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Slicked Up

Slicked Up
Hot House
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97 min

Nick Foxx

    all models over 18    
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Brayden Allen
Brendan Phillips
Josh Conners
Micah Brandt

Ryan Rose
Sebastian Kross
Woody Fox

Sebastian Kross` washboard abs are framed between his harness and skin tight black shorts that are so shiny they`re practically a mirror. Brayden Allen tears away Sebastian`s codpiece and pigs out on Sebastian`s rod. Spit flies as Sebastian moans and starts involuntarily flexing his hips until he`s full on face fucking Brayden`s mouth. Leaning over, Sebastian works on Brayden`s ass with a finger, then comes around to have a taste. Spreading the cheeks, Sebastian tongues the center of Brayden`s delicious ass. Lubing up his cock, Sebastian holds Brayden by the ankles like a wheelbarrow and drives his meat inside. The advanced doggy-style pounding has Brayden begging for more. Flipping over, he throws a leg over Sebastian`s shoulder and gives up his hole for intense penetration. Sebastian drives his cock deep into Brayden`s tight ass and pounds into his prostate. Jerking his cock, Brayden builds up an enormous orgasm that propels white spunk all over his leg and forearm. Sebastian lets loose with great blasts of cum that drench Brayden`s rubber tank top. Sebastian swirls his finger through the puddle of semen and brings it to Brayden`s lips, giving him a taste of the load he worked so hard to earn.
23  minutes
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Bearded Woody Fox is sexually imposing in his black harness and skin-tight black shorts. Josh Conners shows off his kink, wearing open-assed athletic shorts and a yellow-lined harness. The two geared up studs make out and grope each other`s sculpted bodies. Josh pulls out Woody`s throbbing cock through the fly in his black shorts and gets to work on a spit-slick blowjob. After savoring Josh`s lips on his dick, Woody gets behind Josh and shoves his face deep in Josh`s crack. With his tongue and fingers, Woody explores Josh`s delicious ass, and Josh moans and shudders with erotic delight. With Josh already in doggy style position, Woody makes his entrance, shoving his thick meat into Josh`s tight hole. Gripping Josh`s harness, Woody slaps Josh`s ass as he thrusts. Maneuvering into missionary position and taking the sex to the max, Josh`s pleasure reaches a climax, and he blasts his load while getting fucked. Woody pulls out and shoots his cum on Josh`s stomach.
21  minutes
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Dressed in edgy gear, with their cocks hard and their lips pressed together, beefy Micah Brandt and tattooed Brayden Allen explore each other with intense making out and frenzied groping. Brayden slicks up Micah`s cock with a spit-dripping blowjob, then gets on hands and knees for Micah to eat out his ass. Brayden shows off his pink, smooth hole, stretching it wide and gaping, and Micah drives Brayden crazy with his tongue. Eating Brayden`s butt gets Micah so worked up, he starts oozing white cum on the floor: a partial ejaculation without orgasm. But Micah`s nowhere near done yet! With his rock hard cock dripping in cum, Micah teases Brayden`s hole, then goes in for intense, full-throttle fucking. They grasp each other`s harnesses, lock eyes, and grunt like animals in heat. Showing off his power bottoming, Brayden uses his powerful legs to slide his meaty ass up and down Micah`s pole. Trading roles, Brayden fucks Micah doggy style, jerks out a huge load on Micah`s perfect, muscular ass, and licks it off. Micah`s appetite for ass is 8/22/2017 https://www.thefalconview.com/products/HHP116/print https://www.thefalconview.com/products/HHP116/print 2/2 Trading roles, Brayden fucks Micah doggy style, jerks out a huge load on Micah`s perfect, muscular ass, and licks it off. Micah`s appetite for ass is insatiable: with Brayden sitting on his face, he blasts a massive, spurting load. Brayden licks up Micah`s load, and they snowball his cum with deep kissing.
33  minutes
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Brendan Phillips stands face to face with Ryan Rose, their lips pressed tight. A drop of spit falls from Brendan`s lips and lands on Ryan`s cock, and Brendan uses his natural lube to start stroking Ryan`s epic member. Brendan can`t wait to get his lips around Ryan`s tool, so he gets on his knees and swallows deep. They move to a 69 position, with Ryan`s face in Brendan`s ass and Brendan`s mouth sucking on Ryan`s meat. As Ryan starts thrusting up, Brendan`s lips struggle to stretch around Ryan`s huge cock. With his boner primed and ready, Ryan rises up and fucks Brendan doggy style. Brendan`s muscular hips flex as Ryan pummels with all his might. To really put Brendan`s hairy legs to work, Ryan lays on his back for Brendan to have a ride. Brendan squats down and fucks himself on Ryan`s cock, reveling in the deep penetration. Sweat rolls down his back. For an even more intense pounding, Brendan rises up on his shoulders, and Ryan slams his cock deep down inside for a pile drive he won`t soon forget. Brendan`s cock hovers right over his face, and he jerks out his huge load, coating his beard with spurt after spurt of white cum. Reaching his climax, Ryan repositions himself over Brendan and blasts his stream of cum into Brendan`s open mouth.
20  minutes
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Horny guys with hot, edgy gear, ripped muscles, and big loads know how to get `Slicked Up.` Watch these seven dirty-minded, `Slicked Up` studs get wild with each other under the direction of Nick Foxx. Wearing skin tight black shorts so shiny they`re practically a mirror, Sebastian Kross works over Brayden Allen with intense penetration and deep prostate pounding. Woody Fox wields his massive wood on Josh Conners` delicious ass, with each stud showing off their fetish wear. Micah Brandy gets so worked up eating Brayden Allen`s ass that he starts oozing white cum on the floor a partial ejaculation without orgasm - then keeps going all the way, finally shooting his massive load after having his way with Brayden`s delectable ass. Ryan Rose takes charge of bottom Brendan Phillips, resulting in an epic facial that drenches Brendan`s beard with both their loads. Get `Slicked Up` and get off when these geared up guys go at it with ferocious intensity.

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