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So Into You

So Into You
Hard Friction
  • Anal Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
107 min



    all models over 18    
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Adam Herst
Alexander Garrett
Bryce Star
Christopher Daniels

Jimmy Durano
Lawson Kane
Micah Brandt
Spencer Reed

31  minutes
26  minutes
25  minutes
25  minutes
Hard Friction releases another collection of unrestrained, uncomplicated, sex in So Into You! At the core of each scene you’ll find an undeniable attraction between men; a spontaneous connection that pulses and throbs. A passion that swells as it is unleashed, bursting forth in a blast of excitement that can only be captured LIVE in the moment of immediate gratification. A look shared between men in their sexual prime, So Into You.

Slick, sweaty muscle - brown on tan - melt into each other as these sexy guys go at it. There`s electricity from the start in this scene. Alexander goes down on Micah sucking him deep, but that`s not enough for horny Micah as he climbs up and face fucks Alex deep in his throat. Alex gets a turn at getting his fat uncut throbber serviced, which flips into a wild 69. Alex soon drives the passion deep into Micah who`s a power bottom 100%... on his back on his knees in every position he wails for more and Alex delivers. Wild and never mild, the action doesn`t stop even when Alex smacks that perfect brown, round butt. Micah just screams for more spanking. This is a well-matched pair who bring it all the way home into a cum-guzzling frenzy.

Opposites attract when tall, dark and hairy stud, Spencer Reed hooks up with sexy, smooth, blond Christopher Daniels. The chemistry is obvious as they kiss and explore each other’s bodies. Christopher is soon on his knees cramming Spencer`s hard cock down his throat as he jerks his own big meat. Spencer pulls Christopher up and pushes him down on the table so he can play with his voluptuous ass. He licks and spits on Christopher`s tight, pink hole loosening it up with his fingers preparing it for his throbbing dick. Spencer lies back on the table and Christopher impales himself with Spencer’s hard cock. Christopher bounces and rides, then spins around and rides some more. Spencer stands up and moves his bottom boy to the edge of the table so he can pound his ass hard, each thrust getting him closer to climax. When Spencer’s ready to blow, he shoots all over Christopher`s face and mouth, which sets off Christopher`s spunk fountain across his ripped stomach. Spencer licks up his load and kisses Christopher, beards full of sweat and spunk.

Lawson and Bryce`s scruffy beards rub together as the kiss passionately. They exchange blow jobs, tasting each other throbbing cocks. Bryce wants that big meat in his ass and is soon on his knees, cheeks spread wide, so Lawson can loosen up his hole with his tongue. When he is all wet and ready, Bryce sits right down on Lawson rod and rides it hard, and then flips on his back so Lawson call really pound him until he shoots. Lawson wants more ass, so Bryce sits down on his face until he blasts out his own creamy load.

Jimmy Durano is the prime specimen of athletic male definition. Lean, chiseled abs, handsome and dark with a huge uncut, Latin cock! He`s paired with his ideal – Adam Herst – an equally gorgeous blond-haired, blue-eyed stud. It`s instant attraction from the start. Amidst lots of passionate kissing, Adam devours Jimmy`s big cock, shoving it deep in his throat. Jimmy flips Adam in the air and feasts on his perfect smooth round ass before fucking the hell out of him. Adam rides Jimmy pleasuring himself on his lengthy rod. He`s soon bucked from the power position as he`s fucked while on his back and then upside down! Jimmy takes control as the scene ends with a power-packed pile driver and a blast of cum all over Adam`s beard and tongue.

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