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Summer Flings

Summer Flings
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
154 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Adrian Hart

Austin Avery

Carter Collins

Damian Night

Dean Young

Devin Franco

Jordan Starr

Kane Fox

Kyle Fletcher

Oliver Marks

Falcon Surf Shop co-workers Oliver Marks and Damian Night are closing up for the day when their physical attraction gets the better of them. Oliver drops to knees to deep throat Damian’s gorgeous cock and suck his balls, but it’s not long before Damian has Oliver bent over a store display table. After spreading his cheeks and rimming his prime hole, Damian plunges his dick deep into Oliver’s ass, at one point letting Oliver grind his hole onto his rod will they’re both standing up. Next, Oliver gets on his back and lies across the table while Damian feeds the blond beach boy a taste of his own hole on his wet cock, getting increasingly aggressive with face slaps, hair-pulling and dirty talk. An enthusiastic Oliver then gets on all-fours so Damian can stand on the table and fuck his pink hole raw and then pushes Damian onto his back so he can spit into Damian’s mouth while riding him. Next, Oliver is on his back again, legs spread wide for Damian to continue pounding him until they cum at the same time on Oliver’s stomach.
28  minutes
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While Adrian Hart sits on an adjacent patio, a horny Dean Young begins showing off his wares through his bedroom’s glass doors. Dean’s inviting hole gets Adrian hot and bothered, to the point where he enters the room to finger and rim Dean’s perfectly smooth asshole. Dean moves into a doggy-style position so Adrian can plunge his massive rod into Dean’s inviting fuck slit. After Dean takes a break to clean Adrian’s dick off with his mouth, he mounts and rides the patio peeper until Adrian decides to flip Dean on his back to suck his cock and lick his ass again. Adrian can’t stay out of Dean for long, though, and quickly shoves his huge rod back inside his favorite blonde until Dean cums on his own stomach. Soon after, Adrian pulls out to squirt his hefty load, adding to the puddle of jizz already pooled on Dean’s stomach.
30  minutes
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Austin Avery is enjoying an afternoon nap when boyfriend Carter Collins comes in from the pool. Carter wakes Austin with a quiet kiss only to spread the smooth twunk’s cheeks and stick his tongue deep inside. Austin is in ecstasy as Carter wets his eager hole and soon flips onto his back so Carter can suck his rock-hard dick. Carter fingers Austin’s beautiful asshole until he can’t control himself. He climbs on top of Austin’s dick, riding the long-haired stud until he’s ready to get his own dick wet. Carter puts Austin on all-fours and plows his ass until he’s ready to shift Austin onto his back again to give him a side-split fuck he won’t soon forget. Carter chokes Austin sensually until Austin cums across his own stomach. Unable to hold it in any longer, Carter pulls out of Austin’s tight hole, kisses his boyfriend, and shoots all over his bush, balls and backside. Carter plunges his dick back inside Austin’s ass and then licks all his remaining nut off Austin.
24  minutes
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Trainer Devin Franco is teaching Oliver Marks a thing or two about doing squats properly. The best way to learn, though? In a practical circumstance. The two begin kissing outdoors before Devin kneels to suck Oliver’s massive dick. Soon, Oliver is bending over so Devin can bury his face inside the blonde’s bubble butt until Devin is ready to move into his bedroom. There, Oliver gives Devin’s cock another tongue bath before Devin runs his mouth over Oliver’s pucker again. With Oliver already bent over the bed, Devin shoves his big dick into Oliver’s tight slit before Devin gets on his back so Oliver can ride him. Next, it’s Devin’s turn to get on all-fours so Oliver can give his trainer a taste of his own medicine. Devin just can’t stay out of his client’s hole, however, and soon has Oliver on his back so he can ram his meat into Oliver’s open asshole. Oliver shoots some heavy ropes of cum onto his stomach before Devin flips onto his back so Oliver can jerk him to an explosive finish.
44  minutes
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Back at the Falcon Surf Shop, Kane Fox is secretly licking Kyle Fletcher’s hole behind the cash register when customer Jordan Starr pops in to buy a tshirt. Once Jordan realizes what’s actually going on, he bends Kyle over a display table so he can have his own taste of Kyle’s hole. It’s not long until everyone is undressed and exploring each other’s bodies. Kyle slurps down Kane’s beautiful cock while Jordan continues to finger and rim Kyle’s hole until, of course, Jordan decides to push his big dick into Kyle. It’s a glorious spit-roast as Kyle gets filled in both holes simultaneously. Kane and Jordan then switch places so Kyle can clean off Jordan’s dick with his tongue and Kane can see what it feels like to have work buddy Kyle’s tight asshole clench around his rod. Next, when Kyle flips onto his back, Jordan plunges back inside him while Kane grinds his asshole into Kyle’s face. Jordan then lies back on the table so Kyle can squat onto his dick before Jordan cums inside Kyle’s ass. After Kane eats the jizz dripping from Kyle’s hole, Jordan pushes back into Kyle until he cums all over his chest. Finally, Kane jerks himself off until he explodes across Jordan’s face.
28  minutes
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As the summer in San Diego draws to a close, the guys at the Falcon Surf Shop are having one last hurrah before the chill rolls in. Co-workers Damian Night and Oliver Marks are boarding up for the season when their physical attraction gets the better of them. Damian tastes and fucks the ass he’s been dreaming about, and Oliver gets a ride on some prime dick. Then, Adrian Hart and Falcon | NakedSword exclusive Dean Young enjoy a fiery hook-up while Carter Collins and boyfriend Austin Avery have a lazy afternoon flip-fuck. Later, personal trainer Devin Franco teaches client Oliver Marks a thing or two about doing proper squats, using some hands-on techniques that have them both slurping, rimming, and taking cock. As the sun goes down on beach season, Jordan Starr, Kane Fox, and Kyle Fletcher go down on each other in a grand finale threeway that is sure to keep the temperatures high well into the fall.

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