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130 min

Paul Wilde

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Alessio Romero

Tony Orion

Aleks Buldocek
Nick Prescott

On his knees with his toned, hairy bod hugged by a harness and jockstrap, handsome Nick Prescott gets to work cleaning the boots of furry Aleks Buldocek—who sits above him, calmly issuing orders. “Shine with that spit,” says the stud as Nick licks his boots, brushing them before whipping out his dick and pissing on them—then bending down to lick it up (“Love those boots,” says Aleks). The alpha stands up to give Nick his reward—taking out his cock and pissing all over the hottie. “That’s it boy…drink it up!” Nick dives down on the big cock, working it up as he gulps (“Spit on it! Get back on that!”). Nick spits up at the surprised Aleks, who flashes a smile through his beard before spitting back down. “Fuck yeah, boy,” he says. “Pull on those balls!” Nick complies, tugging on Aleks’ sac as he worships the beast before engulfing his nuts. Nick gets face fucked before bending over, fingering himself as he gets eaten. Aleks fucks him from behind, gripping the bottom’s harness as he goes faster. With Nick on his back, the two piss all over him—firing into his mouth from their boners. Aleks fucks him some more before the two shoot.
54  minutes
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Standing atop a table in the workroom, mohawked Ethan Ayers smiles down at furry Paul Steele, who begs for piss as Ethan takes out his boner and lets it fly. Ethan whips his dick on Paul’s face before feeding him. Ethan gets on his knees, his own thick cock throbbing below as he sucks Paul back—his hand roaming up to rub the tattooed bod. Ethan then bends his bud over the table, releasing a stream of piss on Paul’s hairy hole. “Get that hole wet!” yells Paul before Ethan dives his tongue in to eat him out. “Taste your piss back there!” Ethan fucks him from behind, his tight sac ready to burst—and his rock-hard cock pulsing when it’s released. Ethan works up a hot rhythm as he fucks, then plows Paul with a big red dildo before pissing on his hole again—finally relieving himself over the bottom’s bod before they come, Ethan flashing a wicked smile.
39  minutes
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Bursting out of their slick black latex suits, Alessio Romero and Tony Orion kiss before Alessio feasts on Tony’s uncut cock—planting his lips to the root as spit strands soak the slab. Alessio’s dick throbs as he sucks, nibbling on Tony’s foreskin and gripping the dark-haired cutie’s pec—a strand of spit sliding down Tony’s sac. Tony sucks back, feasting on Alessio’s thick beauty. Alessio spits in Tony’s mouth, then pisses on him before eating his hole—which he spits on before burying his scruffy chin inside. Tony gets fucked doggie style, his ass rippling while he moans—his necklace flying back and forth. Alessio grunts as he fucks, working up to a frantic pace that has him slamming Tony’s hole. The top pisses on Tony’s ass before eating him again, then fucks him on his back—the memorable shots capturing the deep penetration in all its glory, pubes planted to pubes. The two shoot, Tony rubbing Alessio’s wad on his suit.
37  minutes
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Spit slides down your sac. Piss drips from your hairy hole. Cum clings to your chest. You’re Soaked from head to toe thanks to TitanMen exclusive Nick Prescott and a pack of Rough pigs who know how to get you wet. With a brush, a cloth, some piss and his tongue, toned Nick Prescott shines hairy Aleks Buldocek’s boots before getting a big cock as his reward. Flashing a wicked smile, mohawked Ethan Ayers uses his loaded cock to take control of hairy Paul Steele, who gets piss, a dildo and a throbbing boner up his ass. Bursting out of their slick neoprene suits, Alessio Romero and Tony Orion trade sucks before Tony gets his ass pounded and pissed on.

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