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Slick Fucks

Slick Fucks
Fetish Force
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Armpits
  • Bareback
  • CBT
  • Dildo
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Penis Pumps
  • Rimming
  • Sling
  • Sounding
88 min

Jasun Mark

    all models over 18    
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Buck Richards

Cole Connor

Devin Franco

Drew Valentino

Ryan Sebastian

Drew Valentino has Devin Franco just where he wants him – in a sling with his hole out, his nipples exposed, and his cock hard as a rock. In complete control of his new ripped fuck toy, Drew has Devin take a whiff of his ripe pits before breaking out his arsenal of suction toys and pumps to use on his sub’s nipples, meat, and hole. Then, with Drew burying his big bareback dick inside of Devin, the slinged-up bottom busts all over himself and moans as Drew breeds his insides.
20  minutes
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With a sounding rod in hand, fetish fucker Drew Valentino is taking it nice and slow as he slides the slim metal rod into Devin Franco’s piss slit. Devin keeps the steady, sensual pace going as he shoves an XL dildo between the rip in Drew’s pants to stretch out his hairy hole. Then, with Devin barebacking Drew’s ass, the action heats up as Devin continues to pound himself into Drew’s ass until each of them is fully drained.
24  minutes
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When Buck Richard’s gas mask is ripped off his face, his exposed mouth is greeted with Cole Connor and Ryan Sebastian’s hard cocks. After the three exchange oral favors, Cole continues to fuck Buck’s mouth as Ryan fills his asshole with his treasure trove of oversized dildos. It’s then Cole’s turn to get spit-roasted as his harness-clad fuck buddies take turns using their big dicks to bareback and breed his hairy slit.
25  minutes
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Big dick bottom Buck Richards is always happy to drop to his knees and service the horny hogs and hot holes of leather fuckers Cole Connor and Ryan Sebastian. With Cole and Ryan revved up and ready for more, the bareback duo begins spit-roasting Buck and even come together to double penetrate his hungry ass. Then, right after his hole-stretching DP, Buck is back on his knees and eagerly waiting to accept some creamy loads from his two tatted tops.
20  minutes
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Lube up your sounding rods and break out your cock pumps because the men of Fetish Force are all stretched out and ready for an unforgettable round of ‘Slick Fucks’. Join award-winning director Jasun Mark as his crew of five famous fetish fuckers dig into their arsenal of extreme toys to suck, service, and stretch each other open. Fully bound in a sex sling, Devin Franco is the first to be used as Drew Valentino applies his suction gadgets on Devin’s nipples, hole, and meat. Drew then fills the sub’s open dick slit with metal sounding rods before Devin uses an XXL dildo and his own bareback cock to fuck up Drew’s hairy ass. Next, big dick bottom Buck Richards is stuffing his mouth full of meat and getting spit-roasted by Cole Connor, Ryan Sebastian, and all their oversized toys. After getting bred, Buck bounces back for round two as the duo of leather hunks team up to double penetrate his hungry, hungry asshole and feed him a fresh load of nut.

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