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142 min

Brian Mills, Harold Creg

    all models over 18    
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Ben Jakks

Cliff Rhodes

Dylan West

Jake Hansen

Markus Ram

Owen Hawk

Spencer Quest

Zack Evans

The sensational opening scene of Spy Quest is sure to be a classic. Discipline is in order when agents Owen Hawk and Dylan West bungle a mission. Commander Quest has Agent West mete out some cock punishment to Hawk, whose rock hard tool is repeatedly smacked like a punching bag. But the upstart agent just spits in West’s face. “Ya gotta teach him who’s in control!” Quest barks, and West crams Hawk’s face down onto his massively headed uncut cock. Just watching makes Quest’s boner spring for the ceiling. Hawk’s extreme suction brings up West’s load, and the sticky spy-sauce fills his Commander’s palm.
26  minutes
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“Now comes the real punishment,” Quest says, bending Hawk over his desk. Punishment? When Quest slides his unyielding girder of cockflesh up Hawk’s steaming exhaust pipe, the rough-playing hole-master shouts, “C’mon man, fuck me!” Quest and West take turns tag teaming Hawk’s glistening punkhole with deft, painful jabs. Hawk’s tight cock-clencher makes Quest shoot, and Hawk lunges for payback, bangin’ West’s backhole ‘til the dude’s sperm-spitter sprays its spunk.
27  minutes
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Has TIO Agent Ben Jakks gone AWOL? Nah, he’s just looking for a little R&R. He finds it at an isolated lighthouse, where cock-famished lightkeeper Jake Hansen devours Jakks’ Big Ben with such gusto that both men shoot an impetuous first hot load. Then Jakks turns to Hansen’s furry butthole, licking it loose with a lotta tongue-love. Hansen plants it right onto Jakk’s fat prick-pole, and they kiss while the bouncing ride becomes a brutal assault, churning up a second round of man juice from the sweat-covered lovers.
29  minutes
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Massively big-dicked Dr. Cliff Rhodes feeds your examination room fantasies when the experimental serum he’s developed for TIO turns smooth young Zack Evans into a willing sexslave. The moaning doctor gets the blow job of his life and sits on the kid’s face to get his juicy asshole sucked out. Then he takes control of Zack’s boyish butt, riding that cherry hole so hard they’re both soon shooting their second loads. Guess the serum’s a success.
24  minutes
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Markus Ram’s a hefty, hairy-chested muscle man. His belly is ridged with six-pack, and his cockring’s got a choke hold on a fat piece of granite-hard meat and big, swollen balls. He’s the kind of guy who knows that even the Chief needs to be taken down every once in a while. So when Commander Quest checks up on the Aquatic Operations Unit, the two big men get to tearing at each other with some mighty rough romping. Quest’s a fool for Ram’s fuckstick. The sloppy cocksucker’s got spit smeared across his face as he slathers the fat tool so deftly that the hefty pair are soon heaving up gobs of manseed. But this bout’s just beginning.
36  minutes
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Spy Quest--eight studs, 18 gut-wrenching orgasms, 2 ` hours of non-stop ball blasting. Spy Quest is one helluva thriller, with high tech sets and macho attitude. But it doesn’t waste your time with tales of espionage. It’s internal affairs that are a volcano of sex at TIO—that’s the Titan Intelligence Organization—where eight hairy-chested, heavy-cocked and sweaty fuckers unleash their urgent need to take control, to dominate and to cum.

In two extended scenes that are his heaviest workouts since a stunningly versatile breakout performance in HORSE: Fallen Angel 5, TIO Commander Spencer Quest metes out punishment to a pair of renegade agents. Likes-it-rough Owen Hawk gets his ass tag teamed by Quest’s steely rod and Dylan West’s uncut, mushroom-headed tool before fucking back just as hard. Muscle stud Markus Ram knows that even the chief needs to be taken down every once in a while, and throws a scalding screw up Quest’s greedy cock-clencher. Hefty butt-bandit Ben Jakks gives Jake Hansen’s furry crack a tough tumble. And down in the lab, massively big-dicked Dr. Cliff Rhodes feeds your examination room fantasies with an experimental serum that turns smooth young Zack Evans into a willing sex slave.