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Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
116 min

Iza Elle, Raph North

    all models over 18    
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Bruce Huxley

Clark Delgaty

Enzo Muller

Kenzo Alvarez

Maverick Sun

Nate Rose

Olivier Robert

Skyy Knox

Upton Sterling

The trees aren’t the only things getting tapped this season! As syrup-maker Upton Sterling wanders the forest rounding up collected sap from his maple trees, he quickly becomes fixated on the impressive piece of wood co-worker Kenzo Alverez is hiding in his pants. Next to a tractor in the middle of the woods, the mustachioed man drops down to suck off Kenzo and service his smooth balls before bending over to take his big, thick dick. Upton’s cock flops around at each of Kenzo’s bareback thrusts and only moves around more as he goes over to a wooden trailer to take a ride on his partner’s hard log. Now on his back, Upton covers his fur-dusted body in creamy jizz before Kenzo pulls out to shower him in his own sugary spunk.
21  minutes
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Experienced sugar-maker Skyy Knox has been tasked with teaching newbie Maverick Sun everything he needs to know about maple syrup production, but, after watching the fit twunk lift a few barrels, Skyy has some other activities in mind. Maverick sees where this private encounter is going and soon takes charge by sucking down the muscular mentor’s hairy cock and guiding Skyy’s head up and down his own stiff rod. Soon, Skyy is leaning up against a wall of metal barrels being fucked by the newcomer’s big dick before Maverick goes down to be barebacked by Skyy’s schlong. The two continue to flip-fuck across the back room and blast their sweet holes until both are ready to erupt their own sticky syrups onto each other’s raw cocks.
28  minutes
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This is Olivier Robert’s first time at a ‘Sugar Shack’, but lucky for him, he’s in the hands of experienced sugar-making stud Clark Delgaty – who is not only offering up a sweet, snowy treat for Olivier to sample but his big dick as well. Right there in the powder-covered wilderness, Olivier drops down and blows his boyfriend while Clark slaps and admires his perfect ass. Craving more, Clark slides his lover’s thong to the side and begins pumping his bareback rod between the ginger hunk’s muscular cheeks. Olivier, now completely naked except for the jeans pooling around his ankles, stays warm in the freezing cold by rubbing his bare body against Clark while riding his stiff brick of a dick. As the power bottom takes more and more of Clark’s cock, he stokes himself off until he’s busting loads onto the fallen leaves and letting the cum leak out of his freshly bred hole.
24  minutes
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With it being his first visit to a ‘Sugar Shack’, Enzo Muller has been thoroughly impressed with the local’s Canadian hospitality and even more impressed with the pulsating hard-on that’s hiding beneath Bruce Huxley’s zipper. Too horny to even think about eating food, Enzo ditches his feast to instead gobble down Bruce’s cock right there at the dinner table – just before busting out his hole for Bruce to bareback. Enzo, warmed by the nearby fire, then takes a ride on the tattooed top while stroking off his own stiff rod until he’s covering his torso with cum. With Bruce still horny for more, he continues stuffing and fucking Enzo’s ass across the dining table. A few more pumps into Enzo’s hole has Bruce pulling out his big dick to unload ropes all over his partner’s half-hard cock and even feed Enzo a few drops of nut.
21  minutes
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After a successful season at the ‘Sugar Shack’, Maverick Sun is taking a night off to dance and hook up with studly strangers like Nate Rose. Now back at Nate’s place, Maverick is scared someone will hear them fucking in Nate’s bedroom, but the hot top doesn’t seem to care. He’s more focused on getting Maverick’s mouth wrapped around his hard cock and rimming the twunk’s delicious hole. Now not caring who can hear and aching to get fucked hard, Maverick has Nate fill him up with his bareback dick before moving over to take a ride on the hottie’s sweet meat. While getting drilled on the side of the bed, Maverick showers himself in nut before Nate pulls out to add to the splatters of seed covering the satisfied bottom.
23  minutes
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Experienced syrup-making studs and curious newcomers from all over are seeking to satisfy their sweet cravings by heading to Falcon’s ‘Sugar Shack’! Join acclaimed directing duo Iza Elle and Raph North as they head up north to follow nine delicious men who are making their way through every step of creating the perfect batch of maple syrup and all the sugary confections that come with it. Kenzo Alvarez and Upton Sterling are first tasked with collecting sap from the forest of tapped trees, but that doesn’t mean Kenzo doesn’t have time to tap Upton’s hole in the middle of the snow covered woods. Next, Skyy Knox is teaching newbie Maverick Sun everything he needs to know about maple syrup production, but, after watching the muscle twunk lift a few barrels, he has some other activities in mind. Another newcomer, Olivier Robert, then takes to the great outdoors with boyfriend Clark Delgaty to sample a sweet, snowy treat and every throbbing inch of his lover’s cock. When it comes time for the feast, Enzo Muller lets Bruce Huxley know how impressed he is by the local’s Canadian hospitality – and the stiff dick that Bruce is concealing in his pants. Once all is said and done, Maverick Sun takes the evening off to celebrate a marvelous sugaring season, dance the night away and have fellow sugar-maker Nate Rose cover his naked body in some sweet, sweet jizz.

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