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Straight Guy Chronicles: Vol. 6

Straight Guy Chronicles: Vol. 6
96 min



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Meet Doogie the winner of the big dick contest last year in his high school in Texas! And we have to say that he deserved the blue ribbon for his unbelievably big schlong! Doogie originally came down to us with his roomate (forgot his name) who we`d met online. We were interested in filming his roomate because he was just so damned cute...but alas roomie backed out but told us all about Doogie. Doogie came down with his friend and was pretty inquisitve about being on film and was pretty shy. This guy is sweet and reserved but during the interview you get a feeling he`s pretty wild and horny on the inside...just the kind of insight we like to get! Anyway, we think you`ll enjoy this stud boy and his big cock..a lot!

Dustin Dustin is unbelievably cute...what a face. This guy has one of the most beautiful, lean swimmer`s build body and nice fat dick on him that you`ll ever see! We thought we`d kick off the introduction of Guyz Next Door III with him and we`re sure you`ll approve. Dustin came to do this video with his pregnant girlfriend. She was way cool as was he and she stood in the corner and watched as her boyfriend beat his meat for us. Dustin loves the way his dick feels in his hand (and even gives his ass a little workover too!) Enjoy.

Nick We spent some time recently up in the mountains at an awesome, rustic cabin. Gorgeous as it was up there, the "man scenery" was what we were really after and we got what we wanted when we invited Nick to come along. This guy is about as studly and god-like as they come. As the day wore on and it got a little warmer we asked Nick to go for a walk in the woods around the cabin. We were so hot to see Nick`s junk we could hardly contain ourselves. After walking for a bit we found a nice secluded spot where we could get a little cozier with Nick. Let`s just say that we`re up for a walk in the woods with Nick anytime. Enjoy!

Erik & James James is a good friend of Smoke`s. Smoke brought him down to meet us and we hit it off right away. After talking with him he asked if he could bring his friend Erik by sometime and we said sure. These guys are good friends and have been buds since they were in high school. Erik came by sometime later and we all sat down and talked about what kind of movie they might want to make. Of course we mentioned that we sometimes pair guys together and see what happens. At first the guys were a little reluctant to do anything with each other since they`re such good friends but after hanging with us a while they seemed more comfortable so we asked if they would consider doing a double guy wack off video. They agreed they would. Fuck..are we glad they agreed. This video is all-real and unrehearsed. These guys take to rubbing their cocks to eyeing each other (catch that in the video would ya? Erik and James BOTH seem to be more than interested in the other one`s cock.) Each of them had never done anything like this before and the video catches every double-stroking moment. Really fun.. Enjoy.

Eric, Johnny & Ry Eric, Ry and Johnny joined us a few weeks back for a little impromptu all guy jackin, lickin and suckin party. We`ve watched in amazement as each of these straight/curious studs have expanded their sexual horizons - so to speak. Well keep expanding guys cuz if this video is any indication of what we have to cum in the future....watch out! Eric naturally seemed to be the center of attention that night and stayed that way pretty much thought the evening. Jay and I stayed on the sidelines at first but as things got a bit more heated we each joined in our own way. Of course Doug popped right in there and joined the all guy romp. Hope you enjoy the footage of that hard, wet night. Enjoy!


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