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Taking Flight Part 1

Taking Flight Part 1
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111 min

Chris Steele

    all models over 18    
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Arpad Miklos

Bobby Williams

Brad Patton

Corbin Michaels

Dean Monroe

Ethan Marc

Jason Adonis

Jean Franko

Matthew Rush

Nate Alexander

Tristan Adonis

Troy Punk

Breakfast of Champions - In the first episode, we meet your pilot, Lifetime Exclusive Jason Adonis, as he says goodbye to boyfriend Ethan Marc. As a parting gift, Ethan offers him an ass he can`t refuse, which Jason heartily enjoys in one position after another. Now it`s off to the airport to meet up with the rest of the flight crew: attendants Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush and Exclusive Josh Weston, and cockpit members Exclusive Gus Mattox and favorite Kent Larson. It`s clear that Jason and Josh have an attraction, but will they act on it?
24  minutes
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Mile High Club - In episode two we takeoff, and exclusive Bobby Williams can`t control his urge to join the mile high club as he heads into the plane lavatory with sexy newcomer Corbin Michaels. They don`t have much room but they make the most it, sucking and fucking each other in total lust.
18  minutes
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Fasten Your Seatbelts - In this episode, exclusive Tristan Adonis also joins the club when he can`t keep his hands off of newcomer Nate Alexander`s hot cock. Even with Tristan`s girlfriend sleeping in the next seat, they stroke each other`s cocks and suck each other`s dicks, fuck in the aisles and finally cum all over themselves.
15  minutes
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London Calling - In London, Matthew and Josh hit the streets to have some fun, unaware that Jason is trailing them. After seeing the sights, Matthew drags Josh into a local sex club to blow off some steam. He`s on the lookout for uncut cocks and finds one in newcomer Troy Punk. They explore every inch of each other`s bodies before Matthew finally gives him a taste of American cock up his hot ass. Matthew soon heads out, leaving Josh behind.
27  minutes
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House of Tricks - Josh wanders the club and spies Exclusives Brad Patton and Dean Monroe along with Arpad Miklos and Jean Franko in a fuck frenzy that leaves Dean filled with cock. He takes all three in his mouth and up his ass, and even takes two at once before they blow their loads. The guys are hot, the action even hotter, but it`s still not what Josh wants. Suddenly he sees Jason, who has followed him there. Soon their flirtations give way to action, which continues in Part 2.
27  minutes
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From a night flight to a wild weekend in London, Taking Flight follows flight crew and their horny passengers as they experience sexual adventures at home, in the sky and in the sex clubs and back alleys of London. Watch the entire video now!

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