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Strong Suit

Strong Suit
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
193 min

Janick Legrand, Raph North

    all models over 18    
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Allen King

Babylon Prince

Beau Butler

Dani Robles

Drew Valentino

Manuel Reyes

Pol Prince

Sir Peter

Zac Johnson

California realtor Beau Butler is all dressed up and ready to interview at a big firm in Southern Spain, but, after running into Sir Peter in the hotel hallway, he finds himself preoccupied with a different type of "big firm". Now inside Sir Peter`s private room, a cocksucking Beau expresses shock over the enormous size of the suited stranger`s big dick and is soon undoing his own belt, pulling down his pants and exposing his tan lined ass for Sir Peter to bareback. Changing positions, Beau then gets a taste of his own hole as Sir`s meat goes from his thick cheeks to his open mouth. Now on his back with his shirt unbuttoned and his hairy stomach exposed, Beau blasts himself with nut while Sir Peter pulls out to release his own load all over the thankful bottom.
33  minutes
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Top-earning realtor Manuel Reyes is about to wrap up a massive deal with Zac Johnson but not before wrapping his lips around the mogul`s massive dick. While inside the vacant kitchen of one of Manuel`s properties, a fully-suited Zac lies back as Manuel goes up and down the girthy cock that’s escaping the fly of his pants. Zac returns the favor by sucking off the realtor and bending over a nearby counter to be rammed by Manuel`s bareback rod. Zac`s stiff and heavy hog hangs between his legs all while Manuel takes hold of the real estate tycoon`s tie and pounds him from behind with his big dick. Not wanting Zac to make a mess all over his property, Manuel uses his pocket square to catch the storm of nut coming from Zac`s Johnson. With the cum-soaked fabric now in Zac’s mouth, Manuel pulls out to finish the business meeting by blasting his load all over Zac`s tall socks.
33  minutes
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New York real estate agent Drew Valentino has flown all the way to Torremolinos to interview for his dream job, and he knows that, in order to secure the position, he`s going to have to get into a few select positions himself. During his sit-down with HR honcho Pol Prince, he lets the interviewer’s dress shoes give him a foot job until Pol is so horny that he`s crawling under his own desk to suck off the big dick that`s popping out of Drew`s dress pants. Drew, still on a mission to guarantee his spot at the company, shows off his true A-game as he blows, rims and barebacks Pol until the business stud`s face is smashed up against the glass of his own desk. With both men aching for more, the interview turns into a flip-fuck as Pol pulls down Drew`s pants and takes the realtor from behind. Then, with Drew on his back and Pol worshipping Drew’s feet, Pol begins licking up the fresh nut that Drew just shot all over his tie before pulling out to unload his fat cock into Drew’s open mouth.
34  minutes
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If interviewee Beau Butler wants to solidify his position at Pinstripe Realty Worldwide, he’s going to have to put in the work and really impress company hot-shot Allen King. Fully alone with Allen at an empty property, Beau eagerly shows how much of a team player he can be as he allows the horny realtor to rip open the back of his pants to gain easy access to his hairy asshole. Liking what he’s tasting, Allen follows up the spontaneous rim job by worshipping Beau’s feet and swallowing his uncut cock. Beau then barebacks and buries himself deep inside Allen’s ass - and even fucks him mid-air with Allen’s weight being supported only by a nearby bookshelf and Beau’s broad shoulders. Now, back on the ground, Allen blows all over the floor with Beau then pulling out to unload directly into Allen’s accommodatingly open mouth.
28  minutes
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Pinstripe Realty Worldwide standout Allen King has been tasked with figuring out if potential hire Drew Valentino would be a good fit for the company, but it seems that he’d rather decide if Drew and his impressive assets are a good fit for his hole. With his big dick disappearing deep down Allen’s throat, Drew and his adventurous hands begin toying with the real estate agent’s hungry ass. Allen then bends over the side of a couch as a suited-up Drew buries his face between Allen’s cheeks and uses his hairy cock to fuck his hole. Allen moans, shuts his eyes and clenches Drew’s tie between his teeth as Drew takes him from behind and stretches him out in multiple positions across the realtor’s property. Drew, now rocking a thigh that’s coated in Allen’s cum, then finishes the bareback business meeting by shooting all over Allen’s hole and using his own necktie to wipe up the creamy mess.
28  minutes
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Realtors Dani Robles, Babylon Prince and Zac Johnson have all been called together by boss man Sir Peter to make a very important personnel decision for Pinstripe Realty Worldwide. Their deliberations don`t last long though, and, soon, the real estate agents are taking advantage of the leftover time by dropping to their knees and going 3-on-1 with Sir Peter`s big dick. The trio takes turns sucking off their boss before breaking out their holes and lining up to be serviced. Bearded fucker Dani is the first to be rimmed and barebacked before all the men involved in this four o`clock foursome begin sucking and fucking each other to completion. Then, after Babylon has finished himself off and received a massive facial from Dani, Sir Peter reminds the two drained hunks that the workday isn`t even close to being over and that they should resume their workload as he, only a few feet away from their computers, finishes pounding out Zac`s ass.
37  minutes
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Falcon NakedSword Exclusives Beau Butler and Drew Valentino know exactly how to strike a balance between business and pleasure, especially in this hot and hairy collaboration between Raging Stallion Studios and MENatPLAY. When Beau and Drew visit sunny Southern Spain to interview for the same gig at Pinstripe Realty Worldwide, it`s every man for himself as they fuck their way through a hierarchy of hiring managers, including European stud Pol Prince, top-earning realtor Manuel Reyes and successful hottie Allen King. Mix in hunky real estate mogul Zac Johnson and an executive group bang among Sir Peter, Dani Robles, Babylon Prince and Zac, and you`ve got an insider`s look at every opening on the market. So, get your resume ready, and pull out your finest clothes. Hot properties are our `Strong Suit`.

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