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The Swords

The Swords
NS Originals
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102 min

Marc MacNamara

    all models over 18    
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Andre Donovan

Cole Connor

Max Konnor

Michael Boston


Roman Todd

Tony Genius

Brock Banks

Newly enlisted secret agent Brock Banks is hoping that Cole Connor can help him with some of his studying, but after going five days without dick, Cole is too horny to think about anything besides getting barebacked. A naked Cole quickly makes his intentions known as he goes to swallow Brock to the base of his uncut cock. The two 69 before an eager Cole hops on Brock and rides his stiff dick. Wanting his own turn getting stuffed, Brock sucks on Cole’s pole until it’s at full mast and ready to fill his hole. Stretched and satisfied, flip-fucking Brock returns to top Cole’s hole until a self-stroking Cole is covering his furry abs in his own jizz. Drained but still cum-hungry, Cole sticks out his tongue as Brock unloads his balls directly into his open mouth.
21  minutes
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Deep in the snowy mountains of Lake Tahoe, suited stranger Roman Todd is about to reveal the real reason this group of world-famous porn stars has been brought together. Since the beginning, the models of Falcon | NakedSword have been used as double agents trained to work in the field of the intelligence bureau and now, Roman is enlisting these performers as the agency’s newest recruits. After some hesitation, Max Konnor agrees to enter special training with Roman. The two venture out on a snowmobile to the middle of the woods where Roman decides to take Max’s training to the next level by pulling down his pants, rimming his muscular ass, and swallowing his ten inches. The action continues back at their estate where Max buries his face and cock between Roman’s smooth cheeks. Roman lets out some deep moans and his cock stays hard as a rock as Max pumps his humongous, bareback dick in and out of his hole. With his thick thighs thrown back, Roman lets out a mess of cum all over himself before dropping to his knees to let Max spray him down with his own hot load.
26  minutes
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After being mysteriously brought to a mountaintop mansion, a crew of world-famous porn stars finds themselves having to rescue a suited man that they witnessed jump into an icy lake. Now in the warmth of their Tahoe estate, Reign and Tony Genius are tasked with watching the passed-out stranger, but Reign would rather pull out his curved cock and take advantage of his time alone with Tony. The two suck each other off before Reign gets into position to toy with, rim, and bareback Tony’s tight hole. The eager bottom gasps and smiles as the muscular porn star drills and fills him up all over the living room. The booming sound of skin clapping together abruptly ends as Reign pulls out just in time to release a storm of cum all over Tony’s lower back with Reign then going down to blow Tony until he’s unleashing a fat load as well.
27  minutes
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Having just enlisted in an elite group of secret agents that double as world-renowned gay porn stars, Andre Donovan and Michael Boston are having to deal with treacherous mountain terrains, rogue wolves, and worst of all – a mole hidden amongst their fellow recruits. In need of a distraction, the two make use of an abandoned cabin by stripping down and flipping Michael over for Andre to rim his famous ass. Michael moves to riding Andre’s face and 69ing the porn star before dropping to his knees for Andre’s lengthy cock to bareback his hole. Andre continues to pound Michael in multiple positions across the cabin until the moaning bottom finishes off by covering himself is cum. Andre then completes the bareback “sword fight” by giving Michael the creamiest facial of his life – only to then become trapped in the most unexpected and deadliest sword fight he’ll ever experience.
27  minutes
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Since the beginning, Falcon | NakedSword models have been more than what the world knows. The studio is a front for government operatives and men like Al Parker, Colby Taylor, and Eric Hanson have all been used to work for the intelligence bureau. Now, a new group of world-famous Falcon | NakedSword models are being mysteriously brought together in the secluded mountains of Lake Tahoe to form an undercover squad of recruits known as ‘The Swords’. From award-winning director Marc MacNamara, the first installment of this ten-part adventure sees these renowned stars as they join the ranks, begin their training, and seek out the mole amongst their fellow recruits. Their mission kicks off when the porn stars witness a suited stranger jumping into icy waters. Reign and Tony Genius are tasked with caring for the passed-out man, but would rather break away for some bareback play. Once the mysterious figure, Roman Todd, awakes, he informs the performers of their higher calling and immediately begins their intensive training. Seeking to ensure that Max Konnor has what it takes to be a Swords operative, Roman Todd brings him into the middle of the snowy woods to rim his muscular bubble butt and service his girthy ten inches. Back in their hidden estate, Brock Banks is hoping that Cole Connor can help him study, but after going five days without dick, “Hole” Connor is too horny to think about anything besides getting dicked down. Barely escaping the grips of a rogue wolf, Andre Donovan and Michael Boston find themselves in an abandoned cabin. Completely alone, the two engage in a bareback “sword fight” before getting caught in the middle of an electrifying sword fight that will leave them battling for their lives. Only time will tell which of these porn stars has what it truly takes to join the ranks of ‘The Swords’.

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