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Sling Addiction

Sling Addiction
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98 min



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Ashton Bradley

Casper Ellis

Tyler Jenkins

Johannes Lars
Titus Snow
Yoshi Kawasaki

If you walked in to find Casper tied into the swing with his smooth hole being offered up like this you would be in there ready to own it too, right Tyler wastes little time,easing in a finger, then two, then three! Stretching the boys hole and wanking himself off he`s soon plunging his long cock into the boy and fucking him hard, finishing off with an eruption of hot cum all over his cheeks!
21  minutes
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Hung chav top Tyler gets a great treat when he discovers sweet and sexy young Alexis naked and roped into the tyre waiting for someone to come and use him. Wanking his cock and flogging his tender cheeks Tyler takes control of his fuck slave,spitting in his face and admiring that pucker before plunging his wet inches into the boy! Fucking his hole hard and deep our hung top is soon needing to spray his famously drenching load, pulling out and taking aim as he hoses that fucked ass down with his jizz!
17  minutes
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Titus, our new dark haired fucker, has Yoshi tied into the sling with his tender hole ready and waiting. Wasting no time, Titus has the lube out and starts to work Yoshi`s ass, finger by finger. Yoshi screams as his whole is stretched wider, until finally Titus is sure that his hole is ready for his dick, and a pounding that Yoshi will never forget.
21  minutes
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Young Yoshi is in the swing and roped up unable to fight back as horny Ashton arrives to use his arse. It`s exposed and too tempting for the randy chav to ignore. Fingering and playing with that pucker he gets Yoshi`s hole just loose enough for some massive toys, fucking him deep with more than one while he wanks that cock and pinches the boys nipples in clamps. How much fun can he have before the boys cum spews from his cock`
21  minutes
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We all know chav boy Ashton can`t refuse the offer of a tight smooth twink ass to fill with his big uncut cock! Young Johannes has been roped into the swing, his pucker right there for the horny fucker to enjoy. He starts off with some punishing flogging of that pert young arse, then dives right in and fucks his slave boy until his cum is ready to spew out! Decorating the boys sore cheeks with his semen he continues his torment with some more flogging before leaving the boy feeling used.
17  minutes
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There’s something extra tempting about a boy in a sling, when he’s bound and helpless, with his vulnerable hole totally on display. Ashton, Tyler and Titus dive dick first into their hanging captives. Fingering, fucking and abusing these boys.It’s no wonder these Dom`s suffer from serious SLING ADDICTION!

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