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The Sub

The Sub
Hot House
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bondage
  • Chainfucking
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sling
99 min

Christian Owen

    all models over 18    
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JR Bronson

Logan Vaughn

Alexander Garrett
Angel Rock
Jimmy Durano

Phillip Aubrey
Rick van Sant
Rod Daily
Trenton Ducati

Standing at over 6 feet tall, hung muscular hunk Alexander Garrett hardly looks like your typical sub. When Jimmy Durano finds the Latino powerhouse lying on his back stroking his giant uncut cock Jimmy makes it clear who`s in charge. He goes down on Alexander, sucking his thick dick and balls, then licks his way down his shaft to the stud`s tight hole. Jimmy uses his tongue to loosen him up then slams his rock-hard cock into Alexander`s big muscle-butt. Jimmy fucks the towering giant on all fours then flips him over on his back and pounds a load out of him. Like a good sub Alexander gets on all fours and finishes Jimmy off by sucking him dry.
21  minutes
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Twisted fetish superstar Rick Van Sant`s screams are muffled by a ball-gag as he struggles against the restraints that have him shackled to a wrought-iron cage. He`s been chained to stand spread eagle over a rim-seat with a menacing 2` long dildo secured to the lid so that when he sits back the entire thing goes straight up his ass. Angelo, a 6`2` muscular dom, comes in and finds Rick enjoying the ride. He lifts the lid of the rim seat and fucks him with the dildo then forces Rick onto his knees so he can feed him his 9` dick. The cock-hungry sub nearly gags on the mammoth tool but manages to give Angelo the juicy blow job he demands. As soon as Rick stops for a breather Angelo throws him on his back and plows his hole with his rock-hard cock. With his monster buried deep in Rick`s hole Angelo reaches down to jack off the squirming bottom. Angelo pulls out and they both jack and blow their loads all over Rick`s abs.
21  minutes
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J.R. Bronson earns his stripes when he submits to both Trenton Ducati and Rod Daily. Trenton finds J.R. riding a dildo with a ball-gag in his mouth. The muscled dom pulls J.R. off the bench and replaces the gag with his thick monster-cock. While he`s fucking J.R.`s face Rod enters and jumps up on the bench so Trenton can suck his dick. The sight of Rod`s huge cock proves to much for J.R. who gets in the middle and offers his muscular ass to the dominant duo. Rod steps up to pummel J.R.`s ass while Trenton stands over the moaning bottom and gets serviced by Rod`s hot mouth. Trenton knows Rod loves to get his round bubble-butt pounded so he gets behind him and shoves his cock up Rod`s ass, creating an off-the-rails fuck train. Rod pulls a load out of Trenton`s dick with his tight hole so Trenton leaves, allowing Rod to finish the job.
20  minutes
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There`s no doubt who`s in charge when a Dom finds his Sub restrained in a web of rope hanging from the ceiling. Rick Van Sant takes full advantage of Phillip Aubrey`s defenseless situation and shoves his bearded face deep in Phillip`s ass-crack. He rims and licks Phillip`s tight hole then stands up to force-feed him his hard cock. Phillip swallows Rick`s dick to the base until the horned up top decides he wants to fuck Phillip`s ass. Rick spins him around and shoves his cock deep in Phillip`s ass, pounding the helpless sub until he drains his nuts all over Phillip`s muscular ass.
17  minutes
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Mr. Rock proves he`s no Angel when he finds Logan Vaughn shackled to a barber chair wearing a leather harness and latex jock with his cock hanging out. Rock spits on Vaughn, smacks his dick around, and tortures his nipples, showing the helpless Vaughn no mercy. It doesn`t take long for Angel to unchain Logan`s ankles so he can throw his legs in the air and bury his tongue deep in Logan`s juicy bubble-butt. Logan enjoys the ass-eating then gets on all fours and opens his hole to Angel`s huge Latino cock. The dominant Angel pounds the hell out of Logan`s ass then pulls out and orders him to suck his dick. Logan hungrily bobs his head up and down on Angel`s uncut monster until Angel turns him around and mounts him like a sex-crazed animal. Angel yanks his own cock and blows all over the submissive bottom`s back then orders Logan to shoot his load on his boot and lick it clean.
19  minutes
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Get in control with The Sub, the latest Hot House leather blockbuster from Executive Producer Steven Scarborough and Director Christian Owen. Join 10 muscle-bound studs as they go deep into the leather mindset of The Sub and his Dom with 5 scenes of non-stop sucking and fucking to each Dom`s complete and utter satisfaction. Starring Alexander Garrett, Angel Rock, Angelo, J.R. Bronson, Jimmy Durano, Logan Vaughn, Phillip Aubrey, Rick Van Sant, Rod Daily, and Trenton Ducati, The Sub will cause you to lose control of yourself in some of the hottest action we`ve ever filmed. Beg. Sit. Crawl. Down. Open. Suck. Good boy…

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