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Tag Team

Tag Team
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  • Wrestling
115 min

Bruce Cam, Harold Creg, Keith Webb

    all models over 18    
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Anthony Gallo

Eduardo (a)

Jason Branch

Joe Serrano

Josh Perez

Nick Cannon

Paul Dawson

Trenton Comeau

York Powers

A simple training session turns into a full scale sex bout as York Powers coaches Trenton Comeaux and Nick Cannon through their holds for newcomer Anthony Gallo. Coach Powers and Gallo can’t keep their heavyweight hardons outside the ring as Comeaux and Cannon lose their trunks during a sweaty session of submission style wrestling. Comeaux’s muscular torso is soon pinned to the mat by the threesome with Gallo lapping up the sweat from his exposed crack. After being skewered by Gallo’s enormous meat, Comeaux is suspended from the ropes and, while sucking fat Cannon, is given a royal drilling by Coach Powers and Gallo. ... More
27  minutes
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Josh Perez and Jason Branch, two humpy bodied buddies, step into the ring to warm up after the opening foursome leave to shower. Their friendly banter and massaging hands are extended to Paul Dawson after he approaches the ropes. The warm up quickly combusts into full flame as their three hard, gorgeous cocks grapple for attention. Dawson takes both Perez and Branch down his throat, then eagerly slurps around Perez’s hole as Branch slowly circles the target area with his prize winner. Dawson then is used as a ring corner bench on which Branch reclines.... More
35  minutes
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Eduardo and Joe Serrano are pumping up in the weight room in preparation for their bout. Eduardo, curling his thick biceps, regards the smaller Serrano dismissively. Serrano regards Eduardo’s thick penis appreciatively and wastes no time in submitting his mouth to slathering the front of his opponent’s trunks. Eduardo continues his curls until overpowered by the urge to force his cock into Serrano’s mouth. Unsatisfied by only a blow-job, Eduardo grabs Serrano’s head and forces it into his meaty butt for more oral exercise.... More
23  minutes
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Coach Powers, Anthony Gallo, Trenton Comeaux, Paul Dawson and Josh Perez are waiting at ringside for the two. Serrano surprises all by bounding into the ring and immediately taking control of the match by out-wrestling Eduardo. Serrano’s technique has Eduardo’s brute strength under his control. The loss of command and the jeers from his peers infuriate Eduardo who finally is able to grab and sit on top of the smaller man. While ripping off Serrano’s trunks, Eduardo invites the watchers to partake of his victory.... More
30  minutes
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Tag Team gives you ringside seats when an underground wrestling team`s practice session turns into four rounds of no holds barred sexual aggression and submission. Master director Bruce Cam referees this 2 hour, 4 scene high-energy bell ringer that`ll grab you by the crotch, as ripped, masculine men duke it out on the mats. "It`s one of-if not the-best hardcore wrestling flicks ever made!" (TLAVideo)

With York Powers as their coach, you know this is one nasty team of meaty cocked, brutal fuckers. A simple training session turns into a full scale four-way. Two buddies warming up combust into full flame when a newcomer joins the fray. A weight room pump up leads two sexual athletes into a sweaty fuck and thick cum shots on the weight bench. And the entire lust filled team squares off in a pummeling orgy of takedowns and reversals, with flip flop fucking that produces gusher cum shots.


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