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Taken to the Lowest Level - Director`s Cut

Taken to the Lowest Level - Director`s Cut
Rascal Video
  • Anal Sex
  • Bondage
  • Candle Wax
  • Chainfucking
  • Cum-eating
  • Dildo
  • Dirty Talk
  • Domination
  • Enema
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Watersports
188 min

Chi Chi LaRue

    all models over 18    
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Adam Killian
Blake Riley
Chad Manning
David Taylor
Derek da Silva
Diesel Washington

Dominic Pacifico
Jeremy Bilding
Johnny Hazzard
Josh West
Lucas Knowles
Luke Cassidy

Mitchell Rock
Phillip Aubrey
Shane Risk
Tyler Saint
Zack Jamison
Zane Jacobs

We find Adam Killian suspended, spinning in a maze of mirrors, Phillip Aubrey is watching on a monitor. admiring the perfection of Adam`s body. As Phillip begins to get aroused by watching Adam, he toys with self asphyxiation and before long finds himself in Adam`s world. Adam, unaware of Phillip`s presence begins to pleasure himself. He notices a lone candle, burning in the distance which he decides to use to warm up his tight hole. After fucking himself with the burning candle, Adam turns to a large dildo to satisfy his hunger. Once Adam satisfies his ass, he showers himself in an eruption of piss and finally shoots a huge load. Adam becomes aware of Phillip watching in the corner and reaches out for him, grabs hold, and drags him on an exploration of dark sex.
39  minutes
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Phillip enters a room and finds C1R Exclusive Johnny Hazzard and Derek da Silva exploring each others bodies while Zane Jacobs jerks off. Phillip moves in for a closer look, but remains in the background, never making the group aware of his presence. Johnny moves over to Zach and takes his throbbing cock in his mouth, then moves back to Derek to get his ass ready for Derek`s thick cock. Derek & Zane rim Johnny`s hole before moving into a threeway train of fucking. Next we find Johnny strapped to a St. Andrews rotating cross where he is first flogged, then covered in hot wax.
34  minutes
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Phillip finds himself locked in a cage watching the shadow of men kissing. Diesel Washington emerges from the shadows and circles the cage. Diesel leans down and kisses Phillip through the cage before ordering Phillip to suck his cock. Zach Jamison is in the next room sucking on Lucas Knowles cock, but before long ends up in the room with Diesel and Phillip, who is now out of the cage. Lined up in a row on all fours, Diesel takes turns rimming and finger fucking each of the men. Next he fucks Phillip in multiple positions while occasionally sucking Lucas` uncut dick. Phillip unleashes a stream of piss on Diesels face which he willingly takes as Lucas does the same to Zach. Diesel shoots his thick load on Phillips armpit and licks it out before Lucas and Zack shoot their loads on Phillip.
28  minutes
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C1R Exclusive Blake Riley and David Taylor are passionately kissing as Phillip walks into the room. They notice Phillip, but return to what they are doing, unaffected by his presence. Blake moves down and takes David`s cock in his mouth then David returns the favor. David flips Blake over and fucks his ass then pull out a water hose to clean Blake off. Next we find David shoving the water hose in Blake`s ass, as Blake shoots the water back on David`s rock hard cock. After playing in the water, Blake gushes a flash flood of piss all over himself while David pisses all over Blake`s crotch. They clean up only to cover themselves in a shower of cum.
38  minutes
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Shane Risk is locked in a large cage, with four mysterious figures circling the cage. The mysterious men reveal themselves to be Tyler Saint, Josh West, Dominic Paficico and Chad Manning. They continue to circle the cage, looking through a hole in the top. Shane slowly moves his head up through the hole as the four men gather around and dangle their cocks above. The men tease Shane with their hard cocks, making Shane beg for their dicks. Shane is out of the cage and takes turn sucking each dick as Phillip emerges. Phillip circles the group, feeling the guys as Shane swallows their cocks. Phillip joins the group by sucking on Shane`s dick. Then men then take turns fucking each other before each dropping their load on Shane.
49  minutes
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Taken to the Lowest Level gives the term all-sex a new meaning! This is the Director`s Cut version which contains more extreme action and watersports!

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