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Young Bastards #40 Take My Load Boy

Young Bastards #40 Take My Load Boy
Young Bastards
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92 min

Falk Lux

    all models over 18    
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Aiden Bringas
Axel Berti
Cesar Rose
Fabrice Rossi
Jack Flynn

Liam Butler
Luke Ward
Mateo Acuña
Nick Danner

Mateo has boys all over the city, guys he meets up with to feed them his meat, pound their ass and splash with his cum load. Cesar is just hanging out and minding his own business, but when thug Mateo arrives he knows he has to follow him. The lad is feeling particularly horny today, he barely waits a moment before he`s pounding the boy`s ass with a paddle. Cesar can endure the spanking, he knows he`s gonna get some hard uncut cock to suck soon enough and his ass is desperate for that bareback meat up inside it. After getting Mateo`s cock all wet he bends over and gets his boy hole fucked deep. Mateo has been saving up his load for this, ramming his ass by the fireplace and making the slut boy spurt his own thick load all over the floor before wanking off in his cute face and making him suck his cock clean.
13  minutes
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Fit boy Nick is in a tricky spot, gagged and roped up on the wall. He might be scared when massive muscle man Luke arrives to make use of him but when the man tugs his trasuit down the boy`s twink cock is already raging and wet. Luke likes to admire the boys he`s gonna use, and with some oiling of his meat he`s stroking and tugging, making Nick`s cock dribble even more. With the boy greedy for something to suck the big man frees him from his binding, his muscle cock revealed for the lad to gag on. It`s such a delicious piece of fuck meat young Nick cant wait to get it up his hole. He might have been scared at the start but soon enough the twink boy is riding that thick piece and taking a deep ramming from the big man, fucked all over the room and make to spew his own twinky load over himself. Luke loves seeing that jizz splash, his own dick is soon pumping out a thick load of bodybuilder cock cream over Nick`s cute face.
19  minutes
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Fabrice and Aiden arrive to find twink boy Axel conveniently naked and bound over the bench, a perfect position for a couple of horny tops to take full advantage of. The boy might struggle at first, but with some painful slaps of his naked ass with the paddle and the taste of Aiden`s hard cock on his tongue he soon knows he needs to play along. He doesn`t have much choice, of course, Fabrice is soon ramming his raw cock between his tender ass cheeks and using his fuckhole for his own pleasure. Aiden should know not to trust kinky dom Fabrice, when he gets his shot at that hot hole his friend is soon coming up behind him to fuck his ass too, sandwiching the boy between them. Axel wasn`t expecting to find himself being freed to take a turn, but with his cock inside Aiden and Fabrice ramming him too he`s soon in heaven. It seems Aiden was expecting the double cum facial from the duo, he`s thirsty for it.
13  minutes
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Young Jack has a big twink cock that he always needs emptying of cum, and with his new position at the company he`s not shy about using his power to get what he needs. Fit lad Liam isn`t exactly complaining when he`s ordered to suck it, the boy clearly has some experience with big dicks and after gobbling Jack`s impressive uncut meat his own hard inches are out of his pants. Jack might be a bully but he likes the taste of dick as much as any other boy, returning the favor and feasting on the tasty shaft. With both boys quickly naked and dripping precum he takes aim at Liam`s hole, shoving his raw inches between the boy`s cheeks and fucking him up against the racking. On his back and against the wall, Liam obediently takes the hard young cock like a pro, wanking off and spewing a huge mess of semen from his hooded tool. He`s soon getting a good bonus for his extra work, a fountain of twink semen as heavy as his own showering his cute face.
16  minutes
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31  minutes
Craving cock isn’t enough for the young whores, they need the juiciest of cum loads splashed in their faces and sliding down their thirsty throats before they’re satisfied! After gagging on dripping dicks and taking raw meat in their snug little fuckholes they’re doused with delicious semen.

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