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Super Charge

Super Charge
Studio 2000
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Foot Play
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
75 min

Bobby Dazzler

    all models over 18    
© 2001 Studio 2000. All Rights Reserved

Christian Owen
Daniel West
DC Chandler
Jake Hart
Jason Hawke

Jeremy Jordon
Nino Bacci
Rick Mathews
Ryan Scott

The video opens with Chandler showering and then finding his tube of hair gel empty. He reaches into the back of the cabinet and finds a jar marked Telepathy. He puts some in his hair and suddenly realizes he can read the minds of roommates Jake Hart and Jason Hawke. Rather pleased and intrigued he goes about his daily errands. Cock conflict arises when he is ticketed by Rick Mathews for not feeding a parking meter. Mathews is thinking about kissing and sucking Chandler who is only too happy to oblige. In the sun-drenched back of a lumberyard they kiss and grope as only two passion pups can. Mathews sucks Chandler`s crank like his life depended on it chewing, kissing, and licking the thick shaft and bulbous head. More kissing and more body worship take place before Chandler slides his huge hose up Mathews`s ass and screws him all over the place in a multitude of positions. This is a very tight fit, but Chandler persists in sliding every considerable inch in. His cumblast is a supersonic spooge spurt.
14  minutes
Chandler uses his newfound powers to bring together Jake Hart and Jeremy Jordan. In the kitchen, these two pretty boys melt into one tangle of kissing and cocksucking. Newcomer Hart is the quintessential sandy-haired, all-American wet dream and Jordan is, as usual, a consummate sexualist. They trade blowjobs all over the floor. Hart slides his pudgy prick deep inside Jordan`s bubblebutt doggie style then atop the counter. Jordan blasts his batter while being poked and Hart squirts off all over Jordan.
16  minutes
While riding the subway Chandler tunes into the thoughts of black dude Daniel West. We are transported into an West`s erotic dreamscape which turns out to be a ceiling to floor, black and white stripped room. In this two-tone void West and Nino Bacci, both handsome, hung and hungry, go at each other with gusto. Their sixty-nine is prime as is Bacci topping West in a multitude of positions. Both toss off long distance loads.
11  minutes
The trouble begins when tough guy Jason Hawke discovers the gel. He picks up blond twinkie Christian Owen who is sitting in the park sucking on a lollipop. Back at Owen`s apartment they both taste tool with Owen rubbing Hawke`s uncut, sleek prick all over his face. As thing heat up, Owen`s boyfriend Ryan Scott arrives and naturally freaks out. Hawke wills him to join in and the three are soon sucking face and cock. This cumbustible collection peaks with Hawke simultaneously screwing Scott while being screwed by Owen. The cum flies fast and furious.
17  minutes
A showdown between Chandler and Hawke provides the inevitable and unbelievably tense and tempestuous conclusion. They have never been the best of friends, and here, on the deck of a house overlooking the mountains, Hawke wills Chandler to his knees and orders him to crawl like a dog across the floor. Telepathically, he orders Chandler to lick his feet and suck his cock. Chandler is under Hawke`s control and offers up a truly great display of dicksucking. Finally, Chandler rises and asks, without speaking, "What do you really want?" Hawke really wants to give Chandler the blowjob of the year and this he does leaving no portion of Chandler`s colossal cock unattended. Back in control, Chandler rims Hawke and slams his powerful pecker up his ass. Hawke takes it like a man as he is fucked all over the deck and onto the lawn in a variety of positions. This scene is one of the hottest and juiciest of the year.
17  minutes
SuperCharge is Studio 2000`s sex-soaked, supernatural sizzler. This glossy, big-budget bonanza was shot in Southern California and is bursting at the seams with a cast of homegrown hunks, led by exclusive newcomer DC Chandler, that will leave you weak in the knees. New director Bobby Dazzler is the buzz of the industry. What`s the buzz? That Dazzler is a pseudonym for someone whose real name is a buzz-word all over the community.

You buy Studio 2000 products because they cast the most fantastic faces and best bodies in the world. In SuperCharge, youth is the order of the day presenting a bevy of bold bucks all equipped with throbbing tools and beautiful bods. Newcomer exclusive DC Chandler will absolutely take your breath away. He is one of those ideal specimens of physical and sexual perfection that only cums along once in a great while. He defies type and will invade the dreams of all who witness his torrid talents. Even we are not sure what DC stands for but we would guess "Donkey Cock". Chandler is a tall, very tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed, baby-faced beauty with a body born for sexual shenanigans. Broad shoulders, long muscular arms, firm pecs, a tight tummy, and a treasure trail of hair leading form his bellybutton to his hairy crotch will leave you panting. His prick is simply enormouslong, fat, veiny, uncut and highlighted by a heavy pair of low-hanging balls and his asscrack is surrounded by dark, curly hair. Best of all he kisses, sucks cock, rims rump, and fucks butt with a passionate enthusiasm that unconditionally conveys that he is having the time of his life. Gentlemen, we are talking nothing less than the discovery of the year.

In addition to the resplendent DC Chandler, the rest of the cast also sparkles. Boyish newcomer Jake Hart, power-bottom Jeremy Jordan, randy Rick Mathews, juicy Jason Hawke, twink types Ryan Scott and Christian Owen, black stud Daniel West and hyper-sexual Nino Bacci all show you what hard dicks and willing buttholes can do.

SuperCharge is Studio 2000 at its archetypal horniest. The camerawork is so tight that you will feel like you are in the midst of the action. Director Bobby Dazzler, working with a script he wrote, guides his cumly cast through its paces with the steady hand of a porn pro. This Studio 2000 blockbuster is a must-have for your permanent collection. Bottom line, SuperCharge will be remembered, for years to come, as the dazzling debut of dynamic DC Chandler. He`s a gift for youonly from Studio 2000.


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