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Young Bastards #35 Submissive Playtime

Young Bastards #35 Submissive Playtime
Young Bastards
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Bondage
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spanking
85 min

Max Jaeger

    all models over 18    
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Lior Hod

Andreas Uriel
Corey Law
Dave Andrew
Leon Dash

Noah Blake
Rick Lebbon
Sly Conan
Sonny Davon

For straight boy Sly any hot hole is a goal, and his curious pal Rick is okay with that. Walking into the sex dungeon and finding the place ready to be used young Sly sug-gests Rick let him restrain him on the bench, of course the cock loving boy isn`t gonna say no. With his shirt off and his hands bound over the bench his ass belongs to Sly, and the boy is gonna make full use of it. A little fingering and some spit to open him up and he`s soon getting his big stiff uncut cock out to give Rick a taste, leaking pre into the boy`s mouth before taking aim at his tight pucker and filling him up. Sly`s got a big cum load to pump into his friend, squirting off inside him and watching it pour of his ass be-fore letting Rick wank his own cum from his raging dick.
13  minutes
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Blond boy Andreas has brought his friend Sonny to the sex club with a plan in mind, he wants to make his buddy his compliant little pup. Sonny won`t turn down the chance to suck on his friend`s big uncut dick or take a good deep fucking, even if it means a little humiliation as he`s put in a collar and led crawling around the room on the end of a leash. He`s rewarded for his obedience, a wet length of pale boner presented for him to suck on and slobber all over, a task he dutifully performs before Andreas takes a shot at his pup`s snug hole, first dipping in with his tongue to lick out the boy then fulling him up with his bareback cock. Andreas is pleased with his new plaything when he sees that cum splashing, his cock sliding in and out of his hole, but the shower of semen he spews over obedient Sonny is the real mark of ownership.
28  minutes
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Dave Andrew brings the right friend to a secret gay sex dungeon and it`s soon obvious that he`s made the right choice to entice boy-next-door. After looking over some of the toys they`ve got to play with little Dave takes the initiative, locking his new toy boy in a collar and chain and leading him over to suck on his big young cock. Leon is finally get-ting what he wanted from his cute pal, slurping his rigid boner and drinking the juice leaking from it, but he`s soon getting even more when young Dave rams his bareback twink dick between his cheeks and jabs him with his cock. Leon loves every thrust of that naked young tool in his fuckhole, riding that meat or taking it from behind, his hairy pucker finally getting a splashing of warm cream and some juice fucked into it. With his slutty hole satisfied he can wank off and pump his own cum out while his sexy young master watches.
19  minutes
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Blond boy Noah loses the first round and the forfeit is simple, suck a hard piece of young fuckmeat. Corey`s big dick is ready, soon shoved his cute face while Lior encourages him to take it. With that first taste of cock on his tongue the boy soon realizes what he`s been missing, and he wants more. Lior reveals his equally tasty fucktool for the boy to suck on before the two tops are ready to show him what it`s like to get a stiff prick up his ass. Fucked against the wall by Lior`s big bare length of juicy boner he`s soon desperate for Corey`s meat too, sucking one while the other rams him from behind on a stack of tyres. His well used hole dribbles juice as the boys swap and take their turn, each drib-bling pre inside him and working his pucker until his cock is squirting. He can`t believe he`s become their bitch, but they`re gonna make sure he knows he is when they wank off in his face and leave him covered in cum.
25  minutes
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They weren`t expecting to become another kinky boy`s bitch, but with their first taste of hard cock these submissive lads are soon getting their raw asses filled by their buddies.

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