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Slow Heat

Slow Heat
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166 min

Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Chad Manning

Cory Flint

Del Cobb

Jackson Wild

Josh West

Nick Capra

Steve O`Donnell

Zane Jacobs

While patrolling the campgrounds near the foothills of Bartholomew, Texas, deputy superintendant Del Cobb finds furry-chested camper Colton Steele shaving outside in just his towel. When a breeze picks up, Coltons pulsing cock is suddenly exposed: `Sorry about that must be all the fresh air`. His boner catches the attention of Del, who cant stop staring despite his minds best efforts to repress his urges (What am I doing?!). The deputy cant control himself for long, dropping to his knees before grabbing Coltons cock, looking up for approval. `Do it,` says Colton, who gets a deep and steady suck that has his cock glistening while he delivers verbal encouragement, his hairy balls working up a big load: `Does that feel good inside your mouth? Get down on it, officer!` Colton finally squirts his load on Del, a wad of cum dripping down the deputys badge. ... More
18  minutes
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Its after hours at the local community college, where shop instructor Steve ODonnell is prepping for the week ahead. Hes also getting ready for a date with his girlfriend,the former flame of janitor Steve Carlisle-who drops by the classroom and catches ODonnell changing. `I bet she cant wait to get her hand inside those boxers,` says the janitor. His continued dirty talk gets both men hard, and their verbal dance escalates when they whip out their stiff cocks. The two stare at each other before inching closer, their dicks rubbing against each other. The muscular Carlisle then drops to his knees, staring at ODonnells thick meat before wrapping his lips around it. ... More
11  minutes
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Big city businessman Chad Manning takes a break from hunting with buddy Colton Steele. The two need to relieve themselves, letting out streams of piss as they stare at each others cocks. `You gettin an eyeful there, pal?` asks dominant Chad, who accuses his friend of being queer. Soon, Colton has his hand wrapped around Chads big, thick boner, his own cock throbbing in excitement. The two start to stroke each other off when theyre spotted by shirtless country boy Cory Flint, wandering through the forest with his gun. `You like the view?` asks Chad, who soon orders the silent voyeur over. Cory takes his huge uncut cock out and pees. `You dirt farmers suck dick?` asks Chad, soon turning to Colton: `Looks like we got us a real hick here.` Chad orders Cory on his knees to service the two out-of-towners, who get their boners worked on before Cory rises up and finally speaksdemanding that Chad fuck Colton. ... More
25  minutes
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Cute community college football player Zane Jacobs wants to make first string next semester, so he heads to coach Nick Capras office for some tips. Coach wants to see his players progress, so he asks Zane to strip down. Nick soon bathes Zane in oil, seductively hovering over him before bending down and asking Zane to remove his jockstrap. `Looks like youre throwing half a rod there, sport,` says Nick upon catching a glimpse of Zanes big cock. Nick lubes it up, stroking Zanes pole before locking the door: `You dont mind if I join you, do you?` Nick strips and then drops down to slurp on Zanes dick, giving a passionate suck. Nick moans, slaps Zanes meat on his face and playfully bobs the cock around while Zane rubs his own toned body. Nick stands up, his rock-hard meat at attention: `Blow me.` Zane eagerly complies while the verbal Nick fucks his face, feeds his thumb to Zane and whips his cock around before spitting down on Zanes tongue to provide more lube. Spit strands start to drip from Nicks manhoodfalling to the floor and dangling from Zanes chinbefore the alpha top offers another order: `Stand up.`... More
26  minutes
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Returning from the swimming hole, Chad Manning makes his way to the outdoor shower and relieves himself, soon catching the eye of deputy Del Cobb. The two stare at each other and Chad grabs the bulge in his swim trunks as the two encourage each other to strip downwhich has the confused and conflicted deputy arguing with himself (`I should not be doing this`). Chad takes out his big meat and gives a sultry glance to Del, who soon drops his pants to unleash his own big, straight beauty. `Youre hangin pretty hard there,` observes Chad, who starts to stroke his own cock. Del wants more, so he joins Chad under the outdoor shower and soaps up the hunks muscular chest and backside, finishing with his cock and balls. After lathering the stud up, the smooth-headed Del opens wide and dives down on Chads slab. The muscle man delivers a steady face fuck and then offers his holefor a tongue bath, finally turning around to jack off on Dels chest. The final imagewith a hot long strand of post-cum glistening as it dangles from Chads cockis unforgettable.
17  minutes
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Anxious to find a career path beyond grocery store bag boy, Jackson Wild considers following in his fathers footsteps. Masculine cop Josh West invites the soon-tograduate student over to his house to see if hes officer material. When the young man arrives, he also finds teacher Steve O`Donnell waiting to evaluate his potential. First we have to see if you measure up, says Steve, who tells the quiet Josh wearing shades and chomping on a cigarto show the boy what it takes to be a cop. The beefy hunk drops his pants to unleash his beast: a massive cock that catches Jacksons attention. `Get down there,` advises Steve, grabbing his own groin. `Take a good look. Touch it, think you can measure up?` ... More
21  minutes
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Jacksons school bud Cory Flint has just graduated, and plans to join the military after Labor Day. Hes hanging out with pal Zane Jacobs on a hazy day. Wearing straw hats, the two country boys piss outside near the woods by Zanes pickup truck. After relieving themselves, the two get inside the front seats, where Cory starts to ask his friend about sex: `Have you ever done it withanother guy?` asks the inquisitive cutie, visibly drawn to Zane. The two get hotter by the second, and Cory has a suggestion: `You wanna beat off?` Cory unzips his bud and starts stroking Zanes big cockstaring at him as he does it before saying `Cmon take mine out!` Zane obeys, and the two are soon stroking each others huge rods, with Zane sliding Corys foreskin up the shaft.... More
21  minutes
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Ready for his next round of training, Jackson Wild shows up at officer Wests house again, and the two naked studs are soon joined by janitor Steve Carlisle and coach Nick Capra, who waste no time stripping down as Jackson watches from the couch. `Starting to chub up there, sport?` says Steve, with Nick soon ordering the student to `Drop and give me 20!` Jackson follows orders, doing pushups as the three naked hunks stand above him. `You gotta big up if you wanna join the force,` advises Nick, who joins Josh and Steve in flexing for their audience of one. Jackson then gets up for a wrestling challenge from Josh, who surprisingly gets pinned. Jacksons reward is a triple dose of cockhe takes turns slurping the three boners, once again deep-throating Wests monster: `Thats it, buddy! Deep dick it!` The huge vein on top of Joshs cock practically bursts out of his shaft, and Jackson looks up for encouragement. ... More
27  minutes
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What dirty secrets simmer beneath the surface of a small southern town? Find out with the steamy sexual buildup of Slow Heat In A Texas Town, the latest from legendary director Joe Gage. Amid the backdrop of a community college and its neighboring campgrounds, repressed desires and a combustible clash of cultures erupt in the dry days of early summer. Get hot and horny with nearly three hours of unforgettable action featuring 10 hung studs led by TitanMen exclusive Chad Manning.

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