man like Nathan laying naked and secured to a massage table you would want to take your time too, right` Ashton arrives and begins to play as we watch the almost sensual experience. His hands explore Nathan`s candlelit body, sucking on his hard uncut cock, rubbing his thighs and feet, then furiously wanking his slippery shaft! The jack off experience has Nathan squirming and constantly on the cusp of cumming, but Ashton knows when to stop, slow it down, and begin again. With his body convulsing Nathan is allowed his release, spewing hot ball juice from his cock, giving Ashton a taste.
15  minutes
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Titus is eager to experience the pleasuring hands of horny Tyler, stripped naked and restrained, tied to the massage table for the horny hunk to enjoy. Tyler`s roaming hands explore the young man, finding their way to his already hard uncut cock. His shaft is soon slick with lube as Tyler edges him, playing with his helmet and wanking him off until his semen is leaping out and raining down on his writhing body!
17  minutes
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In the dimly lit corner of the dungeon Danny has been prepared. His smooth and sexy body lays naked on the massage table, secured in place by tight ropes. It`s a delicious sight, one that prowling Ashton can`t possibly ignore. He arrives and begins exploring, slowly at first, feeling the boys trembling flesh under his fingers as he gropes his arse and explores his tip of his cock between his legs. Turning him over Ashton has full access to that lovely slave boys dick, floppy at first but getting a little harder as he wanks and sucks him. He tastes delicious as he unwillingly leaks precum for Ashton. It has our chav so horny he can`t stop himself, wanking the boys hard dick and furiously stroking his own, rubbing their cocks together and finally making Danny`s shaft throb and convulse as jets of hot cum spew out over him! Of course, Ashton loves to see the control he has over his slave, seeing all that semen flying soon has him splashing out his own mess all over the boy!
17  minutes
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We know young Chris can take some punishment, but this is all about the pleasure as he lays back on the massage table with his perfect young cock out. He`s tied down of course, just to make sure he doesn`t try to get himself cumming before the master allows, then it`s time for the full body massage and the constant wanking of that perfect young uncut cock. No wonder Chris spews so much cum from his dick with all that slippery pleasure!
15  minutes
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How do you take control of a boy? Get that cock hard and dribbling juice and he`s all yours! Their young hard twink dicks are soon throbbing in the stroking hands of their dominant masters in this intensely erotic collection of scenes, with some of the most delicious young British boys being wanked and enjoyed to the absolute limit. Watch them squirm as their dicks are rubbed, their feet tickled, their flesh splashed with hot wax and their cocks taken to the point of no return! They can`t stop themselves from splashing out a hot mess for their controlling masters!

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