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Take Off

Take Off
Raging Stallion
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Dildo
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
147 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Alpha Wolfe

Andre Donovan

Beau Butler


Bruce Jones

Drew Valentino

Luca del Rey

Morgxn Thicke

Sean Xavier

Constant delays have grounded longtime co-pilots Sean Xavier and Alpha Wolfe for the day, but, luckily, they are able to book one of the few remaining rooms in the area. There, they are finally able to act on their years-long mutual attraction. Sean begins the long-anticipated hookup by coaching Alpha through swallowing every one of his nine inches before Alpha spreads his legs for Sean to bareback his hairy hole. Alpha’s eyes rush to the back of his head as Sean fills his ass, just before it’s Alpha’s turn to top. Sean’s face breaks into a euphoric smile as Alpha pounds his muscular bubble butt in a variety of positions. A flip-fucking Sean can’t help but nut inside his co-pilot – and then going down to lick up the fresh cum dripping from Alpha’s puckered asshole. It’s not long until Alpha can no longer hold his spunk and busts all over Sean’s beautiful face.
32  minutes
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More than a hundred canceled flights means that FSG Airlines baggage handler Morgxn Thicke is overloaded with suitcases that need to be rerouted across that country. Randy flight attendant Drew Valentino, though, is too horny to consider his co-worker’s messy situation. Surrounded by lost luggage, Drew drops to his knees to suck off Morgxn’s thick cock before having a go at his ripe pits and throwing his own legs back for Morgxn to rim his furry hole. A bearded Morgxn then lays down for Drew to ride his bareback dick in the middle of the airport warehouse, and soon, the facility’s metal walls are being hit with the overpowering sound of bodies clapping together. With the flight attendant now on his back and both men busting all over his body hair, Morgxn immediately goes in to lick up the loose seed and eat out Drew’s wrecked hole one last time.
30  minutes
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When TSA agent Andre Donovan notices a foreign object on Luca del Rey’s x-ray body scan, he immediately pulls the suspicious passenger into a back room for a thorough cavity search. Just as he suspected, the anal inspection reveals that Luca is stowing a light-up metal butt plug in his hole. Too turned on by the flashing toy and the passenger’s ready-to-fuck hole to actually punish Luca, Andre instead goes to rim the naughty traveler before using Luca’s carry-on dildo to stretch him out. Luca then gets fucked by the real thing as Andre shoves his nine bareback inches into his ass and pounds him across the airport security office. After both men unload onto Luca’s hair-covered abs and Andre fucks some of his nut into Luca, the gracious TSA agent slides the bottom’s butt plug back into his worn hole and sends him on his way.
27  minutes
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Canceled flights and fully booked hotels have forced military hunk Beau Butler and weary traveler Bruce Jones to spend the night in a dim, secluded area of the airport terminal. Unable to sleep and looking for a better way to pass the time, both men begin tugging at their own cocks from across the aisle before Bruce moves closer to Beau, drops to his knees and orally services the uncut US serviceman. Beau continues the public hookup by eating out the stranger’s bubble butt and fucking him bareback. With any passerby able to see them, Bruce returns the favor by sliding his raw throbbing member into Beau’s hairy, tan-lined ass as he lies on his own luggage. The muscular traveler pumps himself into the military man with full force until both are busting and unloading hot jizz all over Beau’s fur-covered body.
36  minutes
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A delayed flight finds Drew Valentino with some time on his hands. Looking to make use of his free hours, the flight attendant visits his go-to hook-up app where he spots stranded businessman Brogan hunting for some bushy airport cock. Not before long, the two are taking over the closest public restroom with Brogan sucking down Drew’s hairy meat and Drew moving his fingers into Brogan’s meaty fuck hole. The businessman latches onto a nearby urinal as Drew trades in his digits for his raw cock and pounds his bareback big dick into Brogan’s butt. Not caring who can hear him, Brogan loudly moans as he takes the stranger’s cock all over the restroom until Drew is fucking the cum out of him. A drained Brogan then drops down to take a creamy facial from the flight attendant until an announcement calls for all employees to return to their assigned stations.
23  minutes
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Air travel can be stressful these days. Just ask pilots Sean Xavier and Alpha Wolfe; they’ve spent hours crammed in a cockpit, waiting for clearance to ‘Take Off.’ When it’s eventually determined that an airline computer malfunction is set to delay more than 150 flights, Sean and Alpha decide to book one of the few hotel rooms still available in the area. There, the two hairy studs are finally able to act on their yearslong attraction, flip-fucking bareback for hours. Meanwhile, there’s baggage handler Morgxn Thicke, who is enjoying some attention from randy flight attendant Drew Valentino. In a warehouse full of luggage, the two ripped men take a lengthy break to work off their frustrations with the day’s unexpectedly chaotic turn. Over in the security area, TSA agent Andre Donovan notices a suspicious object on Luca Del Rey’s x-ray body scan, prompting a very thorough cavity search. Then there are US serviceman Beau Butler and horny traveler Bruce Jones who aren’t lucky enough to find accommodations and must find a way to pass the time. The two naughty passengers come together for a hot and sweaty throw-down in a secluded area of the airport. Grounded flight attendant Drew Valentino then finds the hot-as-fuck Brogan – who’s coincidentally only 10 feet away – on a hook-up app. The stranded flyer may have missed his connection but is about to make another in the nearest public restroom. Director Tony Dimarco and screenwriter Ben Rush invite you to put your seatbacks in a horizontal position, turn on your devices and unfasten your seatbelts in preparation for ‘Take Off’.

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