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Spy Quest 3

Spy Quest 3
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bondage
  • Chainfucking
  • Dildo
  • Domination
  • Fisting
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
154 min

Brian Mills

    all models over 18    
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Alex Baresi

Brett Mathews

Dean Flynn

Francois Sagat

Fred Faurtin

Greg York

Jason Ridge

Nickolay Petrov

Tober Brandt

Tober Brandt, intimidating in black leather chaps, gloves, boots and codpiece, towers over terrified hunk Greg York, who’s a bound, gagged and collared 2 captive in Tober’s dungeon. Tober punches and smacks sex-slave Greg, grabs him by the collar and grinds his head into his crotch and codpiece. With Greg kneeling before him, Tober rips off his codpiece; out pops his throbbing boner, which he uses to beat Greg in the face and head. Tober hurls giant gobs of spit into Greg’s face, punches him with his gloved fist, rips off the gag and shoves his stiff member down Greg’s throat until he chokes. Tober laughs as Greg gags on his cock, spitting and slobbering a steady stream of choke-juice.
46  minutes
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Thick, hard-bodied agent Jason Ridge heads to the point (crossing paths on the way with François Sagat) where agents Alex Baresi and Fred Faurtin have scheduled their rendezvous in the forest to swap information. But secrets aren’t all the two agents are sharing, as Jason spies on Alex and Fred getting distracted as they kiss and peel off their shirts, revealing Alex’s thickly muscled back and incredibly hot, hairy pecs and Fred’s tight, lean, smooth torso. Alex chews on Fred’s erect nipples and gives his pits a tongue bath, then unzips him and swallows his uncut dickshaft, lavishing special attention on the bulbous cockhead glistening with precum. Jason, who’s been stroking his dick and watching from behind some bushes, strips down and joins the action. Jason and Alex take turns slurping greedily on Fred’s dick, then as Alex and Fred kiss, Jason goes back and forth stroking and sucking their two uncut cocks. Fred and Alex kiss and take turns biting and chewing each other’s nipples until they both soak Jason’s pecs with a double load of creamy cum.
41  minutes
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Thickly muscled, black-clad TitanMen stud François Sagat arrives at Tober’s dungeon to deliver a stolen prize. Tober’s pleased, and decides to reward his successful agent by offering the greatest prize of all – his giant cock; François drops to his knees and uses his teeth to undo Tober’s leather pants, licking and drooling over the boss’s leather codpiece. François sucks and slobbers on Tober’s pierced dick, getting it slick with plenty of spit as Tober facefucks him, moaning and growling like a mad dog.
30  minutes
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Tall, lean, broad-backed new TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn is jogging shirtless through the woods. The TIO agent-in-training is spied on by the darkly handsome Nickolay Petrov, who knocks him unconscious and abducts him, spiriting him away to a lab. With Dean buck naked and spread eagled on an examination table, doctor Brett Mathews prods, probes and finger fucks Dean’s tight hole and shoves an electronic identity transfer device deep into his asshole. As the probe works its way up Dean’s fuckchute and does its nefarious work, his dick springs to life. Displaying his best bedside manner, Brett deepthroats his patient’s flexing shaft as Nickolay massages Dean’s ripped, blond-furred pecs.
37  minutes
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Just when you thought it couldn’t get hotter, Spy Quest 3 brings you another fuck filled, cum drenched tale of espionage, with the sensational debut of new TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn. All the spit and cum in the world can’t cool these guys down.

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