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Sexo En Barcelona Part 1

Sexo En Barcelona Part 1
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
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  • Rimming
  • Showering
92 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Damien Crosse

Donato Reyes

Francesco D`Macho

Lucio Saints

Marc Dylan

Martin Mazza

Adrian Toledo
Antonio Aguilera
Frederic Duris

There will be cum! Donato Reyes looks like a 1940s movie star: pencil mustache, neatly trimmed hair, parted on the side and slick. His tan and muscular torso is closely clipped. He opens the door in only a pair of shorts, to greet with a kiss the hustler he and his boyfriend Lucio Saints have called. Lucio waits impatiently on the sofa, naked and erect, jerking his fat cock in anticipation. Adrian Toledo is the escort, and he`s onto that cock the instant he sees it. The kissing never stops in this tangle of flesh as wet cocks pass from lips to drooling lips. No mouth is left unused: if it`s not wrapped around a cock or exploring a hole, then someone`s tongue is in it. While Adrian gives extra spit and suction to Lucio`s member, Donato sits on his boyfriend`s face, getting his ass speared and stretched by tongue and fingers. Lucio stacks Adrian and Donato like chairs and fucks them in alternating bouts of deep impact. The cumshots will thrill the most jaded viewer. Donato sprays a long-distance load across Adrian`s torso. At the same time, Adrian`s cock spews a torrent of jism that mingles with Donato`s. A moment later Lucio unleashes such a thick, continuous stream of spooge, you`d think it came out of a fire hose.
27  minutes
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Sometimes you see a guy and you`ve just gotta have him. That`s how it is when cocksucker extraordinaire Damien Crosse spots Antonio Aguilera on the street. Antonio ignites Damien`s lust. Maybe it was his machismo. Maybe it was the way his muscles strained the fabric of that shirt. Whatever magic Damien uses, minutes later he`s sucking Antonio`s big, fat uncut cock. Antonio`s body is exquisite. He`s hairless, and every muscle is defined, and his nipples project. After getting Antonio`s cock good and wet, Damien displays his deep-throating skills. He nuzzles Antonio`s nuts. Antonio gets into the act, palming Damien`s head as if it were a basketball while vigorously thrusting his hips. After that, Antonio hooks his thumbs on the edges of Damien`s mouth and stretches his lips as wide as he can, while fiercely packing Damien`s throat. Rather than risk cumming too soon, Antonio grabs a condom, pushes Damien face-down over the countertop and enters him in a single thrust. Damien throws a leg up to afford deeper penetration. They move. Now Damien is on his back, folded in half while Antonio drills and pumps. Cum shoots out of Damien`s cock and then Antonio`s jizz is accompanied by primal screams.
17  minutes
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Tourist Martin Mazza is photographing Barcelona`s famous cathedral when he`s approached by Aybars, whose bulging shoulders complement his sleeveless shirt. They chat and stroll off to Aybars` place. Suddenly they are in the shower, kissing deeply as they wash the day`s dust off their furry bodies, using their tongues as if they were washcloths. They face-fuck each other in long, slow strokes from stem to base. Aybars grabs Martin`s ass from behind, kneading and spreading his glutes, and burying his face deep in the crack. Off to the bedroom, where Aybars continues to take charge, holding Martin`s cock upright while he sucks it, slapping his ass, running his cock along Martin`s crack, sliding two fingers into the hole and taking one more taste before fucking the hole he`s been eating. Aybars takes his time, making sure his cut cock goes all the way in, then pulling it all the way out. Repeat, increasing the tempo with each stroke until Martin`s haunches come to life and assume a counterthrust to Aybar`s strokes. Martin collapses facedown on the sheets and Aybars falls on top of him, with an unstoppable rhythm. Two positions later, Martin and Aybars both squirt gobs of jism onto Martin`s gorgeously furred chest.
24  minutes
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Marc Dylan and Francesco D`Macho are strolling hand-in-hand when they run into Francesco`s old friend, Frederic Duris. Francesco invites Frederic home with them. Immediately, Frederic and Francesco start making up for lost time. Marc seems stunned until Francesco signals him to join in. Francesco is the first one naked. His muscular arms bulge under the inked sleeves running from his shoulders to forearms. Marc and Frederic take turns sucking, with Francesco holding their heads so they leave no inch unswallowed. All of them are sporting body hair -- not the norm for the usually smooth bodybuilder Marc. Skin collides with skin, cock with cock, meat with muscle. The heat intensifies when Marc gets on his back, with Francesco eating his ass and Frederic tea-bagging him. Frederic leans forward to suck Marc`s cock and Francesco, his face inches away, tongue-fucks Frederic`s mouth alternately with rimming Marc. Momentum builds; they improvise relentlessly, becoming a mass of primal suck-fuck-kiss-rim connectedness that finishes in a sweaty sex sandwich with Frederic in the middle and Marc playfully trying to catch everyone`s load in his mouth.
24  minutes
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Sexo en Barcelona shows all the sexual possibilities that the hottest city in Spain has to offer. Part 1 of this two part scorcher will spice up your lust life with tons of uncut Latin cock and loads of dark skinned studs. Heralded director Tony Dimarco shows the exploration through ten sexy, muy caliente hombres, who let their huge cocks and hungry holes hang out all over this Mediterranean metropolis. Scorching threesomes bookend the sucking and fucking. Hard and horny Lucio Saints strokes a hardon while he and his guapo boyfriend Donato Reyes wait for escort Adrian Toledo to arrive. Adrian is onto Lucio`s fat pole the moment he`s in the door. Antonio Aguilera is a statue come alive. When Damien Crosse spots him by a public fountain, he resolves to have him. Nobody sucks cock like Damien; the hardest face-fucking won`t trigger a gag reflex, but Antonio has to stop before he cums, so he can fuck Damien`s hungry hole. Tourist Martin Mazza accepts the kindness of strangers when Aybars hits on him at Gaudi`s cathedral. They offer a furry contrast to Antonio, but no less muscle. Aybars` cock hits the sweet spot when he fills Martin`s ass balls-deep with hard meat. A chance meeting becomes another tasty threesome when colorfully inked Francesco D`Macho and bodybuilder Marc Dylan run into old pal Frederic Duris. This scene sets the bar for three-way heat when Francesco alternately plunges his tongue into Marc`s hole and Frederic`s mouth and that`s just the beginning. The men and the action are intense when you`re having Sexo en Barcelona.

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